Elemental Enthusiast Trophy in Skylanders Giants

  • Elemental Enthusiast


    Chapter 1 - Open all the Elemental areas

    How to unlock Elemental Enthusiast

    You will need the Skylander types mentioned in the Roadmap in order to get this trophy, simply unlock all three areas and the trophy is yours. The first area is at the end of the cave to the left, it requires a LIFE Skylander. The second area is right outside of the exit of the cave all the way to the left it can be hard to spot because you have to backtrack a couple of steps in order for the camera to view it, this area requires an AIR Skylander. The final area of Chapter 1 at the base of the bamboo structure after destroying the first chain and crossing the bride, run down and towards the left around the small building and you will see it, this area requires an UNDEAD Skylander. The trophy should unlock after accessing the third area.

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  • To note, you must unlock all gates in a single run. Also, you just have to unlock the gates, and don't need to walk in (ie remove the vines then walk out the cave)

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