Reliquarian Trophy

  • Reliquarian


    Collect all Voidrunner Stashes

    In total, there are 28 Voidrunner Stashes (or Void Logs) that you need to find and interact with. Unlike the Journal Pages for There and Back Again trophy_silver.png, these will be a little easier to find as they have a blue light shooting out from the top of them, making them visible from pretty far away. There is 1 in the Crater, 5 in the Broken Capital, 5 in Ironroot Basin, 5 in the Eternal Garden, 6 in Mirrorsea, and 6 in The Luminous Peak. You can get these as you go or collect them after you've completed the story. All 28 are required for Rei-gn Supreme trophy_silver.png and after collecting all 28, you will also have unlocked all of the suits. 

    If you prefer to use a text guide for these, PowerPyx has provided a well written collectible guide that includes text and images that you can use here.

    If you prefer to use a video guide for these, please reference the one below for all 28 locations.

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