VoidSprinter Trophy in Solar Ash

  • VoidSprinter


    Complete the game in under 3 hours

    How to unlock VoidSprinter


    While this trophy is missable if you're trying to get everything but Hardcore (Glutton For Punishment trophy_gold.png) on your initial run, it's highly recommended you save this trophy for a separate run after you've completed the game at least once. That way you know exactly where you need to go and can focus purely on the story without having to worry about any collectibles. The only thing you should remotely care about actually picking up are the pink plasma orbs since you'll lose your shield after each Remnant fight. You should also be doing this run on Novice since it greatly increases the time limits of the Remnant's phases and reduces the chance you'll need to replay any section. 

    If you want to make it even easier for yourself, you can do this trophy alongside your initial run, but on a separate save file. When you've completed a section, load up your speedrun file and smash through the section again while it's fresh on your mind. 3 hours is a generous time limit for this game, so you don't have to worry about being absolutely exact with everything. Even with mistakes here and there, you should be able to complete the game in about 2-2.5 hours. 

    You must choose to Destroy the Starseed at the end. It would be great to just activate and shave off another 15 minutes of gameplay, but you must complete the final fight at the end for the speedrun to count. Once you've finished the fight, the trophy will unlock during the final cutscene sequence. 

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