Call the Wardrobe Department Trophy in Skullgirls

  • Call the Wardrobe Department


    Make dozens of costume changes.

    How to unlock Call the Wardrobe Department

    For this trophy you must select different colour palettes for each character as well as finish the match in each palette. You must use roughly 60+ different colours for this trophy. At the start of the game players have 6 palettes already unlocked for each character however this will not be enough even if you use all 6 palettes on each character. There are 4 unlockable palettes for each character, the conditions to unlock them are as follows:

    • #7: Complete Story Mode with that character
    • #8: Complete Arcade Mode with that character
    • #9: Win a total of 25 matches with that character in Versus (offline/online)
    • #10: In the controller screen screen when going into a local versus match input the following buttons ( > > > > > ) this will unlock everyone's 10th colour.

    When selecting colours keep in mind you have shortcuts, by simply pressing one or a combination of the face buttons it will give you a certain colour. Below are the shortcuts for each palette:

    1. LP
    2. MP
    3. HP
    4. LK
    5. MK
    6. HK
    7. LP+MP+LK
    8. LK+MK+HK
    9. LP+LK
    10. LK+MP

    Alternatively you could also just press to view which colour you want to set. Keep in mind that, with the use of a second controller, any colours used on the 2P side will count towards your progress so playing a 3v3 match with different palettes is 6 palettes towards the trophy each match. This trophy will unlock at the start of the match with your final palettes used.

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  • A great way to unlock costume 9 is to go into Vs mode with the girl you want against anybody, and just fight and win, selecting "Play Again" at the Encore menu. Do this until you rack up 25 wins, and the costume will be unlocked even if nothing tells you that it has been.
  • I'm almost positive this code no longer works, however, more than the original 6 palettes come unlocked from the start. I can confirm that bonus costumes past #10 count for this trophy.

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