Talker in a Strange Land Trophy

  • Talker in a Strange Land


    Chapter 7 - Talk to all of the Wilikins

    Simply talk to all of the Wilikins in the Chapter, make sure you speak to all of the Wilikins including the ones that interact with you in cut scenes as you must talk to them with for it to count. There are also two Wilikins in two separate cave areas in this chapter, make sure you do not overlook them.

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  • I am really struggling to get this one. I really cannot see were I am going wrong! I make sure everyone finishes what they are saying and have been everywhere. Is there one in the Rock Element Area? If so, that is the one I am missing =(
  • Nothing there but a hat. (There's a willikin beside the gate to that area, though.)
  • Very late, but follow this to the letter. I did and it just pinged for me :)

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