Stranded Trophy

  • Stranded


    Crash-landed on peak Delta

    Story related, can't be missed

    Before you get this trophy you must explore a shipwreck and deal with our disco-headed teleporting friend once again. Sneak past him as best as you can, don't worry if you get hit. This enemy isn't a one-hit kill and you can heal at WAU structure gel leaks. Go upstairs, unplug the cables from the WAU ports and then get ready to run like hell back to the escape pod. After the pod crashes and you get out, the trophy should pop.

    In the next area, after the pod crashes, you will eventually reach an area with a robot swimming around. Don't worry, he's a harmless senile worker bot. You need to call a Zeppelin using the antenna. Run back and forth between the antenna and the transport trying different frequencies until one responds. Even then you might have to try them all once before one responds.

    Use this key to change frequencies on the antenna:

    • 049 = Yellow Line, Channel 5.
    • 216 = Red Line, Channel 7.
    • 840 = Green Line, Channel 2.

    After the Zeppelin arrives you will be given a weapon of sorts and a choice to make.

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