Chain Champ Trophy in Skylanders Giants

  • Chain Champ


    Chapter 2 - Complete the Chain Pull Feat of Strength

    How to unlock Chain Champ

    At the beginning of the Chapter switch to your Giant Skylander, smash through the 5 walls that are blocking your path and then defeat the monsters in the small open area. Before using the jump-pad go to the left. Lift the boulder with , throw the boulder and walk to the chain. You will now perform a Feat of Strength by pulling the chain in with . The trophy will unlock after the chain is pulled all the way in.

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  • has anyone got this trophy I think it's glitched because of the reason I did the feat of strength and it didn't pop up
  • The same happened with me as well =/
  • Ive managed to get it know. I think the first time around I was little inpatient and trip to pull as fast as possible. This time I took it slower and it seemed to work okay =) Good luck in getting the trophy

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