Pretty Fly Trophy in Solar Ash

  • Pretty Fly


    Remain airborne for 10 seconds

    How to unlock Pretty Fly

    You might be thinking you're going to need to jump off of a tall building for this, but I assure you, those attempts will be a waste of your time. Instead, when you gain access to Mirrorsea, head to the far back area where the large blue cloud plume is jetting up into the sky. At the top is a "dark/under" side and a "light/top" side. Connecting these is a tunnel. If you jump into the tunnel, you'll fly through it and out the otherside. As you're coming back down, aim for the tunnel again and you'll go back through and fly out the side you started on. Repeat this process about 7-9 times (depending on how high you were when you started) and as long as your feet don't touch the ground between loops, the trophy will unlock. 

    Please note that it'll more than likely feel a lot longer than the 10 seconds required. You can use your timeslip to slow down time to better aim, but slowing down the time also slows down the clock. 

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