Crust Station Vacation Trophy in Solar Ash

  • Crust Station Vacation


    Complete Ames' Quest

    How to unlock Crust Station Vacation

    You'll first meet Ames in Mirrorsea (you can't miss them, the conversation will automatically start as you make your way up the initial rail section). You'll speak to him again once you get up into his ship in the sky (this will be story related). After you second meeting, you'll need to locate 4 of his crew's crashed ships and recover anything you can. When you find them, be sure to choose the option "Contact Ames". No other dialogue options matter. After you've found the 4th ship, you'll need to make your way to the Vault and speak with Ames one more time. The locations of the ships and the Vault are as follows (these will all be in Mirrorsea):

    Ship #1: After you've completed the initial rail section, you'll eventually need to grind on 2 rails to hit 2 powerboxes that will activate a booster. When you go up the booster, you'll grind along a flower to the right and run up a curved wall. At the top of the curved wall will be the crashed ship. The device you need to interact with will be on the small pier just near the ship. 

    Ship #2: After you've met Cyd, you'll have access to the Pavillion (it's the large round, columned building just next to the large blue cloud plume). To the left of the Pavillion (if your back is facing Cyd), across some poisonous water, will be another crashed ship in the back corner. The device you need to interact with will be on the ground on the left. 

    Ship #3: As you progress with clearing the corruption, you'll eventually find yourself in a very large crashed and broken ship. The corruption you need to clear will be on the "deck", but just behind the booster you use to get up there will be the device you need to interact with.

    Ship #4: To get to the ship mentioned above, you had to extend a flower vine to reach it. Make your way back to this vine and hit it so it goes in the opposite direction, towards a building out in the poisonous water. Make your way up this building and on the opposite side will be the crashed ship. The device you need to interact with will be just in front of it. 

    Vault: After you've interacted with all 4 devices (and contacted Ames about them), make your way to the Pavillion. On the backside will be a now open tunnel leading to a Vault filled with gold. Ames will be waiting for you here. Speak with him and the trophy will unlock when you're done. 

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