• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 40 (31, 5, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1) (PS+ required for PS4)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 30+ hours (depends on what emblems you go for)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (level-select)
  • Number of missable trophies: 1
  • Glitched trophies: 1 Grease Monkey, whilst the end of chapter 43 can also be glitchy.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes ( Eon's Elite)
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None
  • Extra peripherals needed?: Any Skylanders Portal Of Power (excluding Spyro's Adventure; the Trap Team or SuperChargers portal is recommended), two controllers (or a PS Vita using remote play on PS4) if you want to use local co-op, additional Race Packs and/or other previously released Adventure Packs depending on what twelve emblems you decide to go for (see the walkthrough for more details).

Vroom vroom. Get in me car. I hope you like combat racing, because vehicles are very much the new thing for this game. Welcome to Skylanders: SuperChargers, the 5th game in the pioneering toys-to-life franchise, developed this year by Vicarious Visions again.

To start off you'll need the game, which for the first time in the series can also be bought digitally for PS4 or PS3, a portal (any portal from Giants onward is forward compatible but only Trap Team and SuperChargers support the use of traptanium traps), and some SuperCharger guys. If you bought the regular starter pack, you'll have the FIRE SuperCharger Spitfire and the LIFE SuperCharger Stealth Elf. The biggest thing in the pack that you'll find you will be using a lot is the brand-new land vehicle, the FIRE vehicle Hot Streak. Now I had issues with mine, so take it easy when you're putting the car on the portal of your choice. You can also avail of an 'Instant' Spitfire and 'Instant' Hot Streak which the game will offer you to use if you're feeling too lazy to put any skylanders on your portal.

Some may be happy to learn that Nightmare mode can be played right off the bat if that's what you want to do for your first ever playthrough, getting the Eon's Elite trophy in the process. I would recommend that you do your first playthrough on easy, however so as to get used to the game and make things less of a hassle for you in later reruns. You may have to partially replay levels a further three times depending on what emblems (essentially a replacement for stars in the previous games) you wish to acquire gold in for the Ooh, Shiny! trophy. There are 16 emblems in total but you only have to get the first gold rank (the coin-shaped medal) in 12 emblems. I'll explain what needs to be done for all the emblems under said trophy in the below guide.

Whilst you can technically beat the game's story using just the (physical) starter pack Skylanders and a lot of patience, unless you're really good at driving and shooting you'll find yourself burning through a lot of Skylanders during the final boss fight on Nightmare difficulty. (which took me a half hour to beat).

One last thing. Do not fret over the racing aspects of this game! I'm probably really showing my age here, but I found the land races to be very reminiscent of Crash Team Racing or Mario Kart, in that you can drift around corners and use random items to daze other racers. Sky races were the best for me and reassembled Spyro: Ripto's Rage and Spyro: Year Of The Dragon's speedway races, in that you'd fly through rings to get speedboosts and attack other racers as you battle for first place. Avoid/leave Sea races for last. Whilst still unique and fun, they are the weakest type of race in the game.

Step 1: Playthrough 1 - Complete the game on any difficulty
Pick a difficulty that suits you and go through the motions of completing the story. There are 13 main levels that make up 52 chapters. Most of the main levels are further broken down into a few chapters, and all you must do to have the game count that you beat a level on a particular difficulty is play the last chapter of each level! Handy if you're going for the Hero emblem!

In this step you should be able to get the following trophies:

Jail Break
Sock Sniffer
Cloud Kingdom Clearer
Back Where You Belong
Brawl to the Wall
Knowledge Is Power
Yard Work
Chicken Bites
Vacation Getaway
Demolition Derby
Power of Attraction
Raiding the Raiders
Best Driver in Skylands
Light Giver
Quarter, Nickel, Dime
Perfect Pair
Ready to Roll
Check Out My Ride
Mod Master
Horn Honker

If you were brave enough to play on Nightmare difficulty from the get-go or simply want to replay end-levels to get it:

Eon's Elite

Step 2: Post-game clean-up - Time to grab anything that you missed
Assuming that you decided to use your first playthrough getting used to the game and its mechanics, after beating the final boss you'll find yourself in the Academy, where you can get some academy related trophies and replay missions by going to the pause menu and selecting the map then a level and finally a chapter to replay:

Pair of Quarters and a Nickel
Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes
Grease Monkey
The Real Collector
Skystones Savant
Feng Shui
Live Wire Locksmith
Gold Standard
Ooh, Shiny
Hugo's Hero
Tessa's Traveler
Driver's Ed

Step 3: Finish up by spending a day at the races - Obtain all race related trophies
The easiest way to do this step is to select races from the pause menu and select the first option (don't go online):

Wanna Race?
Catch Me If You Can
Pole Position

For your last trophy you'll need to either have a second controller, a PS Vita (for PS4) or get a second player to join your game online and have one person enter the vehicle which will make the following trophy pop for you:

Road Trip

With that bagged, you should also have SuperCharged pop for you. Congratulations!

[PST Would Like to Thank DemonicPrime for this Roadmap]

Skylanders: SuperChargers Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

41 trophies ( 31  13  )

  • Earn all other trophies

    You did it, well done!

  • Complete Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty


    Regulars to this series will know what to expect for this difficulty based trophy but for newcomers, be prepared to watch out for the tiny chompies as they will destroy you in a few hits (especially during the 19th chapter's boss fight). In reality, it is actually one of the easiest nightmare runs in this series so far, as you don't necessarily have to play the majority of levels in their entirety, the exception being one-chapter levels and the Sky Eater level. In the case of the latter, please ensure that you play from chapter 50 on your nightmare run because the game doesn't seem to acknowledge you completing the game on a certain difficulty if you simply replay chapter 51.

    Aside from the mandatory land vehicle segments, I advise you to favour running rather than fighting. A lot of fights can be skipped so if you only have a few Skylanders to spare, this would be the best course of action for you. Co-Oping with someone to play this difficulty level comes with mixed results. I attempted to play Nightmare mode with an online co-op partner but after completing it as player 2, no trophy popped and when I checked my progress under the Adventurer emblem it only showed me as having completed 3 out of the 13 levels on nightmare difficulty (despite having double checked all my settings) so use a co-op partner at your own discretion.

  • Earn all Land vehicle stars


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    The game will let you know, quite clearly when you'll need to use a Land vehicle so to spare yourself a headache, always keep a Land vehicle on your portal or use the Instant Hot Streak vehicle rather than use a Sky or Sea vehicle.

  • Dime


    Reach Portal Master Rank 10


    At the beginning of the game you start at Rank 1. Every time you gain a Rank you are given the option to avail of a Power, often from a selection of several Powers. When given the option of a Nightmare Mode Power, make sure you select that option as it will help make your Nightmare Mode playthrough extremely easy. This is in fact why I suggested earlier that you play on a lower difficulty first.

    You will gain ranks by collecting Stardust, which is awarded in a variety of ways including completing adventure chapters and quests, winning races, completing challenges, repeating Skystone Overdrive games (random reward) and Live Wire Locks, earning Emblems and even destroying piñatas (also called festivities) and other objects that provide random rewards.

    Here is a video showing a level that I feel is a great way of grinding gold, stardust, wishing well stones, Live Wire Lock puzzles and more, all in a matter of minutes. It features the 3rd chapter of The Rift To Skylands level, "A Fuel's Errand":

  • Reach Portal Master Rank 25


    You will get this trophy by gaining Portal Master Rank 25. See Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes for grinding tips.

  • Reach Portal Master Rank 40


    You will get this trophy by gaining Portal Master Rank 40. See Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes for grinding tips.

  • Reach Portal Master Rank 55


    You will get this trophy by gaining Portal Master Rank 55. See Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes for grinding tips.

  • Reach Portal Master Rank 70


    This is one of two trophies where you'll more than likely be spending the most time trying to achieve. You've got to get your Portal Master Rank up to level 70 (the max being 75), which is obtainable with a modest amount of effort. I encourage you to replay Live Wire Lock puzzles as much as possible because not only do you need to complete 15 of these puzzles anyway, they give you a huge amount of Stardust for doing so. Good luck grinding!

  • Defeat an enemy while SuperCharged


    Your Skylander will become 'SuperCharged' if you place a SuperCharge Skylander and its matching vehicle on your portal or use Instant Spitfire and Instant Hot Streak. You will be able to tell if your Skylander is supercharged when the HUD display in the bottom left of your screen looks like this;

    Simply defeat an enemy in this state to unlock the trophy.

  • Equip your first Mod


    Vehicle mods come in boxes like this;

    And can only be found when you're using a Land, Sky or Sea vehicle and you are not in a race! so crack open one of these boxes, track down a pit stop, which looks like this (Note: You will need to use a SuperCharger Skylander to access this facility!):

    Simply equip a mod in your inventory to pop this trophy e.g. like so:

  • Equip 3 different Mods on one vehicle


    For this trophy you need to equip a speciality mod, a performance mod and a horn mod so go to the pit crew station after acquiring a mod of each type for a vehicle in your possession to unlock this trophy. You can keep an eye on what mods you have collected for your currently in-use vehicle by checking your blueprints. The below video shows you the three different mods you've got to customise and how to find the blueprint menu (but it can also be accessed by pressing the or button and toggling the vehicle view):

  • Collect 4 vehicle Mods


    This is pretty straight forward. Simply find 4 of the red 'toolboxes' scattered throughout vehicle sections in adventure mode.

  • Fully upgrade a vehicle


    A fully upgraded vehicle looks like this:

    To access this screen, you will need to use a SuperCharger Skylander and talk to the purple land sharks (aka your 'pit crew' as Sharpfin calls them) in either the Academy, an adventure level, or by pressing the button when you're using your vehicle in an adventure level (note it will not work during a race). In order to max out your shield and weapons, you have to gather gearbits, which can be found in random chests, boxes, piñatas, in vehicle levels, from races, randomly from the well, from quests and more.

    To make this easier, keep a land vehicle on your portal at all times. It is the type of vehicle you will be using the most in this game.

    CAUTION: Vehicles can glitch on you and reset, meaning you lose all your upgrades and gearbits collected and any modifications you made will be reset to the default configuration. (Though you will still own any of the mods you have obtained). I had trouble with all three vehicle types, with my Sky vehicle resetting completely when trying to race against a Co-Op partner so try to get this trophy before ever contemplating Co-Op mode.

  • Honk your first vehicle horn

    Nothing to it. When you are in your vehicle, simply press the button to trigger this trophy.

  • Complete a Race level


    Now we finally get to the racing proper aspect of this game. You can start a race by talking to Pandergast on the far left side of the Academy hub world, or by selecting Racing from the pause menu and selecting single player then selecting a race type of your preference. You will need a Land Vehicle to race in Chompy Garden or Dragon Spire, a Sky Vehicle to race in Cloud Factory or Calamity Canyon or a Sea Vehicle to race in Frozen Fossil Festival or Mystical Vault. Simply complete a race in any of these levels to get this trophy.

  • Come in 1st place in any Race level on any difficulty

    Select a race of your choice, select any difficulty and aim for achieving 1st place. I found the Sky races to be the best suited for me.

  • Come in 1st place in any Race level on each difficulty

    This can stack with Catch Me If You Can if you're feeling brave/confident enough in your racing ability to beat a race on hard difficulty on the first go. If you have your shields and weapons fully upgraded, as well as using a SuperCharged combination of matching Skylander and Vehicle, then you shouldn't have too much trouble obtaining this trophy.

  • Enter a vehicle in Co-Op mode


    This is one of the only trophies that may require you to go online if you do not have a second controller or have a PS Vita for remote play in the case of PS4 owners. Either way, this requires two players and a vehicle. Simply let player 1 enter a vehicle to unlock this trophy.

  • Collect 43 Skystones


    Skystones look like this:

    These can be obtained by beating NPCs for the first time in the minigame Skystones Overdrive or through random drops throughout the game. If you played the previous game in this series, Skylanders Trap Team and happen to own a bunch of traptanium traps (the small pieces of clear plastic that came in the starter pack or additional ones could be purchased separately), then you can use these in SuperChargers to unlock one Skystone per imported trapped villain.

    You can get 40+ Skystones simply by doing this, so if you do not own a trap of each element (of which there are ten), then I recommend you try to do so! Note: You need to be using either a Trap Team portal or a SuperChargers portal in order to use the traps, as the other portals lack the necessary trap slot.

  • Win 15 Games of Skystones: Overdrive

    All you have to do for this trophy is win 15 times in a very Hearthstones-like mini-game called Skystones Overdrive. Basically, you and your opponent each play with a deck of skystones you either collected over the course of your adventure or received from placing traptanium traps in your portal if it has the slot for it (i.e. either the Trap Team or SuperChargers portal). The aim is to reduce your opponent's health to zero, in which case you'll win the match and may even receive a skystone if it is your first time battling a particular NPC.

    Unfortunately you only get one stone per NPC and repeated matches, whilst contributing to this trophy, will only net you gold, gearbits, stardust or experience.

  • Have at least 5 active Legendary Treasures in the Academy at once


    This is an easy one. When you're visiting the Academy, legendary treasures can be selected by pressing the button which will present you with a wheel:

    g the button and, once you've got the trophy, you can remove them using the button. Any of the magical items released for previous Skylander games now function as legendary treasures when placed on the portal.

  • Collect 10 Legendary Treasures


    Legendary treasures are collectables you can obtain from chests, spin chests, ribboned boxes and the well, at random. You will simply have to keep checking the aforementioned places until you acquire 10 treasures. Alternatively, if you own Adventure packs or Battle packs from any of the previous games then the magic items in those will count as legendary treasures in this game e.g. if I place my Dragonfire Cannon from Giants on the portal then it will appear as a legendary treasure here:

    It will count towards this trophy.

  • Solve 15 Live Wire Lock puzzles

    Live Wire Lock puzzles look like this and all of them can be reattempted as many times as you want:

    Each successful completion will contribute to this trophy so you don't necessarily have to find every Live Wire Lock in the game.

  • Earn 6 gold Emblems


    Emblems can be founded under the Portal Master option on the pause menu or by talking to Master Eon. There are 16 in total, and for this trophy you only need to get the gold rank in six emblems (you do not even have to get the 'max' gold rank in an emblem. For example, I got the trophy despite only having acquired 142/150 items for the Relic Seeker emblem). Which six you do is entirely up to you but some, particularly the land, sea and sky vehicle ones will require you to own the Racing Packs (think physical DLC), and are extremely expensive to buy.

    See Oooh, Shiny for the breakdown of each emblem.

  • Achieve gold on 12 Emblems


    This trophy is going to take up a lot of time to acquire. You'll be spending at least a third of your total game time chasing gold. As stated before, there are 16 emblems available but you only have to get the gold emblem in 12 of them, though the game will restrict you to doing certain ones if you do not own any of the Racing Packs or a vehicle of each elemental type. For reference, here is a breakdown of all 16 emblems:

    Hero Emblem: Complete each level on every difficulty. Certainly doable, as all you have to do is repeat the last chapter of every adventure level for the game to count that you beat X level on Y difficulty. The only exception to this, appears to be the Sky Eater level, which I recommend you actually replay on chapter 50 and then progress, as the emblem doesn't seem to count you replaying chapter 51 by itself.

    Treasure Hunter Emblem: Collect Spin Chests. Spin Shests look like this:

    Unlike the other chests, piñatas and hat boxes that are randomly generated each time you play a level, these guys are a fixed occurrence. Once you smash one open, they'll be replaced by a box, a chest or a piñata the next time you revisit the same spot. Fortunately, the game breaks down how many spin chests there are per-chapter, per-level and they're relatively easy to find.

    Sky Pilot Emblem: Earn Stars in Sky Races! You must obtain three stars on all Sky vehicle race tracks in all modes. However, you must a.) own a Sky Vehicle and/or b.) the Sky Racing Pack, which will unlock two additional tracks and three additional modes.

    Seafarer Emblem: Earn Stars in Sea Races! You must obtain three stars on all Sea vehicle race tracks in all modes. However, you must a.) own a Sea Vehicle and/or b.) the Sea Racing Pack, which will unlock two additional tracks and three additional modes.

    Speedster Emblem: Earn Stars in Land Races! You must obtain three stars on all Sea vehicle race tracks in all modes. However, you must a.) own a Land Vehicle (which is included in your starter pack or you can use the instant version of the Hot Streak) and b.) the Land Racing Pack, which will unlock two additional tracks and three additional modes.

    Shooting Star Missions: Earn Stars in Missions! Hugo and Tessa frequently offer vehicle related missions, as do the adventure mode levels you can replay to your hearts content. Please note that in order to cover all three types of races, you will need to buy a Sea vehicle and a Sky vehicle.

    Gemologist Emblem: Collect Soul Gems! These are a series mainstay, and there are 20 in total in this game. They can be bought from the shop, obtained randomly from chests, spin chests and boxes, from the well and more.

    Card Battler Emblem: Win Skystones Overdrive games! This is an easy one, simply win a game of Skystones Overdrive a set number of times. You need to do this anyway for a trophy so the gold emblem for this one should come naturally to you.

    Warrior Emblem: Defeat Enemies. I hope you like fighting because you'll need to slay nearly 4,000 enemies and don't worry, you do not need to kill them with the same character.

    Tag Team Emblem: Complete Missions with other players! Do this own at your own discretion. It can be done via local or online co-op. You've got to make sure that you and your partner successfully manages to finish a story mission (i.e. the last chapter of a level) for the game to increment the count for this emblem. I believe you have to co-op with your partner 30 times so you have the choice of simply doing story missions and quests with your co-op partner or, as suggested by Manetez, you can just play chapter 4 and before you get in the car, join with a second controller and drive the car to the end (go on the right side if you want a mod). It only takes a couple of minutes each time.

    Gate Smasher Emblems: Complete Elemental Gat zones in the Academy! For this emblem you are required to own a vehicle of each elemental type. The gate itself is located exclusively in the Academy, a little to the right of where you can find Buzz. Seeing as how there are now ten elements and you will only get 1 (or 2 if you buy the dark edition starter pack) vehicle with the game, and each vehicle is currently on sale for €20, this emblem is going to be quite costly.

    Speed Racer: Participate in Online Races! This one will probably need boosting. I was struggling to find races online in the first week of the game's release. Also, you'll need a PS+ subscription if you have the PS4 version so that probably accounts for the lack of server activity for that version.

    Locksmith Emblem: Collect all 3 Sparks in each Live Wire Lock! This one will take a bit of searching to get gold in. This is a typical Live Wire Lock puzzle:

    Your aim is to collect the three lightning-bolt-like items scattered around each puzzle. Note, you must get 3 bolts in different puzzles to acquire gold in this emblem. Repeating the same puzzle will not work in this instance.

    Relic Seeker Emblem: Collect Skystones, Kaos Diaries and Legendary Treasures. All of these can be bought in the shop, acquired randomly from the well, through quests or as a random reward for again destroying piñatas, treasure chests and boxes.

    Technical Emblem: Collect Vehicle Mods! You'll have to find and crack open at least 60 red toolboxes to acquire enough mods to get gold in this emblem.

    Mad Hatter Emblem: Collect Hats! Hats are, again, randomly acquired throughout the course of the story. Check the shop, the well, quests, story levels etc. for these elusive head warmers.

    Choose whichever set of 12 emblems are available to you and good luck getting that gold!

    Here is how my emblems looked by the time the trophy popped:

  • Complete 10 quests given by Hugo


    Hugo looks like this:

    He can be found to the left of the chamber that features Eon in the hub world (Skylanders Academy). He will give you three quests to complete per day, which will task you to do various objectives. I was regularly tasked with doing things in Spellpunk Library, plus more more quests can be obtained by closing the game and altering your console's date and time.

  • Complete 10 quests given by Tessa


    Tessa looks like this:

    Like Hugo, she can be found to the right of the chamber that features Eon. She will give you three quests to complete per day, which will task you to do various objectives. Again, you get more quests by changing the date and time on your system by first quitting the game and then making the change.

  • Fully complete a Driver quest from Buzz

    Driver's quests are like the old hero quests featured in Spyro's Adventure and Giants. Only, each quest is unique to a particular SuperCharger and their vehicle. In order to fully complete a quest you need a SuperCharger and their Matching Vehicle e.g. Stormblade and her sky vehicle the Sky Slicer. Luckily, included in all versions of the game is either a physical or instant version of Spitfire and his Hot Streak.

    Proceed to the far left of the Skylanders Academy level and talk to Buzz. He looks like this:

    He will, if you're using Spitfire, ask you to first attack a bunch of enemies, then do a vehicle mission and finally, talk to this NPC who is located to the right of Buzz:

    Now select the option that matches your current SuperCharger and Vehicle.


Secret trophies

  • Beat The Rift to Skylands on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the fourth chapter of The Rift To Skylands, "The Great Breakout".

  • Beat The Cloudbreather's Crag on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the ninth chapter of The Cloudbreather's Crag, "Temple of the cloudbreather".

  • Beat The Cloud Kingdom on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 14th chapter of The Cloud Kingdom, "Clear Skies Ahead".

  • Beat Land of the Undead on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 19th chapter of Land Of The Dead, "Moneyback Guarantee".

    A word of caution here: When repeating the 19th chapter's boss fight on Nightmare difficulty, you may find yourself burning through lots of Skylanders. It is a vehicle fight with awkward controls and dark lighting, which makes it hard to see small enemies that will destroy your vehicle shields and character's health in a matter of moments if you're not careful.

    I've added the tag to suggest that you have a good few skylanders to hand when attempting this on Nightmare difficulty.

  • Beat Battlebrawl Island on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 21st chapter of Battlebrawl Island. "Cast a Deadly Spellslamzer".

    Nothing too hard, though some players might want to do online Co-Op to make this level easier on the harder difficulties.

  • Beat The Spell Punk Library on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 23rd chapter of The Spell Punk Library, "The spell punk library".

    Note: This is one of few levels that is worth repeating after you acquire a sky and a land vehicle. You will miss some minor story points otherwise but will still be able to acquire trophies without them.

  • Beat Gadfly Glades on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 27th chapter of Gadfly Glades, "Waterdrop Way".

  • Beat Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 32nd chapter of Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ, "Big boss Cluck".

  • Beat Monstrous Isles on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 37th chapter of Monstrous Isles, "Titanopolis".

    Tip: The Trap Master EARTH Skylander Wallop, on the Tantrum Thrower path demolishes the boss Thunder Tow in a handful of attack moves by simply holding down the square button once and again after the first attack finishes. Observe the results, whilst playing on Expert difficulty:

  • Beat Ridepocalypse Demo Derby on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 39th chapter of Ridepocalypse Demo Derby, "Win, Lose or Glumshanks".

    When doing this on Nightmare difficulty, I recommend you try this solo unless you're confident your Co-Op partner is a good driver or good shooter.

  • Beat Vault of the Ancients on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 43rd chapter of Vault of the Ancients, "Slumbering Spires".

    Please note that the end section of the 43rd chapter is temperamental! I've personally encountered an array of weird and game breaking behaviour when doing the last puzzle. Here is how I handled one instance of glitchy behaviour (skip to near the end):

  • Beat The Bandit Train on any difficulty

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 45th chapter of The Bandit Train, "Highway Robbery".

  • Defeat The Darkness on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This should pop after completing the 51st chapter of The Sky Eater, "Fear and obey".

    When attempting this level on other difficulties, I again advise you to actually start at chapter 50, as for some reason or another, the game doesn't you just attempting the 51st chapter on a certain difficulty as it does on any other level played thus far. As for playing this on Nightmare difficulty, it's actually the easiest final boss in this series but it is really long and can be dull. See below for further info:

    I recommend you grab a partner and have whoever the shooter is to use Spitfire to SuperCharge your Hot Streak (which is the vehicle I imagine you will be using) in order to get a bit of extra firepower whilst avoiding having your SuperCharger die. (the casualties instead will be the Skylanders of whoever is the driver). Using traptanium traps can also help, if you can be bothered to keep slotting in new ones after you've used them up.

    Here is a taste of what you should expect to face, even with a fully maxed out vehicle:

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