Instant Hair Dash Trophy in Skullgirls

  • Instant Hair Dash


    Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils.

    How to unlock Instant Hair Dash

    This is the character specific trophy for Filia. For this trophy you must Air Dash Cancel (ADC) roughly 60 times with Filia. To ADC you must launch the opponent into the air and then hit them with any of Filia's air normals (except for and ) and then double tap forward () which is a successful ADC. An easy way of doing this is to launch the opponent in the air with and then hit and from here ADC into another , if Filia is roughly still at the same height she was at during the first it means you successfully did the ADC.

    Another way of confirming you did an ADC with Filia is with her jumping . When Samson does two claps in the air, after the second clap you can quickly double tap forward () and if you see Filia glide across, you have successfully done the ADC.

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