Big Winner! Trophy

  • Big Winner!


    The Lair of Kaos: Break Kaos' Gameshow scoreboard by scoring too many points

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  • For this, you need to get 9999 points during the game show portion of the level. Defeating an enemy gives you 50 points. It doesn't matter if you're beating Kaos in points or not. Kaos getting 9999 points doesn't cause the board to break. Once you get to the Kaos Ball Run area, you can stand in that area until you get 6750 points. At that point, you have to go to the Bonus Round area to get the rest of the points. If you have a fully upgraded Kaos, his Doomlanders are extremely useful. If you run low on health, there's a health regen pad in the Kaos Ball Run area. If you leave the area to get health and notice enemies stopped spawning, they may be fighting with the robot helpers at the entrance.

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