Ahrric's Pilgrimage Trophy

  • Ahrric's Pilgrimage


    Complete Ahrric's Quest

    You'll first meet Ahrric in the Eternal Garden, or more so on the way to the Eternal Garden. The 1st meeting will be story related so you don't have to worry about missing him. After the first encounter, you'll need to find him one more time, then find 4 Elders and repeat the following phrase to them: 

    "Elders who dream... in crepuscular infinity... part of the eternal veil... and enlighten me!"

    After you've recited this phrase to all 4 Elders, you'll need to find Ahrric one more time and speak with him to get the trophy. This questline will start in the Eternal Garden and end in The Luminous Peak, so it won't be as quick to finish as the other two. The locations of everything are as follows:

    Ahrric's 2nd Encounter (the 1st one is story related) - Eternal Garden: If you're facing Cyd with your back towards the entrance, head to the left to find a small building. Ahrric is inside. 

    Elder #1 - Eternal Garden: If you're facing Cyd with your back towards the entrance, go right and in the back of the area will be a building across a crevasse that you need to cross with a red rail. If you didn't already clear the corruption, the building will have an eye looking out the entrance. If you did already clear the corruption, it's the small building just to the right of the ramp leading up to the higher area. Jump down the ledge to the right of the small building and there will be another entrance on the side. The Elder is inside this small room. 

    Elder #2 - Eternal Garden: After you've cleared all but 1 of the corruption spots, you'll need to make your way underground to get the last one. Before you take the yellow rail to leave the underground area, go to the left of the yellow rail to find a narrow room with the Elder inside. 

    Elder #3 - Luminous Peak: Just next to Cyd, there is a goo wall that you can climb up. Ignore this wall and just past it will be a tunnel leading into the mountain side. The Elder is inside here. 

    Elder #4 - Luminous Peak: After you've taken the super long yellow rail to a higher up area, you'll eventually climb up and have to cross over a few platforms with some flying enemies around them. On the other side of these platforms will be a doorway immediately on the right. Go inside and follow the path all the way to the end to find the Elder in a small room. 

    Ahrric Final Location - Luminous Peak: After you've spoken with all 4 Elders and recited the proper chant, make your way back to Cyd and use the red rail on the ground near them to head back towards the entrance of the area. Just near the rail will be a large, now opened building (there's a blue rail right next to it as well). Head inside and speak with Ahrric to unlock the trophy.

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