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    Fuuka Kamishiro True End Clear

    How to unlock Fuuka Kamishiro True End Clear

    Important: To earn any character's True End, when in the Pandemic Outbreak section of the game, you must always select the PINK dialogue options when given the opportunity. You can check your in-game Outbreak Map (go to the Chart and press until you reach that character's map), see below for this character's pink choices during the Outbreak section or our Spreadsheet in Nostalgic Tune to see all the pink choices during the Outbreak section for every character.

    See Kanon Hiiragi True End Clear for more information on the True Ends.

    Each main character has their own story and routes, ending in very different scenarios. This trophy is for completing Fuuka's True End, the first of her story's 3 Ends. Fuuka's True End, like most, involves creating a romance but that is where the similarities end. Since Fuuka is Minato's adopted sister, it's unsurprising that this ending is trickier to achieve. It's also easier to make mistakes in, because the correct choices are not always obvious. In most other True Ends, you cultivate a romance by spending as much time as possible with that character, always choosing them when the option is given. In Fuuka's, though, while you will spend more time with her here than in some other playthroughs, you will also have to make her feel jealous and lonely in the first half of the game by making dialogue decisions that appear to favour Kanon but do so without ending up on Kanon's route. Once you're in the Pandemic Outbreak section, however, it'll get much easier to discern the correct choices because there are far fewer of them.

    Fuuka's route starts at 10/5 in the Night block, Joint 15.

    Pink choices and notes for your Fuuka's True End playthrough [Spoilers Ahead!]:

    Outbreak Section: Fuuka's Pink Choices:
    • Ch. 14: Precious Relationship - 11/5: NightI'm more worried about you, Fuuka. (Option 2)
    • Ch. 17: Strength and Compassion - 11/8: NoonI'll bring some of it to Fuuka. (Option 1)
    • Ch. 18: Transient Days - 11/12: EveningI wish I could see more of you. (Option 2)
    • Ch. 23: Fuuka Dies - 11/21: NightHold Fuuka tight. (Option 1)
    • Ch. 26: The Final Battle - 11/22: NightKill Kanon to save Fuuka. (Option 1)

    Note: We recommend you play the remainder of Fuuka's playthroughs and Ends before moving on to the next character's story. You can find them all in one place in our Walkthrough.

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