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    Akira Tabunoki True End Clear

    How to unlock Akira Tabunoki True End Clear

    Important: To earn any character's True End, when in the Pandemic Outbreak section of the game, you must always select the PINK dialogue options when given the opportunity. You can check your in-game Outbreak Map (go to the Chart and press until you reach that character's map), see below for this character's pink choices during the Outbreak section or our Spreadsheet in Nostalgic Tune to see all the pink choices during the Outbreak section for every character.

    See Kanon Hiiragi True End Clear for more information on the True Ends.

    Each of the main characters has their own version of the story with very different endings. To earn this trophy, you'll need to complete your first Akira playthrough and achieve her True End.

    Pink choices and notes for your Akira's True End playthrough [Spoilers Ahead!]:

    Outbreak Section: Akira's Pink Choices:
    • Ch. 12: At the Mall - 11/3: MorningShare it with Satsuki. (Option 3)
    • Ch. 17: Dream Unit - 11/6: EveningDon't kill Akira. (Option 2)
    • Ch. 18: How to Save... - 11/6: EveningKill just the "Queen". (Option 2)
    • Ch. 20: Final Decision - 11/7: MorningI want to save Akira. (Option 2)

    This is an easy enough End to get but there are a couple of sections at 10/10 and 10/13 where making the wrong decision will lock you out of it.

    Note: We recommend you play the remainder of Akira's playthroughs and Ends before moving on to the next character's story. You can find them all in one place in our Walkthrough.

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