• Estimated difficulty: 3/10
  • Estimated time to platinum: 25+ Hours (PS3) / 30-35 Hours (PS4)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (5 , 38 , 5 , 2 , 1 )
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: "Chief Inspector"
  • Do cheats affect trophies?: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: N/A

Step 1: Play through the game doing whatever side missions and collect any collectibles you come upon, at your leisure.

To start things off, simply play through the game. There are a total of 30 story missions for you to complete. You will also be completing police cases, a total of four spread out into several missions each. Note that you will need to be completing the Cases regardless as part of the story, as certain story missions are locked until you close specific cases. While doing story missions, you will want to maximize the amount of Cop and Triad experience you can earn as much as possible, to reduce the need to replay story missions to earn back any experience that you might have failed to gain. That said, you might want to first increase a few levels in your Face Level (by completing Favors) so you can purchase clothing that grants you bonuses on Cop/Triad experiences earned.

  • - Story Missions
  • - Cases

While progressing through the story, feel free to complete any Favors and Drug Busts, as well as collect any collectibles you may come upon when roaming through the streets of Hong Kong. Unlike other open world games, Sleeping Dogs keeps track of any collectibles you've picked up and will mark it on your map to notify you that you have already picked it up. Furthermore, through progression with the story, you will obtain the phone numbers of a few lady friends. Calling them via your cell phone and going through with the "date" will unlock the ability to view certain collectibles within your mini-map (provided you're within its vicinity), as well as your in-game map. So it is in your benefit to do these as as soon as possible; you will need to eventually do them anyway to reach 100% completion.

  • - Drug Busts
  • - Favors
  • - Health Shrines
  • - Security Camera
  • - Jade Statues
  • - Lockboxes

You will also be naturally making progress towards “Stat Awards”, which are basically in-game goals for the player to fulfill. Anything you do within the game, whether its the number of triad members you've taken down, headshots you've executed, anything you've collected, etc., is tied to these "Stat Awards". You should have no issues unlocking most if not all of these naturally. Should the situation be necessary, you can always replay any missions to grind these out, but everything is achievable post game within free roam.

Finally, unless you really want to, it is advised that you save up your money before spending a fortune on purchasing expensive clothing or new cars. This is because upon reaching Face Level 10, you'll gain a perk that automatically grants you a 40% discount on anything you purchase from then on. However, feel free to spend a few thousand dollars on the occasional suit or name brand jeans, or even a Class A sports car. After all, Wei needs to look nice too!

Step 2: Collect any remaining collectibles, finish up any remaining Favors, Drug Busts, Jobs, and earn first place in all Car Races.

PS4 Definitive Edition: You will need to complete all DLC missions (Zodiac Tournament, Swat Pack DLC - Additional Cop Jobs, Street Racer DLC - Additional Races, Wheels of Fury DLC - Additional missions EXCEPT for Derbies & Cruises which are NOT required). These missions will be marked in Orange on your map.

Upon completing the story, you will want to obtain the remaining collectibles that you haven't picked up yet. That means pilfering every Lockbox, collect any remaining zodiac Jade Statues, hacking any un-hacked cameras, and paying your respects to remaining Health Shrines. If you haven't already done so as suggested, call on your lady friends for a little date to gain access to the collectible locations on your mini-map and map; you'll need to complete these dates anyway for 100% game completion.

While doing this, complete any Favors and Drug Busts that you have left. As you may have probably noticed, in addition to the Favors that automatically appear on your map, there are a few Favors/Open World Events that only appear if you're within their radius, designated as a yellow shield icon. There are only a few of these, which revolve around either releasing a kidnapped citizen from a car's trunk or chasing down a thief.

Complete all the Jobs, accessible through your cell phone and calling either Roland Ho for debt collections or Tran for Car Thefts. Martial Arts are counted towards Jobs as well.

You will also want to be competing in and placing first in all of the street races in Hong Kong while doing the above. Although we recommended you to purchase any vehicles in the last step, buy a vehicle of every type for both cars (Class A, B, C) and motorcycles (Class B and A). This is because in order to complete and unlock certain races, you will need to have a car of that particular type first.

Step 3: Purchase all available clothing and vehicles to obtain 100% game completion.

PS4 Definitive Edition: A new clothing store with a Yellow icon within the Night Market in North Point sells all bundled DLC clothing and these outfits need to be purchased as well.

When you've finally reached this step, all that will be left is to spend the money you've worked so hard to amass on vehicles and clothing. If you're still lacking in money, which you will, finish up your car thefts missions through calling Tran on your cell phone, and if by the time you finished all of them and still lack the money, head on over to the cockfights in Aberdeen.

Step 4: Replay story missions to reach Level 10 for both Triad and Cop Upgrades.

If by chance you didn't earn enough experience for either tier during your initial playthrough on the story missions, now would be a good time to replay them. Make sure to wear the appropriate clothing for additional bonus experience before replaying them again.

[PST Would Like to Thank yewjhin & BreadSkin for this Roadmap]


Nightmare in North Point DLC:

Estimated difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to platinum: 2-5 Hours
Offline trophies: 5 (2 , 2 , 1 )
Online trophies: N/A
Minimum number of playthroughs required: 1
Number of missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: N/A
Do cheats affect trophies?: N/A
Does difficulty affect trophies: N/A

Step 1: Complete the story missions

There are only a few missions to complete this time, and they all take place within North Point. They are all relatively easy to complete and show up on your map, like before, as a green shield. While completing these, feel free to complete any of the new side missions along the way. These side missions comprise of: Trapped Civilians (represented on the map by a blue speech bubble with a man inside), Yaoguai (represented by a purple swirl) or Jiang Shi (represented by a blue swirl).

Completing the main missions will award you with the two hidden trophies.

Step 2: Cleanup

Now that you've finished the story missions it's time to finish up all the other events, shrines, and stat awards that you may have missed along the way. Complete all of the side missions for Ghosts and Stuff, all the stat awards for Cursed Gold and find all Hell Money shrines for Hell Money.

After you've finished these, you should have all 5 DLC trophies!

[PST Would Like to Thank Coop for this Roadmap]


Year of the Snake DLC:


Estimated Trophy difficulty: 2/10
Total Trophies: (All offline) 4 (2 , 1 , 1)
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-5 hrs
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Do cheat codes disable Trophies: No cheats
Extra equipment needed: No
Does difficulty affect Trophies: No

Welcome to Year of the Snake, the long awaited second trophy enabled DLC for Sleeping Dogs. It is Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, but something strange is going on. Play as Martial Arts Master Wei Shen once more as he finds out what is going on and puts a stop to it.


Step 1 - Story Missions.
Simply complete the main missions available in the DLC. These are the dark blue shields on the map. If you see any collectables pick them up, and feel free to do any secondary missions you drive past. You will gain Bomb Squad after the first mission and Cult Master after finishing the story.

Step 2 - Secondary Content and Collectables.
After completing the story everything you need will appear on the map. Collectables will be shown by pressing on the map. Side missions will be indicated by a light blue shield or yellow speech bubbles. Complete or collect any collectables and/or Side Missions you are missing to wrap up a quick 100%.

[PST Would Like to Thank TheManUtdFan for this Roadmap]

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Trophy Guide

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60 trophies ( 10  45  )

  • Earn all the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.

    As with other games, collect all other trophies to unlock this trophy. Congrats!

  • Complete Night Market Chase.

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocks upon completing the story mission, “Night Market Chase”.

    1. You will be involved in a street chase after a guy called Ming. Hold to sprint and tap as you are approaching obstacles to climb over or avoid it and maintain your pace.
    2. As you approach the end of this short chase, you will be confronted by two groups of street punks. Defeat them.
    3. Make short work of Ming by countering his moves with then follow up with combos.
  • Complete Payback.

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocks upon completing the story mission, “Payback”.

    1. The mission starts at the Golden Koi.
    2. Drive over to the dock warehouses and enter. Defeat the first group of enemies in melee combat, and you will automatically be given a gun.
    3. Make your way deeper into the warehouse until you find Siu Wah, who leads you on a chase. When you finally catch him, you need to take him hostage.
    4. Proceed to the exit. A scene occurs and you'll find yourself on a police bike chasing after Siu Wah again. You need to Action Hijack the car he is driving, which promptly ends the mission.
  • Complete Dockyard Heist.

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocks upon completing the story mission, “Dockyard Heist”.

    1. You will receive a call from Jackie, asking you to meet him at the Aberdeen docks.
    2. Fast talk your way past the guards, and retrieve the cutting tool from the shed.
    3. Head towards the trucks where Jackie is waiting. Defeat the 18k gang.
    4. Check each of the trucks one by one until a cutscene starts, where Jackie is "kidnapped" and the truck drives away.
    5. Catch up to the truck and perform an Action Hijack to stop it, then bring it to the warehouse.
  • Complete Big Smile Lee.

    Story related, cannot be missed. Unlocks upon completing the final story mission, “Big Smile Lee”.

    1. Take Tong's car and drive to the waterfront in Kennedy Town.
    2. Enter through the side gate and make your way up the roof.
    3. Stealth kill the lone guard up here and pick up his gun. Move forward and take out all enemies, until you enter the floating restaurant.
    4. Kill Ponytail and the other thugs here, making good use of the environmental explosives.
    5. Enter the door behind Ponytail to find Big Smile Lee, then chase him across the docks onto the speedboat. The boat crashes and you find yourself in a final fight against Lee.
    6. Counter all his moves then repeatedly tap to finish the fight.
  • Achieve Face Level 2.

    Please refer to ”Great Face” for more details.

  • Achieve Face Level 5.

    Please refer to ”Great Face” for more details.

  • Achieve Face Level 10.

    Face Level is leveled up by doing and fulfilling Favors from the strangers around Hong Kong, or by completing World Events such as finishing first in street races. Basically, anything that makes your face well known around Hong Kong.

    As your Face Level increases, you are awarded certain perks such as increased melee damage while your Face Meter is full, and you also get to purchase and wear Clothing that can award you bonuses. For a list of Face Advantages, refer to your in-game Social Hub via the menu, under Upgrades, Face Advantages tab.

  • Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store.

    This one is rather quite simple. Simply head to one of your apartments or a nearby clothing store, and purchase and equip one item in each of the following categories. Note that purchasing new Glasses, Chains, Watches or Bracelets for Wei isn't required for this trophy:

    • Torso
    • Pants
    • Shoes
    • Hats

    Dress up Wei as a typical triad member in baggy jeans or a high-roller in a nice name brand suit, or whatever you want, to unlock this trophy.

  • Successfully perform an action hijack.

    You will unlock the ability to perform an action hijack as part of the story.

    To perform an action hijack, drive up to the car in front of you, and hold . An arrow will appear on the car in front of you. Keep it held until the arrow turns green, and when it does, press again. Wei will jump to the top of the car, automatically make his way to the driver, and hijack the vehicle. Occasionally during action hijacks, Wei might have a loose grip which requires you to press so he doesn’t fall.

  • Kill someone with a fish.

    Throughout the story during the brawling sequences, you may notice large fish tanks which you can perform an environmental kill on. Once these tanks are broken, fishes will drop out and flop about on the ground. For obvious reasons for this trophy, simply pick the fish up, and start wailing at a nearby hostile triad member until they’re dead. Kill them before the fish is deemed unusable, and the trophy will unlock.

    Replay the story mission, “Club Bam Bam” or "Final Kill" if you don’t have this by the end of your playthrough.

  • Complete a Case.

    Story related. Cannot be missed. This is the first of four Cop cases that you are given.

    Please refer to "Case Closed" for more details.

  • Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point.

    The city of Hong Kong is in Sleeping Dogs is separated into four districts - Aberdeen to the southwest, Central to the north, Kennedy Town to the east, and North Point to the east.

    You will visit each area as you go through the story, so you will unlock this trophy naturally.

  • Try 10 different foods or drinks.

    Something that is very popular in Asian cultures is street food, so obviously this game wouldn't have been complete if it didn't include them. Eating, aside from the obvious that it replenishes your health, also grants Wei temporary bonuses. These can range from the amount of extra damage that you do with your fists to a temporary boost in your health bar.

    For this trophy, you will need to purchase and consume 10 different types of food or drinks. Street food can be found in almost street corner, and along piers, whereas energy drinks can be purchased from a nearby convenience store or even vending machines.

    List of unique foods and drinks are as follows:

    • Noodle Bowl
    • Pork Bun
    • Ice Cream
    • Herbal Tea [from Apothecary Stores]
    • Fish Dumpling Skewer
    • Chicken on a Stick
    • Roast Duck
    • Curry Fish Balls
    • Spicy Squid
    • Waffle Eggs
    • Dragon Kick

    You will find most of these food items in the Night Market area in North Point, as well as along the piers such as the Fish Market in Aberdeen.

  • Perform 5 unique environmental kills.

    In addition to an already well made combat system, perhaps the best feature in this game is the ability to perform environmental kills. Almost during all combat sequences, you will notice that certain objects in the environment will be highlighted in red. This is the game telling you that you can use these objects with Wei to perform an environmental kill. Executing one is very simple; grapple an enemy with , and either sprint towards them with enemy in hand to automatically perform an environmental takedown by holding , or walk up to the object and press .

    As described in the trophy, you have to perform five environmental kills using five different objects to unlock the trophy. Merely performing five environmental kills on the same thing will not count.

  • Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    In addition to kicking ass Wei is also very technologically efficient, or rather, his cell phone is. Throughout the story, you will be using your cell phone for a range of things, from picking locks to hacking cameras in order to progress.

    Pick a lock


    Use to elevate the pin’s height until it turns green, then push to move on to the next pin. Repeat until the door is unlocked.

    Plant a bug


    Move until cursor turns green and start blinking and wait for the status bar to fill up. Repeat with , then once more with +

    Trace a phone


    Drive towards to the single point where the three satellites triangulate to until prompted by . Scan whichever area has the most reception. Cycle through all three points with until you find a green stick icon that appears on all three radars. Scan it with .

    Crack a safe


    Rotate clockwise until the dial turns from yellow to green, then do the same but counterclockwise, and finally clockwise again. The meter will start to fluctuate even more as you approach the right number.


    Take over a spy camera


    This is a numbers guessing game like the board game Mastermind. You have to input a 4-digit code consisting of numbers 0-9. You have 6 attempts and each number will only appear once. After your first attempt, a digit highlighted in red is not part of the code. A digit highlighted in yellow means this digit is part of the code, but in the wrong position. A digit in green means it is in the right position.

  • Cruise for 2 minutes over 60 Km/h without damaging your car.

    PS4 Definitive Edition: An easy way to do this is to wait until you've unlock the HKPD Police Van. Take it out from your garage and start your journey from Kennedy Town's highways towards North Point and turn on your sirens with . The cars on the road will move out of your way as you approach making the process much easier. The HKPD Police Van is included as part of the Law Enforcer Pack DLC on the PS3.

    For this trophy, you need to drive a car around the streets of Hong Kong, without hitting a single object or another vehicle, for the duration of two full minutes or more. You will want to grab a slow car, such as a van, rather than a fast car or a truck, as their manoeuvrability makes it very difficult during tight turns. When you've driven a certain amount of time without hitting anything, a “Clean Driver” stat pop will up on the bottom right of your screen; this is the timer you will refer to.

    Aside from driving around without hitting anything, note that you are also required to maintain a high enough speed. Not going fast enough will cause the counter to stop and reset. Even the slightest bump on the road or a slight scratch against a wall or another vehicle will reset the counter.

    For the best route, you will want to start on southeast corner in HK on the highway, after the tunnels for best route.

    Video courtesy of PowerPyx

  • Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies.

    Due to strict gun laws within Hong Kong, firearms are limited and difficult to obtain in Sleeping Dogs. As such, the only way to obtain one is from defeated triad members or cops. Note that you can also gain the ability “Police Trunk Key” through the Cop Upgrades level progression, which allows you to open the trunk of any cop car you see lying around for some stashed firepower. For the purpose of this trophy, you must defeat enemies using 10 different types of firearms.

    You can check which guns you have killed an enemy and how many times each via the menu, under “Statistics”, then “Weapons”.

    List of the different types of Firearms are as follows:

    • 9mm Pistol
    • Gold .50Cal Pistol
    • Silver .50Cal Pistol
    • .45cal Pistol
    • .45cal Pistol w/ Taclight
    • Assault Rifle w/ Taclight
    • Assault Rifle
    • Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher [Story Mission - The Funeral + Civil Discord]
    • Anti-Riot Shotgun w/ Taclight [Story Mission - Civil Discord]
    • Anti-Riot Shotgun
    • Pump Shotgun [Obtained from Trunk of Police Cars, requires Cop Upgrade - Police Trunk Key]
    • Machine Pistol
    • .45 Cal SMG w/ Taclight
    • Gold.45cal SMG
    • .45 SMG
  • Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies.

    Many times during brawling sequences in the game, triad members will occasionally carry melee weapons into the fight. For the purpose of this trophy, you must defeat enemies or civilians with 10 different melee weapons. Unfortunately, as with guns, you won’t be able to purchase a weapon and keep it in your inventory, so you’ll have to grab one from an enemy. Either disarm them or defeat them and pick up the weapons they drop by pressing .

    List of the different types of Melee weapons are as follows:

    • Baton [Drug Busts, Central]
    • Briefcase [Pedestrians, Central]
    • Cooking Wok [Food Vendors, ie. outside Aberdeen Apartment]
    • Crowbar ["Stickup and Delivery" story mission]
    • Fish [A Slap in the Face ]
    • Grocery Bag [Pedestrians]
    • Kitchen Knife [Triads]
    • Knife [Triads]
    • Lock Cutter [automatically acquired during Story Mission "Dockyard Heist"]
    • Machete [automatically acquired after completing Story Mission "The Election"]
    • Meat Cleaver [Drug Busts, Central]
    • Purse [from any women pedestrians]
    • Shovel [Cemetery]
    • Tire Iron [obtainable from trunks in any vehicle]
    • Umbrella [pedestrians, during rainy weather]
  • Win a bet on a cockfight.

    Cockfighting will become unlocked for you after completing the story mission, “Final Kill”.

    Cockfights are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    Cockfighting, a popular, albeit illegal pastime, is a blood sport popular among Asian cultures which pits two roosters against each other fighting to their deaths in a mini arena. For this trophy, all you have to do is simply place a bet against either rooster, and win. Results are entirely random, so it has nothing to do with probability at all.

    It is important to note that Cockfighting is one of the best ways to earn money post-game. Please refer to the "Infowlable" trophy below for more details.

  • Win 50,000 on a single cockfight.

    Make a save before attempting this, and head to the cockfight gambling area on the west side of Kennedy Town. This is the only Cockfight arena that allows you to place bets higher than $50,000. As described in the trophy description, you must win net earnings of over $50,000. Betting $25,000 and winning back $50,000 will not unlock this trophy.

    As mentioned already, Cockfighting is one of the best ways to earn income, so you will more than likely earn this trophy naturally.


  • Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo.

    Soon after learning how to perform action hijacks, Jackie will give you a call to notify you that should you find an armored truck at any time, hijack it and bring it to a nearby garage for a small and quick profit. Armored, or Knox trucks, are easy to spot. They have an orange shield icon on top of them, and can be found almost anywhere in the streets driving around. You don't necessary have to perform an action hijack to capture a vehicle, although it is preferred. You can simply drive another vehicle in front of them to force them to a halt, and hijack it in this way. Note that you will automatically enter Heat Level 1 as soon as you're sitting in the driver's seat.

    Simply hijack five of these trucks, and bring them safely to the designated garage to earn yourself a small boost to your wallet in addition to the trophy.

  • Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase.

    You need a firearm for this trophy. Start off by getting a cop's attention so they start chasing you down, either by finding a blue stick-man or a blue star on your minimap, and make sure you’re within their cone of vision. Commit an act of crime, either by punching them straight up in the face, fire a shot in the air with your firearm, punching a fellow pedestrian in the face, fire a shot in a pedestrian’s face (we could go on, but you get the picture), and you’ll automatically reach Heat Level 1 or 2. Grab a nearby vehicle, and press to aim and to fire your gun while driving. Once a cop car is near you, simply aim at their tires, pop them with your firearm, and they will wipe out, do a flip, and be down for the count.

    Shooting out a vehicle's tires, aside from ramming them during any time you’re being chased by vehicles, is the quickest and best way to deal with them anyways, so keep this in mind when playing the game.

  • Complete all cases.

    Story related. Cannot be missed. As you complete the Story Missions, more Undercover Police Cases will be revealed. They always start at the Undercover HQ in North Point. You should equip any Clothing Set you have that gives you bonus Police XP for better results.

    Police Cases are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    1st Case

    Popstar Lead 1

    1. Track down Popstar by going to the specified waypoint location.
    2. Do a favor for him by collecting some debts.
    3. Escape the police.

    Popstar Lead 2

    1. Beat up some street thugs.
    2. Hack a CCTV camera to receive its feed.
    3. Head back to your apartment to help identify and bust a drug dealer.

    Popstar Lead 3

    1. Tail Popstar to the waterfront.
    2. Obtain evidence of his crimes by taking pictures with your cellphone, all the while remaining in stealth.

    2nd Case

    Hotshot Lead 1

    1. Go meet Teng and after the cutscene, you'll automatically get Ace's phone number.
    2. Call him to arrange a street race.
    3. Take the white race car outside the HQ, then drive to the waypoint to meet up with Ace and win the race.

    Hotshot Lead 2

    1. Bug Hotshot’s car and tail him from a distance listening in to the conversation.
    2. Call Teng when you’ve obtained enough information.

    Hotshot Lead 3

    1. Travel to the marker and win the race

    Hotshot Lead 4

    1. Answer the call and a phone tracing mini-game starts. Your objective is to head to the center of the 3 points that form a triangle on your minimap/phone.
    2. Once you’re there, choose the area with the highest signal and hold . Next, cycle through the antennas with and you’ll see human icons appear in various location. There is one icon that appears in the same location even as you cycle antennas, highlight this and press to track down Ace’s girlfriend.
    3. Get to her before she dies, photograph the car, then call Teng. After the phone conversation, text Hotshot to challenge him.
    4. Hijack the designated car nearby and drive to Victoria’s Peak.
    5. Chase him down.

    3rd Case

    Serial Killer 1

    1. Pick up a police uniform disguise.
    2. Fast talk your way into the crime scene.
    3. Make your way to the bodies, then photograph and search them.
    4. Return the disguise, then report back to Teng through your cell phone.

    Serial Killer 2

    1. Pick up a doctor’s uniform disguise from nearby ambulance.
    2. Fast talk the suspicious nurse, then hack into the computer on the counter to access hospital records.
    3. Bug the kidney surgeon’s office and crack open his safe for further evidence.
    4. Return disguise.

    Serial Killer 3

    1. Call Teng, then drive towards marker.
    2. Action hijack the car and drive it towards a nearby underground garage.
    3. Call Teng.

    Final Case (Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission “Important Visitor”)

    Kidnapper Lead 1

    1. Head to K-Bar, and talk to Ilyana, then interrogate Mr. Chen.
    2. Leave through the back door and go to Katushka’s apartment.
    3. Search the room for clues.

    Kidnapper Lead 2

    1. Get a suit then hijack a boat from the harbor.
    2. Drive the boat to the offshore gambling den.
    3. Talk your way in so you can play Poker Mahjong with Mr. Yar.
    4. Play the first three games however you like, then lose on purpose on the 4th game.

    Kidnapper Lead 3

    1. Meet Ilyana and talk to Yar. Quickly snap a photo of both of them before he sails away.
    2. Ride the bike to the vantage point for a scene, then follow the markers all the way until it stops.
    3. Jump in a boat, sail to the designated location, then swim inside. Defeat the thugs and free the girls. 
  • Complete all Favors.

    You need to complete all of the following Favors (including Dates with each girl), in each of the 4 districts of Hong Kong. Favors are gradually unlocked as you progress and complete the Story Missions.

    Favors are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    North Point

    • Fashion Advice - Foo Long Overpass. Turns out to be a scam. Chase down a thief and defeat him and his gang. You’ll pass by a lockbox shortly after jumping over the balcony of the bridge.
    • Hospital Bills - Vendor in the Night Market area. Take her car and drive it into the sea off the harbor. There is a lockbox to the north of this vendor.
    • Quiet Drive - Meet with duke, get in the car and lose the cops by ramming them with your car - press and dpad in the direction you want to ram. Drop him off when you’ve lost the cops.
    • Ting’s T-Shirt - North of Yau Ling Park. Take photos at the summit of the Temple and Sunset off the highway at Aberdeen Sewage Outflow.
    • Cheaters Never Prosper - Man standing at entrance to shipping container yard, furthest east on the map. Get to the objective marker, retrieve tire iron from the trunk and destroy the car and it’s owner.
    • Quick Fix - Lady on the highway beside broken car, Northeast of Yau Ling courts. Turns out to be a scam. Chase down a thief and defeat him and his gang.
    • Red Handed Tiffany - Outside your North Point apartment. Bug the payphone at the marker and watch the scene.
    • Follow Tiffany - (Prerequisite: Red Handed Tiffany) Outside your North apartment. Tail her car and confront her when she stops.
    • Escort an Ally - Get a car and eliminate your pursuers while driving Duke to safety.
    • Escort an Ally Redux - Get in a car with Red, drive him to safety while eliminating enemies.


    • Just a Little Driving - Right opposite your apartment in Central. Same as before, get in a car with Calvin and lose the cops.
    • Cheaters Never Prosper Part 2 - Head to Impound Lot in Sui Shan Alley to meet the same guy again. Head to the marker, get the tire iron, destroy the car and the thugs.
    • Turn Losers into Winners - Road junction east from Central Hospital. Drive the guy’s car into the sea.
    • Distract the Cops - Pick up the cans nearby and throw them at the police to get their attention, then run away by following the path shown to you.
    • Pied Pier - Commercial District, guy outside Hang+Sui clothing store. Attract some heat from the Cops by committing crimes and then lure them to the designated spot, then lose them.
    • Convoy Intercept - NW corner of the region. Eliminate the pesky shooters at the rear of each truck then go straight up to the front and take out the engine or drivers.
    • Real Men don’t Karaoke - K-Bar. Talk to the guy then start a karaoke session. Purposely miss and get a low score to complete this.
    • Tang’s New Toy - (Prerequisite: Tang’s Toy). As before, follow the markers in the car until the end.
    • Tang’s Newer Toy - (Prerequisite: Tang’s New Toy). Again, get on the scooter and follow the markers.
    • Beat the Heat - Police Station. Get in the car with Calvin and lose the cops.

    Kennedy Town

    • Cheaters Never Prosper Part 3 - Get to the marker quickly, beat up the thugs, then the race car.
    • Safe Delivery - Defend the car from the bike gang.
    • Show What You’ve Got - Run past the markers and the obstacles before time runs out.
    • Tang’s Toy - Talk to the doctor outside near Two Chin Tsao’s mansion. Drive and follow the yellow markers.


    • Truck Recovery - Man standing near the west end of the docks. Hijack the target truck and take it to the warehouse.
    • Pied Piper Redux - SE of Warehouse district. Attract the cops and lure them to the marker, then lose them.
    • Show What You’ve Got Again - Docks area. Complete the obstacle course before time runs out.
    • Drunk Disposal - Look for this icon on the map, you need a boat to reach it. When you’re there, talk to the bouncer who requests for your help to toss a couple of drunks overboard.
    • Broken Parts - North of the Yen Yen Foo Long Underpass. Take a look at the bike, chase the thief and beat him up.
  • Complete half of the open world events.

    Please refer to ”Event Planner” for more details.

  • Complete all of the open world Events.

    Complete all 28 open world events which consist of 17 Drug Busts and 11 Hidden Events - Hit and Run, Junk in a Trunk, and Shoplifter to unlock this.

    Hidden Events only appear on your mini-map when you are in close proximity of the area where the events start, marked as a on your map and mini-map. The location of these events are fixed, and certain Events only appear during the day. If an event doesn't show up, try approaching the area on foot or heading to bed in a nearby apartment and then going back to the location.

    • Hit and Run: Bus Depot - [North Point] Just opposite of north-easternmost parking lot. Chase down the thief and beat him up.
    • Junk in the Trunk: Waterfront - [North Point] On the lower East side of North Point, there are two Parking Lots along the same stretch of road. In the middle is a path leading East to what seems to be a single Dock (NOT the actual Waterfront area). Head along this path and to the left there is a black car beside two abandoned and rusted cars. A woman is inside the trunk.
    • Shoplifter - [North Point] From the North-Easternmost Parking Lot, drive South-West until you see a drunk standing in front of the shop. Drag him away. This event only appears during the day.
    • Junk in the Trunk: Highway - [Central] On the highway East of Sui Shan Alley (where lots of construction barriers are), there is a side stop after the S-turn. A car is parked here, with a woman in the trunk. Release her
    • Hit and Run: Valley - [Central] Just North of Siu Shan Valley, chase down the thief.
    • Hit and Run: Parking - [Central] At Wang Fu Parking, go up a long flight of steps with an escalator beside it.
    • Junk in the Trunk: Central - [Central] Walk directly North from the word "Victoria Park" and you should see a pedestrian bridge. Below the bridge hides a black car, and a thug in the trunk. Pull him out, and beat him up.
    • Shoplifter - [Central] On the map, look for a building that is shaped like a "n". Slightly North from here, get rid of the drunk harassing the shop owner.
    • Shoplifter - [Kennedy Town] From the South-East parking lot, head further down the road SE until you see this guy outside a minimart called Miss Quan. Grab him and throw him into the dumpster. This event only appears during the day.
    • Shoplifter - [Kennedy Town] South-East along the road from the Massage Parlor, in front of another Miss Quan minimart. This event only appears during the day.
    • Junk in the Trunk: Island - Aberdeen Island, just around the road corner, North-West of the words “Aberdeen”. Pull the guy out of the trunk of a car parked here.

    For those who prefer a map (courtesy of PrimaGames):

    Video courtesy of PowerPyx

    Drug Busts, are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    Drug Busts mainly consist of these steps:

    1. Once you're at the location, defeat the thugs that reside there. Depending on their location, some of them will wield weapons or even firearms.
    2. Look around for a security camera (it will glimmer), then follow its wiring to the security camera control box, and hack it.
    3. Head back to one of your apartments, and hack inside your TV to gain access to HKPD's CCTV network. Select one of the four districts that has the label "triad activity" beside, then do the same for the hacked camera.
    4. Identify the drug supplier, which is actually very simple; he is always the man in the suit that's standing by himself talking with a hand gestures to a group of gang members . If you want you can wait for the game to tell you which one's the supplier, as a shield icon will eventually appear over their heads.

    Almost all Drug Busts are accessible on street level in Hong Kong, but there are few that can only be accessed through water, specifically the ones labeled "Sewer Treatment". To enter these areas, grab a nearby boat from a pier, and ride it to the location. Once you're near, you should see a sewer like tunnel entrance that you can head into.

  • Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs

    After completing the Story Mission "Amanda", Martial Arts Clubs are unlocked throughout the city, one in each district.
    Martial Arts Clubs are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    Martial Arts Clubs basically pit you against 6 waves of enemies, increasing in difficulty after each and every wave; more enemies, different enemy types. Therefore, it is probably wiser for you to do them after you've visited a number of health shrines for the extra health boost in addition to having learned some new Martial Arts moves that are awarded from retrieving the Jade Statues for Master Kwok and bringing them back to him.

    Simply visit each of Martial Arts Clubs and make it to the top in each one, to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete all Street Races.

    PS4 Definitive Edition: All DLC races must be completed in order to unlock this trophy - Kamikaze, Cross Island Enduro, Harbor Run.

    In order to unlock new races, you must purchase different class cars. In order to purchase different class cars, you must have enough Face Level to unlock them for purchasing. Cars range from Class C, B, A and motorcycles range from Class B and A.

    In order to complete all 17 races, you must first complete the Story Mission "Fast Girls" where you will be introduced to Sandra. Call Sandra up for a date and complete the follow-up mission "Fast and Hot Sandra" to unlock two more races across Victoria's Peak.

    Car Races are marked as on your map and mini-map.

  • Unlock ten Triad Upgrades.

    Every time you complete a mission of any sorts, you will gain experience towards Triad upgrades in addition to cop experience. Note that this is the only time you can earn experience.

    Triad experience is earned by defeating/killing triad members, performing different types of combos during brawling sequences, or by just blowing stuff up and causing mayhem. Putting in a good performance such as getting Headshots, using a variety of Melee Combat Moves, Disarms, Vault Attacks/Kills, and Environmental Kills reward you with higher Triad XP. Normal kills and repetitively using the same melee moves will result in lower XP earned.

    Equipping Clothing Sets such as the Red Pole/Mountain Master Triad sets rewards you with bonus percentage of the Triad XP earned. If you have not unlocked this by the end of the story, you may replay missions from the Social Hub. You will be awarded with additional XP only if your new Triad score is higher than your previous one.

  • Unlock ten Cop Upgrades.

    Every time you complete a mission of any sorts, you will gain experience towards Cop upgrades in addition to triad experiences. Note that this is the only time you can earn experience.

    Cop experience is earned by obeying the rules, doing everything and anything a fellow cop would do. That means not running over pedestrians, destroying obstacles, damaging your vehicle, and so on. Equipping Clothing Sets such as the Police Constable/Sergeant/Inspector sets rewards you with bonus Cop XP. Equipping these while completing the Cop Cases and Drug Bust events will help tremendously with XP and save alot of time and effort. If you have not unlocked this by the end of the story, you may replay missions from the Social Hub. You will be awarded with additional XP only if your new Cop score is higher than your previous one.

  • Unlock every lockbox in North Point.

    Lockboxes are scattered throughout the city of Hong Kong. They contain small amounts of money or at times a piece of clothing. After completing the story mission “Important Vistitor”, you are introduced to a girl called Ilyana. Follow up on that by calling her and completing the date called “Make Ilyana Sweat”, and you’ll unlock the ability the see the locations of all Lockboxes on your map.

    Lockboxes you have already picked up will appear as white on your map, whereas ones you have not picked up yet will appear greyed out.

    Map courtesy of VGFAQs

  • Unlock every lockbox in Central.

    Collect all 30 lockboxes in Central district.

    Map courtesy of VGFAQs

  • Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.

    Collect all 30 lockboxes in Kennedy Town and Abereen district.

    Map courtesy of VGFAQs

  • Complete all of Roland's Jobs.

    You will meet Roland Ho, a friend of Po's, during the the story mission "Payback". Once you have completed it, you can call Roland up at any time regarding any clients Roland might still need help collecting debts from. Collecting debts ranges from rooftop chases or car chases, to scaring a store owner by hiring nearby punks to do the dirty work for you.

    There are a total of five jobs that you will need to complete:

    • Samson Gao
    • Norbert Yang
    • Terrence
    • Tommy Wu
    • Samson (sequel)

    Simply complete all five of these jobs to unlock this trophy. By the end of all this, you'll come to learn that old men deeply in debt have the vitality of a young man in their 20's, capable of performing feats such as jumping over rooftops and hurdling like it's nothing.

  • Achieving 90% and above for all songs at the Karaoke Bars in HK.

    Karaoke in Sleeping Dogs is very simple. You control an arrow with the , and throughout the song, “lines” of the song will be played and pass through from right to left. Your goal is to move the arrows vertically up or down so the “musical lines” pass through your arrow. Do it correctly, and the lines will stay green/blue, but mess up and it’ll turn red. You will know how well you’re singing by the applause meter on the top left corner of the screen.

    Note that you must have 90% or above for all songs at one point in order to unlock the trophy. For some reason the high score gets replaced every time you sing, so if you scored 90%+ on one song but you sang it again and scored lower than 90%, you will have to re-sing the song again.

    You unlock your first song as per story progression. The rest of the songs are obtained by going on a date with Tiffany (as well as unlocking Jade Statue locations on the mini map), and by completing the Favor, "Real Men Don't Sing Karaoke".

    • I Fought the Law - The Clash
    • All Out of Love - Air Supply
    • Reelin’ In The Years - Steely Dan
    • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
    • Bad Case of Lovin’ You - Robert Palmer
    • I Ran - Flock of Seagulls
    • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
    • Take On Me - A-Ha
  • Hack every Security Camera in the game.

    Hacking in this game is quite different compared to other games. Rather than having you manipulate wires and whatnot, hacking in this game is done through a mini guessing game. Security panels will each consist of four digits , where your job is to guess the 4 digits through trial and error within a given amount of attempts. Fail, and the code will reset to something different and you will have to try again.

    Each time after you guess, you’ll be given hints as to how close you are to the four digit code. Red means the code does not contain this digit, yellow means this number is in the code but not in the current location. Green obviously means that you have the correct number.

    Similar to the other collectible trophies, go on a date with Not Ping, and camera locations will be unlocked on your maps.

    As with Lockboxes, Security Cameras you have already hacked into will appear as white on your map, whereas ones you have not hacked yet will appear greyed out. Maps of Security Cameras in each district are included in the "North Point Scavenger", "Central Scavenger" and "West End Scavenger" trophies.

  • Purchase all clothing.

    PS4 Definitive Edition: Within the Night Market in North Point is a new clothing store with a yellow icon. This store includes all the DLC outfits that comes bundled with the game, and they are required for this trophy.

    A complete list of clothing can be found in the menu, under statistics, then under the tab "clothing." A small portion of those in the list are awarded to you for retrieving lockboxes and completing the Story. You will need to purchase the rest of the list from Clothing Stores, INCLUDING ALL COLORS/PATTERNS. With the exception of purchasing one of each of the Police/Triad Bonus XP sets, you should wait until you have completed every mission, cases, events and favors and have Face Level 10 which gives you a 40% store discount before going on a shopping spree.

    In order to be awarded a particular bonus for Clothing (Eg: Mountain Master Set +15% Triad XP), you must wear the complete set - Torso + Pants + Shoes. Accessories such as sunglasses and jewellery can be worn individually.

    Clothing Stores are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    The following are the original store prices listed:

    Number One Clothing (North Point, Night Market)
    Undershirt - $55
    Knock-Off Hang + Sui V Neck - $80
    Counterfeit J. Jiggler Track Pants - $90
    Very Baggy Jeans - $110
    Faux J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $105
    Baseball Cap - $60
    Beaded Dragon - $750
    Rocker Wristband - $550

    Very Best Discount Store (North Point, Night Market)
    T-Shirt - $70
    T-Shirt - $70
    Fake Hang + Sui Fourhead V Neck - $490
    Counterfeit Couronne Verdant V Neck - $355
    Knock-Off J. Jiggler Track Pants - $500
    Knock-Off J. Jiggler Track Pants - $500
    Trucker Hat 1- $210
    Trucker Hat 2 - $210
    Knock Off Frisky Sunglasses (Red) - $110
    Awareness Band - $45
    Awareness Band - $45
    Awareness Band - $45
    Awareness Band - $45

    Savings City (North Point, Night Market)
    T-Shirt - $245
    T-Shirt - $245
    Knock-Off J. Jiggler Jersey - $850
    Trucker Hat 3 - $235
    Knock Off Frisky Sunglasses - $255
    Face Mask - $140
    Awareness Band - $45
    Awareness Band - $45

    Even Better Discount Clothing Store (North Point, Night Market)
    Faux J. Jiggler Sports! T-Shirt (Blue)
    T-Shirt (Brown) - $85
    Knock-Off Hang + Sui V Neck - $125
    Fake J. Jiggler Hoody - $375
    Ikoze Talent - $850
    Ikoze Perform - $840
    Baseball Cap (Yellow) - $245
    Baseball Cap (Red) - $245
    Awareness Band (Bright Green) - $45

    J. Jiggler (North Point)
    Hang+Sui Dino T-Shirt - $450
    J. Jiggler Sports! T-Shirt - $529
    Couronne Fubar Hoody - $4,100
    J. Jiggler Track Pants (Red) - $749 [Blue Lantern Set +5% Triad XP]
    J. Jiggler Track Pants (White) - $749 [Blue Lantern Set +5% Triad XP]
    Hang + Sui Baggy Jeans (Black) - $1,680
    Hang + Sui Baggy Jeans (Light Blue) - $1,680
    J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (Green) - $1,565
    J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (Blue) - $1,565
    Baseball Cap (Green) - $245
    Panama Hat - $1,200
    Hang + Sui Leather Wrist Bands - $5,960 [Respectable Face +5% Face XP]

    Hang+Sui (North Point)
    J. Jiggler Track Top - $1,299 ($799) [Police Constable +5% Police XP]
    J. Jiggler Track Top - $1,299 ($799) [Police Constable +5% Police XP]
    Ikoze T-Shirt - $575
    Ikoze Bold T-Shirt - $469
    Hang+Sui V Neck - $1,445 [Police Constable +5% Police XP]
    J. Jiggler Hoody - $532
    Couronne Tank Top - $1,080 [Blue Lantern Set +5% Triad XP]
    Ikoze Naturals - $5,050 [Police Constable +5% Police XP]
    J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $1,580
    Baseball Cap - $245
    Baseball Cap - $245
    Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses - $2,440

    Ikoze (Central)
    Couronne T-shirt - $420
    Hang-Sui T-shirt - $570
    Generic V-neck - $340
    Couronne Street V-neck - $1,215
    Achete Button Up Shirt - $8,670 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    Achete Leather Jacket - $4,180
    Achete Leather Jacket - $4,180
    Ikoze Kicks - $1,645
    Ikoze Kicks - $1,645
    Hang-Sui Pilots - $1,370
    Hang-Sui Pilots - $1,370
    Frisky White Gold Chain - $5,320 [Respectable Face +5% Face XP]
    Hang-Sui Coin on String Necklace - $180
    Ikoze Sport Watch - $835

    Hang+Sui (Central)
    Hang + Sui T-shirt - $270
    Ikoze Bold T-shirt - $230
    Couronne Street V-neck - $910
    Bruno Jame V-neck - $5,385 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    Bruno Jame V-neck - $4,385 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    Couronne V-neck- $620
    J.Jiggler Puffy Coat - $3080 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    J.Jiggler Puffy Coat - $3080 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    J.Jiggler Puffy Coat (Purple) - $3090 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    Hang + Sui Cargo Pants - $2620
    Hang + Sui Cargo Pants - $2620
    Hang + Sui Camo Cargo Pants - $2620
    Hang + Sui Boot Cut Jeans - $4845 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    Couronne Douche Jeans - $6200 [Police Constable +5% Cop XP]
    Ikoze Kicks - $1440
    Ikoez Kicks - $1440
    Ikoze Assassins - $6700 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    Ikoze Clubstyle - $6700 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    Faux J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $460
    J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $1660
    Frisky Ice - $12020 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]
    Frisky Gold - $4440 [Respectable Face +5% Face XP]

    Couronne (Central)
    Couronne Classic - $7,920 [Police Inspector Sergeant +10% Cop XP]
    Couronne Long Jacket - $26000 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Hang-Sui T-Shirt - $ 530
    Couronne Whiskered Jeans - $4,420 [Red Pole Set +10% Triad XP]
    Achete Boots - $3450
    Frisky Blockers - $12,420 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]
    Frisky Blockers - $4420 Respectable Face 5%
    Frisky Gold Chain - $12,000 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]
    Ikoze Sport Watch - $12,925 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]

    Achete (Central)
    Couronne V Neck - $515
    Ikoze Pride V Neck - $500 [Blue Lantern Set +5% Triad XP]
    Achete Hipster Jacket - $9240
    Achete Hipster Jacket - $9240
    Achete Hipster Jacket - $9240
    Ikoze Quilted Jacket - $12240 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    J.Jiggler Straight Leg Jeans - $21620 [Mountain Master Triad Set +15% Triad XP]
    J.Jiggler Straight Leg Jeans - $21620 [Mountain Master Triad Set +15% Triad XP]
    J.Jiggler Skinny Jeans - $5000
    J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $1368
    J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $1368
    Ikoze Kicks - $6220 [Police Sergeant Set] +10% Cop XP
    Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses - $9500 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]
    Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses - $9500 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]
    Ikoze Sports Watch - $17500 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]

    Bruno James (Central)
    Couronne Puffy Vest - $28800 [Mountain Master Triad Set +15% Triad XP]
    Aspirazone Business Suit - $20030 [Police Sergeant Set +10%]
    Aspirazone Business Suit - $20030 [Police Sergeant Set +10%]
    Hang Sui Slacks - $12235 [Police Sergeant Set +15%]
    Hang Sui Slacks - $12235 [Police Sergeant Set +15%]
    Dress Suit Pants by Achete - $5390 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    Dress Suit Pants by Achete - $5390 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    Achete Tan Loafers - $14620 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Achete Black Loafers - $14620 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Hang Sui Oxford - $5850 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount]
    Achete Standup Boots - $17400 [Mountain Master Triad Set +15% Triad XP]
    Cambria Scallop Watch - $24500 [Honored Face +10% Face XP]
    Black Pearl Bracelet by Cambria - $29000 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP]

    Aspirazone (Central)
    Aspirazone Designer Suit - $61600 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Designer Suit - $57750 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Suit Pants - $18160 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]
    Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants - $18160 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]
    Dress Suit Pants - $7200
    Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants - $10200 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants - $10200 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Stiddaroli Brown - $26400 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Stiddaroli White - $26400 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Black Loafers - $14235 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Earth Tone Loafers - $14235 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Malavitorsi Black - $22240 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]

    Salzaus (Kennedy Town)
    Bruno James Formal Suit - $42350 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]
    Bruno James Formal Suit - $42350 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]
    Bruno James Formal Suit - $42350 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]
    Bruno James Formal Suit - $42350 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]
    Futurismo - $92400
    Aspirazone Designer Suit - $57,750 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Designer Suit - $53900 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Business Suit - $46200
    Aspirazone Grey Jacket - $46200
    Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants - $17315 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants - $17315 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Cream Meshsiders - $27700 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Black Meshsiders - $27700 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Brown Meshsiders - $27700 [Master Negotiator Set +15% Vehicle discount]
    Cambria Nerique - $49250 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP]
    Jade Necklace - $150000 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP]
    Cambria Insider - $107800 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP]
    Gold Link Bracelet - $$269500 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP]

  • Pray at all of the Health Shrines.

    Health Shrines are basically another word for incense shrines, which are located all over Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs. Praying at health shrines recover your health, but additionally, paying your respects to every 5 health shrines increases your maximum health by 10%.

    As with all collectibles, once you’ve collected something, they will be added to your map; so you will know which collectibles you’ve gotten and which ones you haven’t.

    There are two ways to go about Health Shrines. You can refer to the maps or you can unlock all the locations yourself in-game via Amanda. Shortly after completing the mission “Amanda”, players can at anytime in the game call her up on their cell phone and ask her out. Amanda will accept, and will then ask Wei to meet her at Victory Peak in Central. Head up there for your second date. At the end of the date, Amanda will add all the Health Shrine locations in Sleeping Dogs to your minimap as thanks.

    As with Lockboxes, Health Shrines you have already prayed to will appear as white on your map, whereas ones you have not been to yet will appear greyed out. Maps of Shrines in each district are included in the "North Point Scavenger", "Central Scavenger" and "West End Scavenger" trophies.

  • Purchase all vehicles.

    PS4 Definitive Edition: DLC vehicles that you unlock as you progress through the game do not count for this trophy, even if they are of the same model as the ones sold at Vehicle Stores (eg: High Roller Tuono DLC vs Tuono in store).

    You are going to need a lot of money to purchase everything in this game, and the easiest way to earn that money is to complete the Auto Theft requests by calling Tran on your phone. The cars that you steal have a value of anywhere between $20,000 to $600,000 and you can get to the car locations in the city very quickly by taking cabs. Try not to damage the car and you will receive a higher payout for the job.

    A complete list of vehicles can be found in the menu, under statistics, then under the tab "vehicles." Below are all original store prices listed. You should wait until you have completed every mission, cases, events and favors and have Face Level 10 which gives you a 40% store discount before going on a shopping spree. The Master Negotiator clothing set also stacks with the store discount.

    Vehicle Stores are marked as on your map and mini-map.

    The following are the original store prices listed:

    North Point Chop Shop
    - Bisai $29,000
    - GX300 $38,000
    - Kyou Kan $85,000
    - Sparc $55,000
    - Prime $73,200
    - Neo V $63,200

    Top Glamour Imports (North Point)
    - CS 750 R $69,300
    - Drag 979 $92,700
    - 860 MHC $462,000
    - SES $405,000
    - Executive $210,000
    - Bismarck $390,000
    - Terre GT $280,100

    Central Impound Yard
    - Taikai $125,000
    - Hassha $153,000
    - Odaiko $160,000
    - Enterprise $330,000
    - Ridge Sport $270,000
    - Drifter GT $210,000

    Kennedy Town Docks
    - 1100 NA-R $120,000
    - Panzer $288,000
    - Wangan GSX $440,000
    - Tuono $484,000
    - Blast $336,000
    - Etalon $416,240
    - Velocita $519,920

  • Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards.

    Please refer to ”Pure Gold” for more details.

  • Achieve 15 Silver Stat Awards.

    Please refer to ”Pure Gold” for more details.

  • Achieve 30 Silver Stat Awards.

    Please refer to ”Pure Gold” for more details.

  • Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award.

    Please refer to ”Pure Gold” for more details.

  • Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards.

    Please refer to ”Pure Gold” for more details.

  • Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards.

    Please refer to ”Pure Gold” for more details.

  • Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards.

    You can check your progress via the menu, under "Social Hub", then scrolling to the tab "Stat Awards".

    PS4 Definitive Edition: 2 more Stat Awards are added to the list due to the inclusion of the Zodiac Tournament in the PS4 version, making that a total of 32 Gold Stat Awards available. However you only need to obtain Gold in 30 of them.

    • Overall - 45(Silver), 75(Gold)
    • Fluid Striker - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Freerunning attacks (includes vault attacks, disarms, and kills)
      • One method we found was to press and while in cover to kill or disarm the opponent when he is on the other side of your cover. Alternatively, park a car near a group of thugs. Put the car hood in between you and the enemy and execute a vault-attack/kick which counts as a freerunning attack.
    • Headhunter - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Headshots
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Lucky Shooter - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Blindfire kills
      • ~ Press while in cover to blindfire.
    • Firestarter - 10(Silver), 20(Gold) Total kills resulting from explosions
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game. Replay "Civil Discord" or "The Funeral" and utilize the Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher to blow up cars and enemies as necessary.
    • Sniper - 30%(Silver), 50%(Gold) How accurate the last 50 shots were
      • ~ Use to manually aim and make sure your shots hit the opponent.
    • Gunman - 50(Silver), 100(Gold) Total firearms kill
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Ninja - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Stealth kills
      • ~ Stealth kills are performed by approaching an unsuspecting enemy from behind and pressing ,. These can be done in Free Roam on any unsuspecting civilian, police, or enemy.
    • Bonebreaker - 40(Silver), 100(Gold) Limbs broken.
      • ~ The quickest way is to use + + (Hold) to perform a leg break in melee combat. You will learn this move from Master Kwok in the Martial Art Club, after retrieving some Jade Statues.
    • Environmentalist - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Environmental kills.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game. Replay "Civil Discord" or "The Funeral" and utilize the Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher to blow up cars and enemies if necessary.
    • Handyman - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Melee weapon kills.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Disarming - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Disarms.
      • ~ Hold + to run up to an enemy and disarm him. When behind cover, push + to vault over and disarm the opponent.
    • Defence - 50(Silver), 100(Gold) Counters.
      • ~ Tap to counter when an opponent flashes red while attacking you.
    • Fast Talker - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Fast talk success.
      • ~ During sneak missions, tap quickly when prompted, this should come naturally over the course of the story.
    • Deadeye - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Throw weapon kills.
      • ~ When equipped with a melee weapon such as knife, press and hold to aim, then tap to throw the weapon. You must kill the opponent with the throw. Easiest way to grind this is during Drug Busts where your opponents are carrying weapons, or get a tire iron from the trunk of a car. Throwing weapons at civilians also counts and is an instant-kill.
    • Martial Artist - 50(Silver), 100(Gold) Total melee kills.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Enforcer - 100(Silver), 200(Gold) Total enemies defeated.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Safe Driver - 0:15:00(Silver), 0:30:00(Gold) Total clean drive time in a car (above min speed).
      • ~ Comes naturally with the "Safe Driver" trophy.
    • Reckless Driver - 0:15:00(Silver), 0:30:00(Gold) Total time driven at full speed in a Class A car.
      • ~ Get a Class A car like the Velocita and drive around the city on the highway at full throttle for a cumulative time of 30 mins.
    • Hijacker - 10(Silver), 20(Gold) Action Hijacks performed.
      • ~ Get into a vehicle then Action Hijack any vehicle in front of you, rinse and repeat.
    • Wrecker - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Total cars wrecked.
      • ~ Replay the mission "Civil Discord" up to the point where you obtain the grenade launcher. Destroy the cars on the street and restart the checkpoint as necessary.
    • Racer - 10(Silver), 20(Gold) Races won.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Moful - HK $500,000(Silver), HK $2,000,000(Gold) Total earnings.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Big Spender - HK $500,000(Silver), HK $2,000,000(Gold) Total money spent.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Gambler - HK $500,000(Silver), HK $1,000,000(Gold) Gambling earnings (Cockfight and Majhong, winnings - losses)
      • ~ The only feasible method is to repeatedly bet on the Cockfight in west end of Kennedy Town which earns you $50,000 to $100,000 per victory. Manually save after every win and if you lose, reload. You must have a total NET earning (winnings minus losses) of HK $1 million. If your counter isn't going up, its because you've lost more money than you've won.
    • Completionist - 60.00%(Silver), 100.00%(Gold) Total completion percentage.
      • ~Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Explorer - 120(Silver), 175(Gold) Total shrines and lockboxes found, statues returned, and security cameras hacked.
      • ~ Find all collectibles. Refer to the Trophy Guide for the Health Shrines, Lockboxes and Security Cameras. For Jade Statues (which reward you with new melee combat moves), refer below
      • Jade Statues
        • Rat - Sensei already has this
        • Snake - North Point, Waterfront, You can see this glowing statue on a boat during Popstar Lead #3.
        • Dragon - North Point,Club Bam Bam, VIP Lounge upstairs. You can see it during the Story Mission “Club Bam Bam”.
        • Dog - Story mission “Listening In”, when you get the objective to Plant the Bug you can’t miss this on a nearby table.
        • Rooster - Central. Enter K-Bar and look for it near the Bartender.
        • Tiger - Central. This is located in a Wedding Gown shop, which has a lockbox and a shrine just outside of it. This is the shop where you bring Peggy to in Story Mission “Bride to Be” but you can't get it during the mission.
        • Boar - Central Hospital, go inside and head towards the reception.
        • Sheep - North Point, Temple. At the summit inside the temple.
        • Rabbit - Kennedy Town, inside of the building at the front of the cemetery
        • Monkey - Kennedy Town,Two Chin Tsao’s Mansion, you will automatically obtain this during the story mission “Bad Luck”
        • Horse - Vivienne’s apartment. You can only access this during the Story Mission “Conflicted Loyalties”.
        • Ox - Gambling den off the north coast of Central.
    • Survivor - 0:10:00(Silver), 0:20:00(Gold) Time survived at any heat level above 1.
      • ~ Comes naturally over the course of the game.
    • Rogue Cop - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Cops killed at any heat level above 1.
      • ~ Get a gun and kill any cop. In a while you will find yourself swarmed with Cops so find some cover and take them down in safety.
    • Public Enemy - 100(Silver), 200(Gold) Most kills in one play session.
      • ~ You must kill 200 enemies in a single session, without reloading.
    • Smashing Success - 25(Silver), 50(Gold) Enemies thrown in Zodiac Island combat props *PS4 Definitive Edition only*
      • ~ Replay the Zodiac Tournament mission "Trial by Fire", grab the opponents and smash them into the fire grill in the middle. Do this for the 3 waves of opponents, then restart from checkpoint when only one enemy is left and repeat again. Credits to Satnamji
    • Statuesque - 5(Silver), 10(Gold) Opal Statues collected *PS4 Definitive Edition only*
      • ~ All 10 statues are located on Zodiac Tournament island, and they are revealed on your minimap once you've beaten all the missions for the Zodiac Tournament. Here's video Guide by Rainstill Gaming:

  • Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

    Please refer to ”Chief Inspector” for more details.

  • Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

    Please refer to ”Chief Inspector” for more details.

  • Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

    Please refer to ”Chief Inspector” for more details.

  • Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

    To achieve 100% completion, you need to complete all of the following:

    • Story Missions (30/30)
    • Cases (4/4)
    • Favors (36/36)
    • Events (28/28)
      • Drug Busts (17/17)
      • Shoplifters (4/4)
      • Hit and Run (3/3)
      • Junk in the Trunk (4/4)
    • Jobs (50/50)
      • Tran - Car Deliveries (20/20)
      • Roland - Debt Collections (6/6)
      • Martial Arts Clubs (4/4)
      • Cop Jobs (20/20) (*Required for PS4 Definitive Edition only*)
    • Races (17/17)
    • Northpoint - Death by 1000 Cuts event (*Required for PS4 Definitive Edition only*)
    • Northpoint - Shaolin Tournament event (*Required for PS4 Definitive Edition only*)
    • Street Racer DLC Races (3/3) (Required for *PS4 Definitive Edition only*)
    • Wheels of Fury DLC missions (5/5) - (*Required for PS4 Definitive Edition only*, Derbies & Cruises events after completing the missions and unlocking the DZS-90 are NOT required)
    • Zodiac Tournament DLC missions (*PS4 Definitive Edition only*)

    You can check your game completion at any time via , under Stats.

    PS4 Definitive Edition: Apart from the "Death by 1000 Cuts" and "Shaolin Tournament" events which appear as a Yellow "!" mark, the DLC Races and Missions show up as Orange icons on your map.

    There have been reports that even after completing everything above, the game does not recognize that you have done everything. If that happens to you, replay any of the Martial Arts Club and upon finishing it again, the game should recognize your 100% completion.

DLC: Nightmare in North Point

5 trophies

  • Send Dogeyes, Ratface and Ponytail back to Hell.

    Story related. After the mission where you first encounter the Peachwood Sword, you will unlock two missions - one to kill Dogeyes and one to kill Ratface. Once you complete these, another mission will unlock, which involves killing Ponytail. After you finish this mission, you will unlock this trophy.

  • Banish Smiley Cat.

    Story related. Unlocks after the cutscene in the final mission where you fight Smiley Cat.

    Boss Fight:

    Stage 1: You will have to fight Jiang Shi and close their portal - this is done the exact same way as previous missions and side missions. Once you close the portal, a Peachwood sword will spawn. To make the fight easier, don't use it on the Jiang Shi and save it for Smiley Cat and an upcoming Yaoguai instead.

    Stage 2: Smiley Cat will enter the body of a monk. Fight him for a while (either with the Peachwood sword or with your fists,) until he summons a Yaoguai.

    Stage 3: Now you have to fight a Yaoguai in exactly the same way as you would have done in previous missions. Remember that if you still have the Peachwood sword, you can immediately start attacking the Yaoguai.

    Stages 1, 2 and 3 will then repeat.

    Stage 4: You now get to fight the final form of Smiley Cat. Similar to a Yaoguai, you can only attack him with either a full face meter or a Peachwood sword. Use the surrounding Jiang Shi to build up your face meter. Once you have a full face meter, attack Smiley Cat. Don't fight the Jiang Shi as they will keep respawning. Once you defeat Smiley Cat, watch the cutscene, then the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete all secondary content.

    For this trophy, you have to complete all side missions. There are 3 Trapped Civilian missions (represented on the map by a blue speech bubble with a man inside), 4 Jiang Shi missions (represented by a blue swirl), and 3 Yaoguai missions (represented by a purple swirl). Once you complete all 10 of the side missions, you will unlock the trophy.

  • Achieve 5 Gold Awards.

    The 5 stat awards and their requirements for gold are:

    Vampire Hunter: Kill 200 Jiang Shi - Jiang Shi are present all throughout the story and also after you finish the main missions. It is unlikely you will get the Gold for this challenge during the story missions, so you will probably have to look for groups of Jiang Shi hanging around. (They will show up on your minimap if you are near them.)

    It is important to note that you must kill the Jiang Shi with your hands or else your stat number will not increase. Vehicle kills also do not count towards this stat award. (Update: Kills with a full face meter now do count towards your total.)

    Demon Hunter: Kill 20 Yaoguai - Yaoguai are the larger demons that require you to either have a full face meter or be using a Peachwood sword in order to damage them. Again, you will not finish this challenge before the main story is complete, and will have to look for more around North Point. For more information about finding Yaoguai, see Demonic Exorcism.

    Demonic Exorcism: Kill 15 Yaoguai with a Peachwood sword - While you still have side missions available, if you complete a Jiang Shi side mission it will reward you with a Peachwood sword, which you can then use on Yaoguai side missions. (Note: You do not need a full face meter to damage Yaoguai with a Peachwood sword.) If you have already finished the side missions, you can find Yaoguai around North Point. Look out on your minimap for a single enemy icon. There you will find a Peachwood sword hovering above the ground, which will spawn a Yaoguai if you pick it up. Some areas where you can find these Peachwood swords are shown in this map:

    Hard To Get: Avoid 100 Jiang Shi bites - It is recommended that you wait until you finish Vampire Hunter before actively aiming for this, as you will evade many bites while normally fighting them. If you still need to avoid more bites find a Jiang Shi, grab it (using ) then just stand there. Soon it will glow red and you can counter the bite (by pressing ). Grab it again and repeat until you have completed the challenge. One thing to be wary of is if you fill up your face meter when you counter you will kick the Jiang Shi, killing it.

    Underworld Offerings: Find 10 Hell money shrines - See trophy description for Hell Money.

  • Find all the money shrines.

    There are 10 Hell money shrines to be found around North Point. Their locations are shown in this map:

DLC: Year of the Snake

4 trophies

  • Complete the first mission.

    As the trophy description suggests, simply complete the first mission of the DLC to receive this trophy.  You will need to chase down 3 people then you will need to drive a car into the water. Finally, you must go to a location and defeat the enemies there to finish the mission.

  • Defeat the cultists.

    You will receive this trophy after completing the final main mission of the DLC, New Years Eve. There are 12 missions to complete and the story missions are shown by dark blue shields. Side missions are not required for this. The DLC is quite short so they won't take long. After driving to the docks, you will tasked with protecting the boat you are in. Kill all the enemies when you get to your destination, and arrest the suspect to finish the mission and the DLC.

  • Complete all Secondary Content.

    Secondary Content is basically the side missions in the game. They are located at either the light blue shields on the map or at the yellow speech bubble representing favors. There are 8 side missions and 4 favors to complete. Complete all 12 for this trophy.

  • Find all the Evidence Collectibles.

    These are the collectables in this DLC and there are 20 in total. In-game they look like blue bags, and have a noticeable white flash over them. You may stumble across a couple but if you don't find any while playing through the story, don't fret as they appear on your map after completing the main story by pressing on it. They appear as grey circles on the map. The only one you may have trouble locating even with the map is the one on the barge south of North Point. Collect all 20 for the trophy. Your progress comes up every time you collect one, or can be viewed at any time through the social hub.

    An example of an evidence collectable:

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