Hut Wrecker Trophy in Skylanders Giants

  • Hut Wrecker


    Chapter 12 - Destroy 3 enemy huts with boulders Giants can lift

    How to unlock Hut Wrecker

    There are two areas in this chapter that will have enemies coming out of huts and, conveniently, these areas have boulders in them. Switch to your Giant Skylander and pick up a boulder with , while you are holding the boulder the hut that you have to destroy will start blinking, throw the boulder at the hut to destroy it. The first hut is located towards the beginning of the level, after the fight with the small robot enemy. The second and third huts are right after you go by the Trappe house, there will be a required fight in order to get into a cave and the huts will be on the left and right of the cave entrance. Use the two boulders in the area to destroy the huts, the trophy will unlock after the huts have been destroyed.

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