Meeting Resistance Trophy in Sniper Elite 5

  • Meeting Resistance


    Weaken the Atlantic wall and rendezvous with Blue Viper.

    How to unlock Meeting Resistance

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall

    Optional Objectives:
    - Neutralize Anti-Air Guns (unlocked after Neutralize Radar)
    - Destroy the Gun Battery (located North-West of map)
    - Neutralize the Coastal Defenses (located near resistance safe house)

    Kill List:
    - Steffen Beckendorf (with an explosion): He doesn't stay around for a long time so you'll have to be quick here. There are a few explosives around the area so shoot at them when he's close. If you struggle you can also shoot him with a non lethal weapon or pacify him, put his body near an explosive and shoot it.

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