• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (1, 9)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 7-10hrs, depends on how long it takes you to beat the game. (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Any missable trophies?: Yes, 1 - Endangered Species
  • Glitched trophies: None that I know of.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are separate lists for the EU and US versions of the game. However, it is a digital only game, so I'm not sure how you'd play both versions on the same account.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.



SOMA is a first-person, sci-fi, stealth based, psychological survival horror game by Frictional Games, the infamous developers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

You play as Simon Jarrett, whom, after a car accident, has suffered major brain trauma and only has so long to live. After going in for a brain scan you wake up almost 100 years later in an underwater facility where something has gone terribly wrong...

SOMA focuses heavily on stealth and exploration. Your goal in each area is to get from Point A to Point B while solving puzzles and avoiding enemies. Each enemy encounter will be different from the last and you will have to utilize different tactics to deal with each one.

All of the trophies are technically story related but one of them is missable if you fail to talk to a certain person. With that being the case I will use this guide to help you figure out what to do next, how to get past certain enemies and help you figure out some of the puzzles as well. I have excluded some areas in my mini-walkthrough (such as the beginning or certain underwater parts) due to these areas being pretty straight forward and not having any puzzles.

[PST Would Like To Thank oversoul53 for this Overview]

SOMA Trophy Guide

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    Secret trophies

    • Talked to Catherine Chun

      Story related, can't be missed

      This trophy will pop after turning on the power in Upsilon. This is after getting the Omnitool. You must disconnect the robot from the WAU structure gel leak to restore power. Once you do, interact with the computer to your right. Press the first button and watch as the bar fills up. Once it hits the green press the second button. Once the second bar hits the green, hit the third button. Now look at the computer on the left, listen to the dialogue and then exit via the newly unlocked door.

      In the next area a slow enemy is patrolling. Just sneak around him to the wheel and turn it until it falls off, then quickly run up the stairs to the right and close the hatch behind you.

      The ID number for the computer in this area is on Carl's badge attached to his corpse. It should be 0722. Open Flow Control, go there to restore power. When you come back the enemy will be here. Sneak around it back to the computer, shut Flow Control and open Comm Center. Quickly pull the lever in the middle of the room and run up the stairs. Close the hatch behind you.

      In this area, interact with the computer and call Lambda (2203).

    • Discovered Lambda

      Story related, can't be missed

      You should get this trophy as soon as you enter Lambda. Be careful as you'll have your first encounter with a teleporting enemy. As soon as Catherine warns you, turn around and run into the room on your right. Crouch in the corner by the boxes and lockers and turn around to face the wall. As long as you don't look at it and it can't teleport in front of you, it can't hurt you.

    • Crash-landed on peak Delta

      Story related, can't be missed

      Before you get this trophy you must explore a shipwreck and deal with our disco-headed teleporting friend once again. Sneak past him as best as you can, don't worry if you get hit. This enemy isn't a one-hit kill and you can heal at WAU structure gel leaks. Go upstairs, unplug the cables from the WAU ports and then get ready to run like hell back to the escape pod. After the pod crashes and you get out, the trophy should pop.

      In the next area, after the pod crashes, you will eventually reach an area with a robot swimming around. Don't worry, he's a harmless senile worker bot. You need to call a Zeppelin using the antenna. Run back and forth between the antenna and the transport trying different frequencies until one responds. Even then you might have to try them all once before one responds.

      Use this key to change frequencies on the antenna:

      • 049 = Yellow Line, Channel 5.
      • 216 = Red Line, Channel 7.
      • 840 = Green Line, Channel 2.

      After the Zeppelin arrives you will be given a weapon of sorts and a choice to make.

    • Discovered Theta

      Story related, can't be missed

      You will get this trophy when you first reach Theta.

      In this area you need to flip a switch in the server room before moving on. It's in the basement. There's a blind enemy patrolling the server room. Just turn off your flashlight, give it a wide berth and don't step on anything. Once you flip the switch the monster will come running. Hide behind the nearest server and wait for it to leave, you need to hit the switch again within a certain amount of time. After flipping it again you can leave. Carefully.

      Back upstairs, use the other door and go down the hall then right and another right after opening the door. In this room you can find two chips you need to advance. Take the smaller one into the opposite room and plug it into the computer. Copy the Scan Room Environment to the chip.

      Back in the first room, plug in both chips and select Brandon Wan as your simulation. Choose any combination. After a few failed attempts, Catherine will mention you're missing something. Go back to the hallway and right. Go through the TV room and into the hallway full of bedrooms. Enter Brandon's (Catherine will unlock it) and look at everything. Eventually you learn about Alice. Go back to the computer and choose "Scan Room" and "Alice".

    • Failed at acquiring the DUNBAT

      Story related, can't be missed

      After everything mentioned in the previous trophy, return to the main entrance, grab the Omnitool, and use it to open the new area. There's a control panel with a switch and 6 knobs with a cord on the floor to the right of it. Pick up the cord and plug it into the control panel. After flipping everything and watching the following event, go to the far left corner and push the staircase up to the vent and use it to leave. The trophy will pop.

    • Story related, can't be missed

      Get ready because this is where things get interesting.

      After the DUNBAT you will be in Theta labs. To get out of this room you need to clear corrupted data by checking/unchecking a bunch of files. This puzzle is a little hard to figure out so here's the list of files you need to check. Leave all but these ones unchecked:

      • sys_physics_rigid
      • sys_physics_fluid
      • sys_phys_buoy
      • sys_wmod_atmo
      • sys_interface_scan
      • sys_wmod_dynlight
      • sys_gen_veg_adv
      • scn_forest
      • pkg_soma_hum
      • env_mod_river
      • ext_moon_full

      Also, be sure to check out the big orange machine for some interesting info on Simon.

      The enemy in this area is also blind but very keen to sound. As a result you can crouch literally right in front of him as long as you don't make noise. However, the room you need to get into, which is at the bottom right of this area, is locked but the window is cracked which means it can be broken but this will get the monster's attention so watch out.

      You can actually save yourself a lot of trouble by going to the room at the top left first, there's a computer in here where you can reroute the power to the locks. Chose to lock another room or two, preferably the two bottom left ones, then unlock the room you need to go to. In this room a dead Brandon is holding a chip you need, take this chip back to the computer in the aforementioned room and update it then take it to the elevator in the middle. Insert the chip and flip both switches then press the button. Quickly get in and choose "Maintenance" before the monster can get you.

      In the next area, after a few scripted events, you will have to sneak past yet another blind monster on a fairly linear path, using your ability to throw stuff as a distraction, as this monster has an annoying tendency of standing in doorways you need to get through.

      At the end there'll be a long hall with a locked door and a dark room with a lever. Pull/push the lever 3-4 times until the bar fills up. Then distract the monster and sneak to the previously locked door. Jump in the water and navigate this area until you reach a tunnel. Turn left at the intersection, pull the lever and then make a mad dash straight forward. An event will happen then you will be underwater, next to a body you can datamine and the trophy will pop.

    • Changed body at Omicron

      Story related, can't be missed

      You will get this trophy after acquiring a new body at Omicron. But, before even going there you need to get it open. Outside Omicron there's a power station you can climb into. After flipping a few switches and pressing a few buttons to drain the water, climb up the next ladder.

      In this room there will be a puzzle. You must get the power from the top left to the bottom right without going in the red but some of the fuses are broken.

      Starting from the top left go: Right, Down, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right

      Once inside Omicron, go upstairs and to the dive room and plug your Omnitool in. After the event venture back out. You need to find 3 items: Structure Gel, Power Pack, and Cortex Chip.


      On the current floor, go to the central room with the map. Select "override" and you'll have another puzzle. You must connect all the green squares touching each square once and not crossing lines. The path of square is very linear and you can move diagonally so this should be easy.

      In one of the newly opened rooms is the structure gel. Once you try to open the cabinet housing the structure gel the power chip will break. Take the chip and open the glass door to the right. There are three containers in front of you. Go to the middle one, unlock it, pull the drawer out, place the chip, close and lock it again then use the lever by the computer to move the laser until it's over your chip. Press the button to apply gel. Take the chip and put it where you found it. Now, open the cabinet and take the structure gel.

      Cortex Chip

      Go back to the lower level where you came in and interact with the map. Choose Lower Level and choose Override. In one of these rooms will be a robot and a computer with another puzzle. You must guide all the lasers from the left to the bottom. This is very easy. Press on the lasers to activate them and press on the circles to rotate them and guide the laser.

      The very top one (starting at the top left) should go straight to the top right and then straight down. The second laser should reach the middle then go straight down, and the third laser should only touch the bottom left and go straight down.

      Power Pack

      On the very top floor is the power pack and it's guarded by an enemy. This enemy is slow and lurching but gets taller and faster as it gets closer to you. Unfortunately, it's standing RIGHT in front of what you need. My strategy was to throw something at it, getting it's attention. It'll then turn around and lurch towards you. Circle around the other way and grab the Power Pack while it's looking for you. Then retrace your steps and leave.

      There's a good chance you might get hit here and that's ok but be warned that if you get hit, then the monster will reappear at the exit to this area.

      Go back to the central floor. The monster will be down here in the room just before where you need to go and it will one hit kill you so sneak up to the door of the room it's in and close it, then get up and run like hell towards the dive room. Catherine will lock the door.

      After putting the items in the suit, there's one more puzzle.

      You must sync the wavelengths.

      Here's the answer:

      • Frequency = 1
      • Offset = 5
      • Amplitude = 7

      After transferring to the new body, you'll get the trophy.

    • Met the last person left alive

      Story related but can be MISSED

      Before you can get this trophy you'll have to do a few things and it won't be easy.

      First, you need to trudge through the pitch black ocean floor. Stick to the lights so move from light to light and try your best not to get hit. Eventually you will reach some buildings. The last one on the left will have a switch you need to flip. Go back out and to the garage and tell the robot to go to Tau. Follow it and stick close. Once you get separated, again stick to the lights and the follow the green glow sticks.

      On the other side of the cave follow the power cord to your right down to the next set of lights. Ignore the light in front of you. It's an angler fish and it will attack. Keep following the lights until you reach Tau.

      Once inside Tau, you need to open the circular red door at the end of the hall to the right. There will be a monster on the other side. Fair warning: This is the hardest enemy in the game. It can see and hear very well, run fast and kill you in 2 hits. Crouch everywhere, keep your flashlight off, don't bump into anything and don't even look at it if you can help it as you'll just draw attention to yourself. If you enter a room, immediately close the door behind you and turn off the lights then find the darkest part of the room, crouch there, face the wall and pray it doesn't find you. There are 2 or 3 healing spots around if you need them but don't use them if he's too close.

      You need to go into the hallway the monster came from. Use rooms with multiple doors to your advantage by throwing stuff in one room to get his attention and then circling around him but keep the lights off! Once you get past him into the next hallway, take your first left and then the next available left. There's another circular door you need to open and this will get his attention plus it opens slowly. There's a small 2 door room in this area if you need a distraction. Once you get through the second red door and up the ladder, you're in the clear.

      In the next area the room to your immediate back right has another room with a computer you need to use to unlock the Infirmary and Ross's Room. In the case of Ross, attempt to enter a code, then back out and go back in and he will enter it for you. Go back into the main area and enter the door that says "Infirmary", open it and go up the ladder. There's a woman in here you need to talk to to get this trophy. I don't know why you would but it is possible to turn off her life support before talking to her, thus missing out on this trophy.

      The trophy will pop after you talk to her.

    • Reached the Omega Space Gun

      Story related, can't be missed

      After Tau, Ross will guide you to the WAU. After the event get ready to run like hell...again. Once outside, run from light to light like before but if you get hit once or twice then it's no big deal. It's really hard not to get caught here, the WAU is fast and circles you at lights. Once inside site Phi, you need to do a few things to load the ARK into the space gun. This is pretty straight forward and there are no puzzles or enemies. When you're ready to move on, the trophy will pop at the door to the next area.

      Now it's a straight shot to the finish!

    • They’re not us!

      Story related, can't be missed

      After the credits there's a bit more gameplay, finish that and this trophy will pop after the final cutscene...

      Congratulations! You survived SOMA and now have another 100% notch on your trophy belt.

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