Pipe Petard Trophy in Skylanders Giants

  • Pipe Petard


    Chapter 11 - Damage Drill-X by throwing a pipe at him

    How to unlock Pipe Petard

    Chapter 11 has a boss fight at the end of the chapter. The Boss's name is Drill-X and he is a big singing robot. In order to get this trophy you must switch to a Giant Skylander while fighting Drill-X, you will notice two pieces of pipe sticking out of the ground in front of Drill-X simply pick one up with and throw it at Drill-X. This trophy will unlock after the pipe damages him.

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  • how do you throw a pipe?
  • You got to be a Giant to pick up the pipe, but you only have two chances. I think you have to wait until the 2nd or 3rd verse to do this.

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