Clean Jersey Trophy in Skylanders Giants

  • Clean Jersey


    Don’t take any damage from Kaos' rockets during the mini-game on the Dread-Yacht

    How to unlock Clean Jersey

    This trophy is one of the hardest ones in the game. After the Wilikins install the gun onto the ship you can access this mini game by jumping into the hole by the stairs but wait to do this trophy until you are doing clean up as it will take a bit. There are 3 randomly cycling mini-games, one is to shoot sheep, another to shoot barrels and the third is to shoot rockets out of the air. Keep completing the mini-games and leaving until you get the rocket mini-game. Once you get the rocket mini-game make sure that you do NOT complete it if you receive damage. If you receive damage from the rockets simply stop shooting and fail the mini-game, you want to fail the mini-game because you can replay failed mini-games simply by staying downstairs and pressing . This will allow you to play the rocket mini-game as many times as you need to in a row, if you leave the room the mini-games become random again. Replay the mini-game in this fashion until you do not receive damage and this ones in the bag.

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  • where are you supposed to go to find this trophy.
  • After Chapter 6. The willikins install a gun on your ship. Just beside the staircase up to Flynn. (Not the door to Persephone, on the other side.)
  • It's a pain in the ass, I still haven't been able to do this one. For me tech is the best option to clear it, but I just suck at shooting xD
  • I play Giants with my gf, but it's not all the time you can access the gun/turret. sometimes the Triangle symbol shows, but most times it doesn't! also, are the games you play totally random? Can't seem to get Kaos' rockets minigame? Help please..
  • Worst Trophy of the year award?
  • I completed this trophy with a Tech Skylander - the best advice I can give is to use the Hourglass piece if you have it from the original Skylanders Adventure packs; it will slow down the missiles for long enough that you can get 30 easily (although you might want to get a few first just to be sure!). As for #4, as late as the reply is, I think the turret shuts after beating a minigame; you have to go up the ladder and back down. It is random, unfortunately!
  • this was very easy. like other posters have mentioned, you get a gun installed on your ship after progressing through the story. after that point, just head below deck to the cannon room, and complete a mini game. when you get the game that says "stop the artillery shells" this is the one you want. i would highly suggest using a tech skylander, as the increased fire rate makes it easier. just keep shooting, dont let go of the fire button, and keep at it til the trophy pops. i got this one my 3rd try, its really not that bad.
  • I used Jet-Vac and got this on my first try. I only had to shoot down 15 of them, I see from comment #6 that they had 30. I'm playing this on easy, maybe that's the difference.
  • This is definately a tough trophy to get, but using the right combination it is way too easy... 1. A tech skylander (I used Trigger Happy) 2. The hourglass powerup When you go down to the basement area, make sure youre playing the "Artillary" game...begin by blasting the first few that come up, like the first 5 should be enough, pause, use hourglass powerup, and hold x to shoot the shells. Super easy.

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