Rei-gn Supreme Trophy

  • Rei-gn Supreme


    Attain 100% completion on a save file

    To attain 100% completion, you'll need to complete the game (of course), find and interact with all of the Voidrunner Stashes (which will unlock all of the suits), complete the 3 side quests ( A Helping Hand trophy_gold.png), and complete the game by Destroying the Starseed at the end, prompting the final fight with Wretched Rei (which you must also complete). The story-related stuff will of course come naturally and you can pick up the Stashes along the way or after you've completed the game (see Reliquarian trophy_silver.png for their locations). If you happen to choose the wrong ending, it's ok. Just reload your save file from the main menu and it'll pop you back into the game at the point before you skate up the Starseed. The only thing not required for this trophy are the Journals for There and Back Again trophy_silver.png, but since you have to do the Stashes on one save file, it's best to work on that trophy at the same time to get it out of the way. Depending on what your final task is will determine when this trophy will unlock. You can check your progress by looking at your save file on the main menu. The % at the top of your save file is your progress. This will need to show 100% for the trophy. Upon completing at least one save file to 100%, you will unlock the Absolution Suit which is an all-in-one suit that combines the perks of all of the others into one. This is insanely beneficial for your run on Hardcore for Glutton For Punishment trophy_gold.png, so it's definitely recommended you get this trophy prior to that run. 

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