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    There may be no I in “team,” but there is in “variety.”

    How to unlock An Ensemble Cast

    For this trophy you must use a certain amount of different assists as well as playing with different team amounts a certain amount of times. When selecting a character within a 2 or 3 person team, a player has 2 pre-set assists and then the custom assist slot. What will really net you the trophy is utilizing that custom assist selection where you can input any move as a custom assist. Not only to special moves work as assist but normal moves as well such as a regular input.

    Because the move list is absence within the actual game, you can view each characters from Shoryuken's Skullgirls Wiki. Click the picture of the character near the top and it will redirect to that character's information and below it will highlight each of their move-sets, as well as special properties some of their assist have.


    During each of your matches simply play them out regularly (do not hold and back out to the character select screen right away), once each match is over then go back to the character select and select your characters and new assist again and repeat this process until your trophy has unlocked. You may have to use at least each characters pre-set assist and then a certain amount of custom assists from a certain amount of other characters.

    While you are doing that you must also play using certain team counts multiple times and make sure you play each match from start to finish. Also remember that with a second controller it counts multiple times if you're doing a 3v3 match for example, because of the second controller you will get credit for it twice and this is also applies to the the custom assist for the trophy as well. A good note to keep in mind is whenever you see "Saving" the top right hand corner of the screen where the trophy pops, it means that progress is being saved towards something which is more than likely this trophy.

    Here is a summary of what you have to do for this trophy:


    • Play 10 matches using a team of 3 members and using a custom Ensemble assist for each of them.
    • Play 10 matches using a team of 2 members and using a custom Ensemble assist for each of them.
    • Play 10 matches using a character individually.

    When playing the matches of 3 and 2 member teams, remember to back out to character select during each match so you can pick new ensembles to count towards the total for that portion of the trophy.


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