• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal estimative. See Trophy Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (12, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-15 hours (Heavily skill dependant/luck based. See Estimated Time to 100% Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + multiple runs on various stages (not all stages need to be completed for 100%)
  • Number of missable trophies: - 0 I'm Still Alive was thought to be missable, but there's a workaround for it. See the trophy description for more information.
  • Glitched trophies: None after Patch 1.03. Before the patch 1.01, the kills/stars/medals trophies are glitched. See "Note on the patch 1.01" below. Also, patch 1.03, released a couple days ago, fixes some unspecified progression glitches. [Thanks Terminator for the information]
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. There are 4 difficulty settings (normal, hard, insane and nightmare - the last one available after completing Chapter 8). To earn enough medals to get the respective trophy, you'll need to play on at least normal and hard, getting all medals on all 9 stages (though stage 9 isn't mandatory), and try to get as many medals on insane and nightmare as possible.
  • Do trophies stack?: One list for the three platforms
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known at this time.

Sky Force Anniversary is, as per name, the anniversary edition of the original game, released back in 2004, released for PS4/3/Vita. It's a re-release from another remake, Sky Force 2014, released for mobile phones. It's a great shoot'em up, with emphasis on upgrades and with gameplay reminiscent from Capcom's 19XX and Taito's Raiden series, although this one is not as frenetic as those (and surely WAY easier).

It features a minimalist storyline, improved upgrade system (compared to mobile versions), and great graphics and soundtrack.

Trophy-wise, this isn't a difficult game. In fact, most of the trophies you will get without even trying.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PATCH 1.01: Patch 1.01 brings some fixes to nasty glitches and bugs this game has. But in particular, it fixes problems preventing people from getting the 10000 kills, 100k stars and 100 medals trophies on PS4/Vita, should they close out of the game. Before that, in order to get them, the player would have to meet the requirements in one session (without closing and launching the game).

Since it seems to affect only PS4/Vita players, PS3 players should not worry about it. If you have downloaded the game, but not updated it, I strongly recommend you to do so.


1 - Clear all stages through Stage 8, on normal difficulty, while collecting stars and buying upgrades.

In this step you will want to clear all stages through stage 8 without worrying too much with other trophies. Of course, if you manage to get some (if not all) medals during this step, great. If not, let this step for later.

Just a note worth mentioning: this game has a total of 9 stages. But you only need to complete 8 for all trophies (Stage 9 acts as a sort of bonus stage). It's entirely optional, but completing it on normal and hard for medals will greatly diminish the hard work necessary on other stages, when you need to complete them on insane/nightmare.

Keep in mind that some later stages require you to get medals from previous ones, in order to advance. If you feel you're not getting medals from stages on normal difficulty, try playing some on Hard difficulty, and focus on getting survivors and killing as much enemies as possible. This way, you can get at least the 70% kills and all humans saved medals. But remember also that, to access a new difficulty setting, you MUST get all medals from the previous ones. Please, refer to Handsomely Rewarded trophy for more information.

During this step you should get:

  • You'll Need More Than That, Mantis!
  • A Token Of Gratitude
  • Medal Of Honor

2 - Get enough stars to buy the Laser, Shield and Megabomb upgrades, clear Stage 8 and clear a stage with less than 5% energy remaining

In this step, you should focus on getting enough stars to buy the above upgrades for your ship. After that, just go through a wave of enemies with your shield equipped / destroy 10 enemies with a single use of Laser cannon / blast 15 enemies with one Megabomb. Please, refer to their specific trophies for more information.

To get the 5% trophy, buy some upgrades for health, and try to get to the end of Stage 5. Then at the last laser enemy tower, manage to get enough damage so you don't die, but stay between 2-5%. If you manage to find the regen card before getting this trophy, just start a 2-player game, and then let the first one dies, finishing the stage with the second one. At the end of the stage you should receive the trophy.

After getting each of the specific trophies, try to clear Stage 8 to unlock Nightmare difficulty setting.

At the end of this step you should have:

  • Unstoppable Grog
  • Lord Of Destruction
  • Heat Ray
  • I'm Still Alive

3 - Destroy the lighthouse on Stage 1 with a plane, clear Stage 5 while destroying all enemy towers, Stage 8 without power-ups.

This step is related to stage-specific trophies. Head to Stage 1 and, after the second lighthouse, a big green plane will appear from your left. Destroy it as soon as it gets close to the third lighthouse and it will crash into it, thus giving you the respective trophy. If you prefer, you can do this after collecting the regeneration card. It do wonders here.

Now, head to Stage 5 and dodge the EMP shot while destroying all enemy towers.

And finally, go to Stage 8 and complete it without using any shield/megabomb/laser power-ups.
If you feel your ship is too weak for these (somewhat) demanding tasks, get more stars completing Stage 5 on later difficulties.

In this stage you'll get:

  • It Wasn't Me
  • Against The Odds
  • Cheater! Just Kidding, You're Cool!

4 - Farm medals/stars/kills/cards

In this final step, you should aim to get any of the farming trophies, if you didn't get them before. To get medals, you should aim to complete stages on easier difficulties while aiming to kill all enemies, rescue all survivors and not getting hit. You manage to get all 4 medals for that said difficulty, and unlock a new one for that specific stage. Do it until getting 100 medals.

Now, go to Stage 8 and farm for kills. It has plenty of enemies and the shouldn't pose much of a threat to you.

Then, head to Stage 6 and farm for cards any cards you don't already have. I believe this is the best stage to do so (though some people state that stage 8 is better). And lastly, go to Stage 5 to farm stars. The reason this is best left for last is because there is a certain card that doubles the amount of stars collected during stages, thus making this job easier.

At the end of this step you should get:

  • Fidelity Medallion
  • A Really Nice Pat On Your Back
  • House Of Cards
  • Handsomely Rewarded

[PST Would Like To Thank Phodda for this Roadmap]

Sky Force Anniversary Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  2  )

  • See A Really Nice Pat On Your Back for more information.

  • Destroy 10 000 enemies.

    Enemies come in a variety of ways. Ships, planes, boats, tanks, etc. The trophy unlocks once you destroy 10000 of them.

    On harder difficulties, enemies tend to be more resilient to damage, and attack faster. To make things easier, try upgrading the main weapon and wing cannon, and use laser/megabomb upgrades whenever possible.

    If you have unlocked every other trophy and not this one, a good spot to farm it is Stage 8 on normal (since the difficulty doesn't matter when it comes to enemies, and the lower the difficulty, the easier the enemies).

    To see how many enemies have already been killed, access the "Statistics" screen on the main menu.

  • Rescue 100 people.

    While travel through stages, you'll come across survivors. They are represented by red dots (as they are seen from above) scattered through stages. To rescue a person, you must stand near it and wait for the rescue process to finish. You can dodge bullets while rescuing if you are quick enough, without interrupting the process. If not, you will have to start it over again.

    Two specific cards can help in this task. One lowers the time needed to saving humans by 10%, and the other extends the rescue rope by 5%.

    To see how many humans were saved, access the "Statistics" screen on the main menu.

  • Earn 10 medals.

    See Fidelity Medallion for more information.

  • Collect 100 000 stars.

    Every time you kill an enemy/destroy an enemy tower/destroy a crate, there will be stars left to collect. Stars are used to buy/unlock upgrades for the ship. This trophy will unlock after you've collected 100k stars.

    The Magnet upgrade costs 1000 to unlock and, after that, a crescent number of stars to upgrade. It's by far the most valuable help in collecting them, since you don't have to go all the way to them, and can attract more in a faster way as soon as you buy upgrades for it. Also, keep in mind that there's a card that doubles the number of stars every time you finish/die in a stage.

    The best place to farm stars is Chapter 5 - insane difficulty setting, since it will triple the number of stars available.

    To see how many stars you've collected, access the "Statistics" screen on the main menu.

  • Ram through an enemy wave with your Energy Shield.

    Shields cost 750 stars to unlock, and a crescent number of stars to upgrade its active time. They envelop the whole ship, and do not get weak if you ram into enemies, acting as a weapon of sort. After unlocking it, you can buy one for 100 stars before entering a stage, and there's one card that grants one free shield every time you enter a stage, and one that extends the shield active time by 10%.

    To get this trophy, once you see a wave of enemies coming on your direction (preferably planes), press to activate it. Then, fly through the wave, as the shield will destroy the enemies. An easy place to get it is on Stage one. Right after it stars, a group of 5 planes will come from the right. Activate the shield as soon as you see the first one, and destroy them all.

    Keep in mind you need to do it with all enemies of that said wave, else this won't count. So, beware of your missiles, as they are automatically launched.

  • Destroy at least 15 enemies with one Mega-Bomb.

    Mega-Bombs cost 1000 to unlock and a crescent number of stars to upgrade its destructive force. It releases a powerful omnidirectional shockwave, that weakens/destroys everything in its path. After unlocking it, you can buy one for 500 stars before entering a stage, and there's one card that grants a free Mega-Bomb every time you start a stage, and one that increases its power by 10%.

    To get this trophy, you need to destroy 15 enemies with one Mega-Bomb, by pressing as soon as there are enough enemies on the screen.

    A good place to do it is on Stage 3. Right before the boss, after you leave the land and goes open sea, there will be a wave of enemies descending diagonally from the upper left corner. Wait for it to be as close to you as you can, and unleash a Mega-Bomb. If done correctly, all enemies will be destroyed and the trophy is yours.

    If you are having a hard time, later stages also have multiple opportunities to get it.

  • Burn through 10 enemies with your Laser.

    Laser costs 1000 to unlock and a crescent number of stars to upgrade its energy beam. It releases a powerful laser shot, that can be used to burn through multiple enemies as you move the ship. After unlocking it, you can buy one for 100 stars before entering a stage, and there's one card that grants a free Laser every time you enter a stage, and other that grants increases its energy by 10%.

    To get this trophy, you need to destroy 10 enemies with one Laser shot, by pressing while there are enough enemies together.

    A good place to do it is on Stage 3. Right before the boss, after you leave the land and goes open sea, there will be a wave of enemies descending diagonally from the upper left corner. Wait for it to be as close to you as you can, and use the Laser, moving left as you do so. If done correctly, all enemies will be destroyed and the trophy is yours.

    If you are having a hard time, later stages also have multiple opportunities to get it.

  • Finish a stage with your health lower than 5%.

    This trophy can give people some trouble. First, because you need to manage your health very well, to not be destroyed while maintaining a critical energy status, so being vulnerable to literally anything. Second, the Magnet upgrade attracts not only stars, but also recovery items left by fallen enemies. The more powerful the Magnet, the farther you will attract them towards you.

    And to make things worse, there's a card that grants a fast regeneration status to full health, thus making this trophy "missable" if you didn't get this trophy before finding that (otherwise great) card (but continue reading...).

    A good spot to get it is on Stage 5. Go through all the stage and, as soon as you are about to finish it, be hit by one of the enemy laser towers (LASER towers, not cannon ones) until you get your health below 5%. If things prove to be a hassle, try upgrading the ship's health a bit.

    If you manage do get the regeneration card before this trophy, then you won't be able to finish any stage with less than 5%. However, there's a workaround for it, courtesy of Terminator:

    All you have to do is start a level in 2-player Co-Op, kill off player 1, then finish the level with player 2 .

  • Collect all the cards

    Cards are randomly collectible items that you find after destroying certain enemies or breaking boxes (the latter much more frequent). They offer multiple bonuses, like extra drones, increased weapon power, and more. You'll see a shining blue card floating in the air, like this:

    After you get it, it will be displayed left of the power-ups, like this:

    To get a card, you must collect it and the finish the stage. If you happen to die before that, then the card is lost and you will have to collect it again. There are no means to know which type of card you got until the "Stage Complete" screen, but there are no cards you can get twice, so every card will be a new one.

    There are 22 cards to be collected. Playing on harder difficulties increases the chances of one to appear. Since there are no ways to tell if a certain stage will have a card to collect, and the fact you can literally finish dozens of stages without finding any, this will certainly be the final trophy for most of the players.

    Stage 6 - insane difficulty is known to be the best stage to collect cards. I, for example, could manage to get a card 1 out of 3-5 tries, and once I could get 5 cards in a row.

    There's a card that raises the chance of finding other cards, and after you collected it, things will get easier.

    Once you get the last one, finish the stage and the trophy will pop at the statistic screen.

  • Complete Stage 8 without using power-ups.

    This may be the hardest trophy in the game. You need to complete the entire Stage 8, including the boss, without using any Shield, Mega-Bomb or Laser.

    Enemies on this stage are a bit harder. There are more resilient planes, black helicopters and turrets that shoot fast and hard to dodge projectiles at you. However, the boss is what makes this stage so complicated. It comes in a 5-stage battle, which will test your reflexes and skill.

    It's strongly recommended to upgrade ship's energy, main weapon, wing weapon and missiles to the maximum. Then, while traversing the stage, worry only to maintain your health as full as possible (Regeneration card works wonders here).

    Despite being a pain to destroy, all the stages follow a specific pattern:

    1. First, it will attack with two single-shot turrets each side, with a laser cannon on its wings. A multi-shot turret will be vulnerable for a short period of time while activated, and the will be concealed. Destroy each of the four wing turrets, and then go for the main one, while taking care of the laser cannons, as they are invulnerable for now;
    2. Then, there are now two multi-shot turrets each wing, while the laser cannons are still active. The two turbines on the low part of the plane will release a powerful electric burst every time you approach them. First, destroy the turbines while the missiles take the turrets out of the way. Then, go to finish the job.
    3. This is the critical part. There will be two missile-armed turrets each wing, and one that shoots energy bullets in streams to every direction. The missiles, as well as the bullets, do a great amount of damage to the ship. And if you happen to be on the wrong place, they cannot be dodged. All of this while having to deal with the laser cannons. The secret is to stay on one of the sides, and take town the turret located on the far side of the wing. Then, carefully, take the other while dodging missiles/energy balls/laser shots. Missiles do a great job here, and they can even destroy one of the turrets while you can't reach it. Then, destroy the central turret.
    4. Now, only the laser cannons are left. Destroy them, taking care to not be hit.
    5. The final part of the battle is easy. There will be two omnidirectional turrets that shoots easy-to-dodge stream of bullets. Just destroy them both and the battle is over.

    After the battle, the credits will roll (you can skip), and the Stage Complete screen will appear. Then, the trophy will pop.

    If you're having a bad time trying to get past Mantis without power-ups, the regeneration card is of great help. It recovers any damage (and you will suffer some) and restores your energy to 100% quickly, thus enormously facilitating the process.

    Below there's a video I've done to show how to complete Stage 8 with no power-ups. Of course, on normal difficulty.

  • Destroy all enemy towers on Stage 5.

    Easier said than done. Stage 5 is unique as there are only enemy towers to destroy. However, soon after you enter the stage, a submarine will shoot a homing EMP blast towards you. Should it hit, it will disable all your attacking capabilities, and you will not be able to do anything but dodge the entire stage.

    To destroy all enemy towers, keep circling the blast, as it will take time to home to you again, and shoot the towers in the meantime. If you happen to unlock any power up, you can sometimes find them after destroying the towers. The trophy will pop at the Stage Complete screen, should you destroy every tower on the stage.

    Below there's a video I've made illustrating how to do it.


Secret trophies

  • Earn 100 medals.

    Medals are rewarded for doing certain objectives on stages. Each stage has four difficulty settings (the last one - Nightmare - is unlocked after completing Stage 8), and each one of them has 4 medals to earn. To access a new difficulty, you must earn all medals on a previous one. So, for example, to play on Stage 1 - Hard, you must earn all 4 medals on Normal.

    Each medal is tied to a specific task:

    1. Destroy 70% of the enemies on the stage;
    2. Destroy 100% of the enemies on the stage;
    3. Rescue all humans;
    4. Remain unharmed.

    They don't need to be earned all in a single run. You can get all the survivors, and then go for the kills/perfect run, and the survivor medal will still be unlocked.

    To earn 100 medals it's recommended to complete every stage on normal and hard, and then go for the insane and nightmare runs, trying to earn as many medals as you can. If a certain stage is too difficult, try to upgrade the ship or, at least, to get the 70% and all survivor medals.

    Notice that the game has 144 medals, which gives you plenty of room to fill.

  • Destroy the lighthouse without touching it.

    There's only one place you can unlock this trophy, and it's on the very first stage. After the second lighthouse, there will be a big green plane coming from the bottom left of the screen. Wait until you can be behind it, and destroy its turret, but DO NOT DESTROY THE PLANE YET! Wait for it to be near the next lighthouse (you'll notice it when the rock formations on the left start to become more bigger) and the destroy it. Instead of blow into pieces, it will crash on the lighthouse and the trophy will pop afterwards. You do not need to finish the stage to get it. Just do it and leave, if you wish.

    Below is a video I've made demonstrating the method to get it. Notice I died after that, but I assure you, the trophy popped.

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