Dead Ringer Trophy

  • Dead Ringer


    Cast the Tanuki's taunt on a General and kill him with the Tanuki's counterattack.

    You can unlock this on any level with a Tanuki's Shrine, in any game mode. The easiest method is to create a local game with you and add a host by pressing Chose the Beach of the forgotten map, with max time and 1000 rice. Note which color is your primary profile and with one of its units haunt the Tanuki's Shrine which is at the very center of the map, this will spawn a Tanuki's Monk on the following turn.

    Kill three of your host units and have the Tanuki's Monk eat their skulls, so he becomes a Demon Tanuki's Monk. On your host's turn bring the General to you and cast the Tanuki's taunt on that General and let him hit you, you will see that your Tanuki's take less damage from him than any units and counter attack him, keep letting hte host G hitting you until he dies and the trophy will pop, but remember that after each 2 turns you must cast again the taunt on the general.

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