Return to Forever Trophy

  • Return to Forever


    Activate the Starseed

    This will be one of the two endings available in the game, but don't worry, you won't have to play through the game twice to get both. After you've defeated the Remnants and powered up the Starseed, make your way to the Crater. Speak with Cyd and choose the "deactivate" option. Leave the conversation and skate on the central rail leading to the top of the Starseed. Interact with the device at the top and when given the option to "Activate" or "Destroy" the Starseed (this will be after your initial "Activate" cue), choose to Activate it. This will end the game and unlock the trophy.

    To get the other ending (Moving Forward trophy_gold.png), just reload your save file from the main menu and it'll start you at the bottom of the Starseed. 

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