• Estimated trophy difficulty: Personal Estimate: 8/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 43 (30, 8, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25+ hours (Greatly Dependent on Skill; Est. Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 14 Story Modes, Challenge Mode, Trial Mode, Survival Mode, Tutorial Mode, Marie 300% Mode, Numerous Versus Matches
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2 (see patch notes)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: Unknown until Vita version release
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
  • Extra equipment: A second controller is recommended for boosting in Versus via Sparring Mode



Skullgirls 2nd Encore developed by Lab Zero is the most complete version of Skullgirls to date, exclusively for the PS4/Vita. For those new to the Skullgirls series, it is a wacky fighting game designed with frame by frame hand-drawn animation. What separates this title from its previous versions is pretty significant. With 2nd Encore, there is an updated roster, new modes (challenges, combo trials), full voice acting for story mode, and more trophies, which also includes a lovely platinum trophy this time around. The PS3 version of the game is an easy 100% game when compared to 2nd Encore. Due to the variety of added modes tied to trophies, the difficulty has been tuned up quite a bit in this new complete version. Earning the platinum will definitely test your skill and patience.

Even though most of the trophy list is roughly the same when it comes to the character related trophies, there are a few changes and additions. For example, Valentine's character trophy Medical Board Will Be Notified from the previous game has been changed to an easier trophy called Fear of Needles. The stage selection trophy from the previous titles called World Warrior Princess has been renamed to A Gadabout Town with a new set of rules to unlock it. Read descriptions in the guide for more details.


Patch Notes:

If aiming for the platinum, do yourself the favor and patch the game. Updating the game to 1.02 fixed a few things, including two trophies that were previously glitched and unobtainable (Two Weeks and Challenge #7 for Conqueror). In the latest patch 1.03, the Beowulf trophy By the Scruff of Their Necks became easier to obtain as well. EU patch 1.02 fixes all of these things.

Basic Gameplay

Default Buttons:
Light Punch =
Light Kick =
Medium Punch =
Medium Kick =
Heavy Punch =
Heavy Kick =
Tag Assist 1 =
Tag Assist 2 =
Tagging in Partner 1: +
Tagging in Partner 2: +

Performing Blockbusters
A blockbuster is Skullgirls version of supers or ultras that you see in fighting games. Many of them will require you to press ↓?← or ↓?→ with a combination of two kick or two punch buttons pressed down. You can even transition a blockbuster, tag in your partner and have them immediately perform their blockbuster as well.

An ensemble is the game's term for its tag system that allows you to build a team of either 2 or 3 vs a team of 1 to 3 opponents. Depending on the ratio of the teams, it can put you at an advantage or disadvantage. For example, teams of 3 produce 100% Health and 100% Damage. Yet, if they face a team of 1, that single opponent will get 205% Health and 150% Damage output. The more team members you add, the less health you have but you'll be given more of a variety of characters to work with. During the selection screen, you're allowed to pick one of three assist moves. When you call on a partner to help you ( or ), you'll jump in and perform one of the moves from the selection list. The first two are default assist selections while the third option allows you to pick your own custom move for that assist character to use. If you wish to tag out to any of the ensemble cast and play as them, just press + or + .


There is no real set order in getting these trophies, so play how you wish. If you are familiar with the previous game, you may want to hit the newer modes or start playing story mode. New players will definitely want to go visit the tutorial section.

Tutorial Mode
If you've never played Skullgirls before or need a refresher, it might be best to become acquainted with the game mechanics. Starting off with the tutorial mode will teach you both the basic and advanced methods in being successful in the overall game. Completing the tutorial will unlock:


It's also possible to unlock Independent Study in this mode. Read more in the guide for further details.

Training mode is designed to help you practice and learn how to play as the character of your choice. Spending over 2 hours in training mode will unlock:

Lab Zero Monster

Take note that none of the character trophies can be unlocked from training mode. There is one trophy that is an exception. The trophy called Funded! is best to be earned in this mode and requires you to hit a 829 hit combo. Read more about this further down in the section of the guide to help unlock:


Story Mode
Story mode allows the player to get to know more of the back story and personalities of the main 14 characters. The Story mode doesn't take long to complete with each character. If you don't want a challenge, you can set the story to its easiest setting of "sleepwalk" and just enjoy the story.
The PS3 version of the game had only one trophy for beating all of story mode. The updated PS4/Vita version has a whopping 15 trophies total tied to story. Completing story mode will unlock:

Threads of Fate
A Normal Life
And It's All Thanks To You
Picking Up Where Marie Left Off
Training the Next Generation
Nadia Fortune and the Mystery of the Missing Fishfolk
Command Override
Deeper Into Enemy Lines
The Other Candidates Will Be Consumed
Until You Next Awaken
Not What It Used To Be -- But Neither Am I
Let Them All Bathe In My Glory
Kind of an Idiot, But Not a Bad Guy
Days of Future Cats
April Fact's Day

Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode is a new feature in Skullgirls and will give you a series of 25 challenges to complete. They vary from using specific characters, damaging opponents at a set combo number or placing restrictions on the player, such as not being able to jump during the match. One MAJOR note is to make sure that you patch the game. Challenge #7 is glitched and even if you're successful with it, the game will not give you credit for its completion. The latest patch fixes this issue. Completing challenge mode will unlock:


Trial Mode
Trial mode is another new feature that provides combo challenges for each character. Each character is given 4 trials to complete, meaning there are a total of 56 combo trials in the game. Completing these will unlock:


Survival Mode
You will find this mode in the single player section. Your goal is to win up to 10 matches. After each match, some of your health will be replenished. After your 10th victory, you will earn:

Survival Serenity

Marie 300%
This mode isn't new to Skullgirls, however this is the first time it is required to beat Marie 300% for a trophy. You are forced to play as Squigly and you must face a souped-up version of Marie. This is arguably the hardest mode in the game outside of the character trials. Completing this will unlock:

Two Weeks

Art Gallery
Playing various modes, such as arcade and story will unlock art and cut scenes in the gallery mode. Unlocking and viewing a number of these will eventually give you the trophy:

Museum of Unnatural History

Versus Mode/ Misc. Character Trophies
Every character in Skullgirls has a special trophy usually tied to doing special moves, blockbusters or combos a specific number of times. Some of these can be unlocked normally while playing the different modes. It is also possible to boost them as well. If you have a second controller, I advise using the Sparring Mode trick. When playing a local match with a second controller, pause the game and switch "On" Sparring Mode. This will give the player an unlimited super meter to perform blockbusters and enough time to perform trophy requirements for a particular character. It will make earning most of these trophies rather simple.
Trophies that can be earned here:

A Gadabout Town
Beau-coup de Grâce
A Victim No More

Character related trophies that can be performed here (use the Sparring Mode trick mentioned above if needed):

Instant Hair Dash
Real Circus Damage
The Kitchen Sink
Good Hunting, Commander
Getting A Head In the Game
My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You
Fear of Needles
Toil and Trouble
Prima Donna
SForeshadowing and Cymbalism
Me and My Shadows
The Beast Within
By the Scruff of Their Necks
Still "Alive"

[PST Would Like to Thank fancyfox for this Roadmap]

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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49 trophies ( 11  33  15  )

  • Legend tells of an ancient artifact that can grant a woman's wish...

    The platinum trophy! Unlike the PS3 version, the PS4/Vita version actually has a platinum.

  • Follow all threads of fate to their inevitable conclusions.

    This will unlock for completing all story paths of the 14 characters in the game. In each story mode, you are introduced to the character you selected and will face a series of enemies with cut scenes placed between matches. Usually at the end of the story mode you will face the current Skullgirl, Marie.

  • Graduation day has arrived at last! Mrs. Victoria’s so proud of you.

    This trophy unlocks for completing Chapters 1-4 of the tutorial. Here you will learn the basic to advanced gameplay mechanics of the game. Finishing the character tutorials in Chapter 5-7 are unnecessary for this trophy.

    Chapter 1: Beginner Tutorials

    1. Introduction to Movement
    2. Introduction to Defense
    3. Basic Attacks
    4. Advanced Movement
    5. Special and Blockbuster Attacks
    6. Team Dynamics

    Chapter 2: Intermediate Techniques

    1. Defending Against Mix-ups
    2. Punishing
    3. Hit Confirmation
    4. Mix-Up Offense
    5. Throwing

    Chapter 3: Combo System I

    1. Basic Chains
    2. Advanced Chains
    3. Canceling into Special Attacks
    4. Air Chains
    5. Defensive Techniques

    Chapter 4: Combo System II

    1. Advanced Techniques
    2. Canceling into Air-dashes
    3. Blockbuster Sequels
    4. Infinity Breakers
    5. Combo Stages
    6. Infinite Prevention System
    7. Drama Gauge

  • Before you can hope to master others, you must master yourself.

    There are a few ways to unlock this. Doing the character tutorials, trials and even training mode with characters will eventually unlock this trophy. Mine personally unlocked after completing a trial for a character. Just keep doing any of these and the trophy will eventually pop.

  • The prosecution rests, your honor.

    Combo trials are the newest addition to Skullgirls. Each character has 4 challenges to complete, meaning there are a total of 56 trials in the game. While this does not seem as tasking as some recent fighting games that may have over 200+ trials, this will still test your patience as you are required to complete all 56. Even though the 1st trial for each character is a pretty basic combo, trials #2-#4 for everyone are very difficult and may take some time to do if you aren't familiar with a particular character's move set.

  • No challenge is too great, no obstacle too high.


    Challenge Mode is another new feature added to the Skullgirls series. There are 25 total challenges to complete, each with its own rules on how to defeat an opponent. Once you successfully complete your 25th mission, go back to the main challenge menu and the trophy will pop.

    Patch Update: Challenge #7 requires you to win by surviving via timeout. This challenge was glitched and wouldn't be counted as completed, even if you were successful at winning the match. Updating the game to at least patch 1.02 fixed this issue.

    The Basic Breakdown of Challenge Mode
    The challenges aren't too difficult but some might be a problem due to some of the restrictions or disadvantages set by a particular mission. Here is how challenge mode is setup.

    Success Condition: How you are allowed to win the match. All are set via Knockout with Challenge #7 being an exception by winning via Timeout
    Time Limit: The amount of time provided during the match
    Player Character: Some challenges allow you to choose any character, while others force you to use a specific character or team lineup
    Opponents: The enemies you will face

    %: How much health you start the match with.
    Drains: Loses health the more the match goes on.
    Regenerates: Slowly regains health

    This refers to the super meter that allows you to perform your blockbuster. If you see a set number, this is how much super meter you start out with in the match. Infinite means you or the opponent can perform unlimited blockbusters.

    You and your opponent's drama gauge will always be set at 0%.

    These are restrictions applied during the set challenge.

    Blockbusters: Cannot perform blockbusters
    Jumping: Not allowed to jump
    Special Attacks: Not allowed to perform specials
    Normal Attacks: Not allowed to perform normals
    Ensemble Attacks: Not allowed to use ensembles
    Throws: No throws allowed

    This represents how the enemy can be damaged during the match.

    Blockbusters, Specials and Normal Attacks: Only these type of attacks will count as damage.
    Combos Over "X" Hits: A particular combo number must be reached before the opponent can receive damage.

  • Survival is no horror.

    This trophy is for winning 10 matches in survival mode found in the single player section of the game. Even though it sounds intimidating, it can be rather simple depending on which character you use. I personally found Robo-Fortune easy to get this trophy with. Just spam her Heavy Punch version of the Theonite Beam Attack (↓?→ + ). Enemies will barely attack you or will steadily block until you give them an opening. If they should get close, you should have enough super meter built up to use some version of Catastrophe Cannon (↓?→ + any two punch buttons) to push them away from you.

  • Words are fun - expand your vocabulary.

    Prolix requires you to get a variety of 60 different combo numbers. When you complete a combo, it usually has a word describing your feat. Each combo number will have its own word. For instance, a 4-hit combo will say "Adorable," while a 3-hit combo will simply say "Cute." You must have 60 different unique words to have appeared on the screen during the course of the game, no repeats.

    In the previous Skullgirls game, you most likely had to boost this one but Prolix should come naturally in 2nd Encore because of the newer characters added in, especially Robo-Fortune. If this doesn't unlock naturally, you can boost it the old fashioned method using a second controller in Sparring Mode or with an online friend. One of the best characters to do this with is Double. Thanks to her Lv.2 blockbuster Catellite Lives: ↓?→ + any two kick buttons (Ex. ↓?→ + ), you can spam an army of Ms. Fortune heads at your opponent and have them attack using . The attacks rely on your input and can range from 1 to 60-hit combos by adding in few kicks and punches.

    In tag mode, if you have at least two supers built up, you can perform a blockbuster then tag out to the next character in your ensemble and they will continue the combo with their own blockbuster. This can rack up very high combos, sometimes in the hundreds if you use a three member team. Good characters to use for this or just for getting high combos:

    Big Band's Strike Up the Band (Lv.3): ↓?← + any two punch buttons (60+ hits)
    Double's Catellite Lives (Lv.2): ↓?→ + any two kick buttons (60 hits)
    Parasoul's Inferno Brigade (Lv.3): ↓?← + any two punch buttons (60+ hits if you use Egret Call to continue into an additional blockbuster)
    Peacock's Argus Agony (Lv.1): ↓?→ + any two punch buttons (20+ hits)
    Robo-Fortune's Catastrophe Cannon (3 level variations): ↓?→ + any two punch buttons (Hold for higher blockbuster levels) (30 to 45 hits)

  • Get out of the Training Room and fight!

    Go to Training Mode and select a character of your choosing. Here you can extend your knowledge that go past the tutorials and you can dish out combos and learn your own techniques in this training section of the game. Spending your time in here for more than 2+ hours will unlock this trophy.

  • You get a Blockbuster! Everyone gets a Blockbuster!

    For this trophy, you must perform a blockbuster finisher on all 14 characters of the game. This means the last attack to K.O. the opponent must be a blockbuster attack.

  • Break the cycle of violence!

    This was originally called Breaking the Cycle in the original PS3 game. Skullgirls has an infinite prevention system that will look for patterns of looping combos and will give the player the opportunity to break them with a move called an infinity breaker. You may get this playing naturally but if not, try boosting this either online or via second controller in Sparring Mode.

    Get yourself pushed into a corner, then have your friend or second controller use Double's Lv.2 blockbuster Catellite Lives (↓?→ + any two kick buttons). As they spam the tiny Ms. Fortune heads at you, quickly spam the button with your character to eventually burst out of the combo. Breaking the combo will unlock the trophy.

  • Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils.

    For this Filia related trophy, you will have to perform 100 air-dash cancels. The original PS3 guide still is the best method. First do a standing Heavy Punch with then immediately jump up and press low kick (). While in the air you will do a dash by pressing forward twice. Right after dashing, you will press again to make another hit.
    Ex: > Jump > > → → >

    If you landed a 3-hit combo, then this will mean you were successful with the dash cancel. Doing this 100 times will unlock the trophy.

  • And now, for the main attraction… Grappling!

    Cerebella is the grappler fighter of the game. She will use her hat to grab an enemy then perform a move on them. Doing any grappling attacks over 100 times in matches will count towards unlocking this trophy. Here is a list of moves that count towards this:
    Diamond Drop: ↓?→ +
    Merry Go-Rilla: ↓?← +
    Excellebella: →↓? +
    Grab Bag (In Air): ↓?→ +
    Ultimate Showstopper: 360 motion on d-pad or analog stick +

  • Throw everything at them, including…

    In order to unlock the Kitchen Sink trophy, you must drop and connect all of Peacock's Shadow of Impending Doom attacks from charging Levels 1 to 3. A circular shadow will cover the opponent and in classic cartoon style you'll hear the sound of something about to drop from above.
    Shadow of Impending Doom: ↓?← + (close to the opponent)
    Shadow of Impending Doom: ↓?← + (far range)
    Shadow of Impending Doom: ↓?← + (follows the opponent)

    Again, there are 3 Levels to Shadow of Impending Doom. You can reach each level by holding down the specified punch button and waiting to see an exclamation mark in the shadow. Level 1 drops don't need the button to be held down while Levels 2 and 3 require you to charge the kick button. So if you want to use Level 2 drops, wait for the first exclamation mark and if you want Level 3, wait for the second exclamation to appear in the circular shadow.

    Here is a checklist of items to look for when doing these attacks:


    • Potted plant
    • Boot
    • Sand bag
    • Tea cup
    • Bowling ball
    • Fish
    • Bottle


    • Safe
    • Andy Anvil (anvil guy with gloves)
    • Tommy 10-Tons (weight guy)
    • TV with girl Ringu/The Ring parody
    • TV with a Japanese emoticon face
    • TV with Avery (bird)
    • Oil drum
    • Ball and chain
    • A giant Ms. Fortune head (saying "Take it Easy!" in Japanese)
    • Kitchen Sink (the rarest drop)


    • Steamroller w/ Avery driving
    • Grand piano
    • Refrigerator
    • Elephant
    • Easter Island Head
    • Tenrai Ha (spiked ball and chain)

    This is a cumulative trophy, so the game remembers which drops you've done, though I highly recommend doing this in Sparring Mode with a second controller. This will cut down on the time and frustration. The actual kitchen sink (Lv.2 attack) is the rarest drop, though one of Peacock's Lv.3 attacks you can spend hours trying to unlock to little success. This attack is called Tenrai Ha (spiked ball and chain).

    Believe it or not, you can activate this specific attack in mere seconds. Use Peacock's taunt "Hi Hi Birdy": > > > > ↑ . If successful, Peacock will lift her hat to reveal Avery underneath and both will tip their hats to the opponent. Immediately start Shadow of Impending Doom, let it reach Lv.3 and it'll always drop Tenrai Ha attack.

  • A good commander knows how to wield her forces effectively.

    Parasoul is one of the rare characters in the game that uses charge attacks. This means you must press and hold a specific directional button, wait a 2 to 3 seconds, then press the next direction button in combination with a corresponding attack button. She has three specific charge attacks that will summon an Egret Soldier to come aid her in the fight in some fashion. Using any of the Egret Soldier attacks 100 times will unlock the trophy. These attacks are:

    Egret Call: ← (Hold to charge) → +
    Egret Dive: ← (Hold to charge) → +
    Egret Charge: ← (Hold to charge) → +

  • Sometimes you just need to relax and take the weight off of your shoulders.

    This trophy requires you to detach Ms. Fortune's head by Cat Strike or Cat Spike and leaving it in a detached state for over an hour. You may get this through normal play if you're a regular Ms. Fortune player. If you wish to speed up the process, this can be done in versus mode and it's cumulative. Go into Sparring Mode, roll her head on the ground and eventually the trophy will pop after 1 hour has passed.
    Cat Strike: ↓?← + or or
    Cat Spike (In Air): ↓?← + or or

  • Sometimes you can take it, sometimes you just want to lash out.

    Painwheel and Eliza share very similar character trophies based on the concept of counter attacks. For this Painwheel trophy, you will want to dish out enough bonus damage by countering during her Lv.2 blockbuster called Hatred Install.
    Hatred Install: ↓?← + any two kick buttons (Ex: ↓?← + )

    During this mode, Painwheel will begin flashing. Whenever she is attacked, she can perform a counter attack right back and deal a considerable amount of bonus damage. I recommend using her counter as it's stronger. Hold down the button to buffer the move for a second and while she hit during that state, she will then unleash the return damage. The trophy will unlock once you have dished out a significant amount of bonus damage. You might want to do this in Sparring Mode, as building up to her Lv.2 blockbuster may take some time. Have your second controller attack you with as you counter with and eventually the trophy will pop within a few minutes.

  • Appropriate use of lab supplies is paramount.

    This is a brand new trophy for Valentine that was changed exclusively for 2nd Encore. This trophy requires you to hit the opponent with the Flew Shot 75 times. In order to do the Flew Shot, you must first load up any variation of the Vial Hazard:

    Vial Hazard Type A: ↓?← + (does damage over time)
    Vial Hazard Type B: ↓?← + (does increased hit stun)
    Vial Hazard Type C: ↓?← + (does an input lag)

    Next unleash a flying needle attack called the Flew Shot:
    ↓?→ + or or

    The opponent will then become inflicted with the medicine from each needle attack.

  • A sesquidecimvir of seven simulacra synergizing simultaneously.

    The description may sound really odd but what it is referring to is Double and her transformations as she moves and attacks. Double must do a combo that allows her to transform into seven different characters. With the newer characters added in, it's possible to a wider variety of moves to earn this trophy. However, one of the easier and older combos to perform is:
    > > > > > Jump > >
    The best method to executing this combo is making sure the opponent is trapped in the corner of the screen and then performing it. Unleashing all seven characters in one combo a total of 15 times will unlock the trophy.

  • Sopranos should always be center stage.

    This is a reference to Squigly's special move called Center Stage, which has her singing into a microphone. Center Stage itself doesn't do damage but instead, will shift the screen and place you closer to your opponent. This kind of move is very helpful against opponents that like to use the corner or keep their distance from you. Doing Center Stage (either version) 100 times will unlock this.
    Center Stage: ↓?→ +
    Center Stage Seria: ↓?→ + (Hold then release after Leviathan has charged his Dragon's Breath)

  • The crash of cymbals, the sound of failure... for your opponent.

    Big Band has a parry attack called Noise Cancel. When an opponent is about to attack, parry by pressing either forward for high and mid range attacks or down for low attacks. The window to parry is very small, but if successful, Big Band will parry the move by pulling out a cymbal to block the attack. Doing this 100 times will unlock the trophy.

    Noise Cancel (mid to high parry): → (just as you are attacked)
    Noise Cancel (low parry): ↓ (just as you are attacked)

  • Tag-team your opponent all alone.

    Fukua has a move called Forever A Clone that allows her to send out her soul to attack an opponent.

    Doing any variation of this move 15 times will unlock the trophy.
    Forever A Clone: ↓?← + or or

  • My, your skeleton is looking positively punishing today!

    This Eliza trophy here is very similar to the Painwheel character trophy. When you use Sekhmet's Turn (↓?← + or or ), Eliza's parasite will reveal itself and be in skeletal form.

    If Eliza/Sekhmet attacks an enemy just as they attack her, she will counter and do bonus damage. Doing a significant amount of bonus damage over time will eventually unlock the trophy. First, I highly recommend completing Eliza's story mode before doing this as it will more than likely cut down some of the time spent unlocking this. Secondly, heavy attacks do more damage. So if you wish to boost this in Sparring Mode, have the second controller character hit you with or attack and at the same time return the heavy attack damage right back to them. This should make things go much quicker for you.

  • Just give me five minutes of peace, you unruly Wulfamaniacs!

    For this trophy, Beowulf must grapple and hold his opponent using within the span of 5 minutes. He'll hold up the opponent by the back of their neck for less than 2 seconds, then will slam them down to the ground. These few seconds of holding the opponent will add up and you'll eventually reach 5 minutes of neck grappling.

    Note: Patching the game to 1.03 (1.02 in EU) makes this trophy extremely easier to obtain. It took me about 160 throws to unlock this post-patch. Pre-patch it felt like it took over 1,000+ throws. So make sure to patch this for your own benefit!

    Beowulf's grapple:


    This trophy for Robo-Fortune requires you to activate her LV.3 blockbuster called Systemic Circuit Breaker and then self-destruct on the opponent.
    Systemic Circuit Breaker: ↓?← + Any Two Punch Buttons (Ex. ↓?← + )

    Doing this 50 times will unlock the trophy. It will only count if the blockbuster attack hits the opponent.


  • See all the sights, one fight at a time.

    This is similar to the trophy on the original PS3 version of Skullgirls called World Warrior Princess, which required you to play on every stage with the stage selection set to random. A Gadabout Town is a much easier version of this trophy and requires you to play on every single stage, however, this time around you are allowed to select the stages for the trophy. There are 23 different stages. If you want to get this fast, selecting a stage, exiting the match and then changing the stage to a different one will also unlock the trophy once the conditions are met.

  • A gallery of strange and peculiar things awaits.

    As you play story mode and arcade, you will unlock different art pieces in the game. Go to the Art Gallery found in the Extras section of the game. Unlocking art and viewing the gallery pieces will eventually unlock this trophy.

  • A heartfelt thanks to everyone that believed in Skullgirls and made this happen.

    The "Funded" trophy is a reference to the $829k Skullgirls raised from fans during their Indiegogo campaign. To unlock the trophy, you must land a 829-hit combo. I highly recommend doing this in training mode because this allows you to turn off infinite combo escapes.

    I'm sure there may be other methods but I recommend using Ms. Fortune for this. First, make sure the escape infinite combos is set to "NEVER." Next, corner your training dummy and roll Ms. Fortune's head into the corner as well using ↓?← + or or . You will then kick the head and the opponent using → + . This creates a 2-hit combo. The trick is building a steady rhythm as you press . It's not as easy as it looks, as being off by a few milliseconds can throw off the entire combo. Try counting with the rhythm to yourself to help you. Lastly, because this a 2-hit combo, your combo will always be an even number. The combo must be EXACTLY 829 hits! Make your first or final overall hit a basic low punch ().

    My thanks to PSN user Flipnote_Turbo and PST's MyrequeArk for sharing this method.


Secret trophies

  • "Painwheel?" Must be foreign.

    Story related for completing Filia's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • Poor Ms. Fortune.

    Story related for completing Cerebella's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • Bloodying mafia fools? What a hoot!

    Story related for completing Peacock's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • One sister's safety dooms another.

    Story related for completing Parasoul's playthrough.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • They already took one family from her, and like hell she's going to let them do it again.

    Story related for completing Ms. Fortune's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • Does he really think he can control her...?

    Story related for completing Painwheel's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • Nothing more than a pawn.

    Story related for completing Valentine's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • As she denied her purpose, they denied her continued existence.

    Story related for completing Double's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • It would appear they've become quite inseparable.

    Story related for completing Squigly's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • This city and he, they've been through a lot.

    Story related for completing Big Band's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • It is time for a new kingdom, and a new age! This world so badly needs a wake-up call.

    Story related for completing Eliza's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • Hope you can rest in peace, big guy. Or this piece of you can, anyway.

    Story related for completing Beowulf's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • It is for your own good, BEEP BOOP MEOW.

    Story related for completing Robo-Fortune's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • The joke is that she's not a joke.

    Story related for completing Fukua's story.

    See Threads of Fate for more information.

  • Will Squigly decide on her choice and move towards the changing winds?


    Note: Make sure you have patch 1.02 or later installed. Beating Marie 300% before these patches will not unlock the Two Weeks trophy. Check to see be sure your game is updated!

    In the Extras menu is a mode called Marie 300%. To unlock this trophy, you must beat a super strong version of Marie with Squigly. This might be the hardest trophy of the game for some people, as one wrong move can cause Marie to punish the player with a multitude of flying skulls, she then humiliates you by repeatedly telling you to "know your place" and eventually she sends Squigly back to the grave with ease. Sometimes just the first 2 seconds of gameplay can screw over the entire match as all of her attacks are random. There are a few strategies.

    First, I highly recommend going into options in the main menu and make sure your timer isn't set to infinite. The easiest way in defeating this Skullgirl is via time out. Yes, it's super cheap but once you face her for the first time, you'll understand why winning this way is a godsend. The first method via time out is getting her health down enough but still leaving her in Phase One. When the match starts, use Squigly's Battle Opera attack ( + version), then use this combo: Jump > MK > MK > HK > Repeat. The combo will stun lock Marie and leave her open for the repeated attack combo. Marie usually breaks the stun at least once. If you pay attention to her hand gestures, she'll do one of the incoming attacks that you should remain cautious of:

    • A small cluster of skulls, as well as huge skulls that can come at the player either horizontally or diagonally.
    • A pit of skeletons that will grab Squigly and hold her down.
    • A skeleton that will block the path of the player. Attacking this will cause it to explode and hurt Squigly.

    Once you start to have her health down, look for a darkened area around 1/3 above your health bar. If Marie's health goes below this mark, she will go into Phase Two, so be careful! When her health is low enough, back away from Marie and dodge all her attacks until the timer runs out. You will more than likely take quite a bit of chip damage with this play style but it's possible. See the video below for this method.

    Credit to Bigtonney. Thx!

    A 2nd method to beating Marie will require you to get her down to Phase Two. Your goal is to constantly jump over her, leaving the Marie A.I. confused while avoiding the attacks.
    Look out for:

    • The smoke attack when Marie transforms to her 2nd Phase.
    • Shadow attacks that will come from the sides of the screen or from the top/bottom.
    • A skeleton guy with a machine gun. If you're too far away from Marie, she likes to use him as a ranged attack.
    • A skeleton character that will charge at the player either diagonally or horizontally.

    The final method...is...well....the correct method. Below is a video by Youtuber Kuribohchaos8 displaying how it's truly done. It's extremely hard and if you attempt it, my thoughts and prayers are with both you and your family.

    Thank you Kuribohchaos8!

DLC: Annie DLC

2 trophies

  • The adventure continues, with friends new and old, next time on "Annie of the Stars"!

  • A private screening AND a signed autograph? The fans will never forget this...

DLC: Umbrella DLC

2 trophies

DLC: Black Dahlia DLC

2 trophies

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