Breaking the Cycle Trophy in Skullgirls

  • Breaking the Cycle


    Retaliate against repetition.

    How to unlock Breaking the Cycle

    For this trophy you must activate the Infinite Prevention System mechanics of the game. How this is activated is when a repetition of the same move is being performed on an opponent, when the opponent becomes surrounded with a purple like smoke they can press any button and it will burst your character away from them.

    An easy way of activating the Infinite Prevention System is with the assistance of a second controller, use Doubles Blockbuster super Catellite Lives (+) with the opposing controller against yourself, make sure you are pushed in the corner. Spam with the other controller which will imitate Fila's standing LP as well as have the Ms. Fortune heads continuously jumping forward toward the opponent until finally you have the option to burst for your trophy.

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  • If the game detects that your opponent is doing an infinite combo, your character will flash. Hit any button to do a 'burst' that sends your opponent flying. Doing this in a match will net this trophy. Could probably grind this with someone online, provided they are capable of doing an infinite.

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