Aerial Assailant Trophy

  • Aerial Assailant


    Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground

    As with Speedy Slayer trophy_bronze.png, there's a pretty good chance this will unlock naturally and on the small, white, box-like enemies as well. You should be doing your speedrun on "Novice" which will allow you to 1-shot these little guys, making this trophy much easier. If you don't have this by the time you reach Mirrorsea, there are plenty of these little enemies in the poisnous pools around where Cyd is located. There are a few groups of 3+ in this area so just run up to them to grab their attention and when you have 3 close together, jump up in the air and attack to hit them. As long as at least 3 are killed before your feet touch the ground/water again, the trophy will unlock. 

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