Autogyro Pyrotechnician Trophy in Skylanders Giants

  • Autogyro Pyrotechnician


    Chapter 6 - Destroy all the Arkeyan Autogyros

    How to unlock Autogyro Pyrotechnician

    This is one of the harder trophies on the game, you are required to destroy all of the helicopters while you are riding around on the robot. There are smaller helicopters to destroy but these do not count for the trophy so focus on the big orange ones. This will take a few tries. Most of the helicopters are going to be flying at you and are very easy to destroy but there is a helicopter right at the beginning of the level, one right after you learn how to use the robot's shockwave and one after each of the two running around sections that are tricky to hit. Learn how they move and where they are at and this trophy is yours.

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  • If you want this trophy follow these steps. 1. Use a Tech (faster firing rate) a wind (triple shot) or undead skylander (high damage and what I used) 2. Do not hit square unless you have to. If you punch a Gyro you won't get it. 3. Don't ever hit circle, you also don't get the trophy for shockwaving as far as I know. 4. Don't let off the X button. Some of them fly off fast and once you memorize locations it's not so bad. You want to aim and hit it on purpose or on accident either way you want to increase your chances of hitting it. 5. If you miss one either restart the chapter or let a giant robo punch you down and restart that section. I heard this works, I didn't do it that way. 6.Giant Helicopter. Smaller ones aren't Autogyros. 7. Keep doing it until you get all the
  • The trophy will ding before you get off the giant robot during the small cutscene fyi. So when you get to the final door, and are getting off the robot, if you don't see it pop, try it again.
  • Video Tutorial is being uploaded now on my channel now. AusTehHawk. This Trophy Guide was requested by one of my subscribers so if any of you guys want to know toknow how to do this trophy. Feel free to check out my video tutorial "Skylanders Giants Trophy Guide - Autogyro PyroTechnician"
  • Got it on my 3rd try.

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