Gum-Splattered Lock-Plucker Trophy

  • Gum-Splattered Lock-Plucker


    Complete the Land of Monsoon Meadows on Normal difficulty.

    This trophy is story-related and can't be missed.

    On Normal, the Land of Monsoon Meadows refers to levels 9 through 12. This trophy will unlock when you kill the enemy general on level 12, Forsaken Flights.

    Forsaken Flights features Oni. They will attack you or the enemy if either of you get close to them, with great power. Get the enemy into walking by the Oni, thus letting the Oni do your work for you. There are skulls scattered near the entrances of the Oni's caves. Leave them and the enemy will try to grab the skulls, upon which they will be attacked by the Oni. When the enemy numbers have dwindled, avoid the Oni as best as you can on your ascent and take out their General.

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