+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4.14/10
+ Offline: 23 (6 6 11)
+ Online: 2 (1 1)
+ Total: 26 (1 7 6 12)
+ Approximate Time: 5-10 Hours (Depends on your skill)
+ Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
+ Missable Trophies: None
+ Glitched: None
+ Cheats: None

Road Map

Step 1: Online

Find a boosting partner. Send your partner an invite to get Friendly.

In the 20 minute online game, constantly slam into your boosting partner to earn 300 stunt points per take-down, mixed with other stunts, to get over 20,000 points in the match, unlocking Online Acrobat.

Then your partner will send you an invite and take revenge take downs.

Step 2: Career

Play thru career mode, and don't buy new snowmobiles or upgrades unless you absolutely need to. When you have $50,000 on hand, you will get Stingy. Now you can spend it all!

Many tracks have trees; simply build up some speed and smash into a tree three time in one race for Woodcutter.

Keep re-doing races till you finish in first place to unlock tracks, snowmobiles, etc. Hoarder will unlock half way through career mode, and Pack Rat at the end. You can skip the final race...

There are two events you need to finish in under 2:30:00 (this means you can use 2:30:00 to do the stunts, so if you start you with 3:20:00, you need to finish by the time the clock gets to 0:50 remaining). Just find a jump with a fairly wide take-off and one that gives you enough air time to do a couple of tricks. Brake and turn. Repeat.

For most tracks: The best snowmobile is usually the Summit (due to it's acceleration and grip), despite what the game may suggest.

For North Star XC: The best snowmobile is "MX Z Renegade X 1200" fully upgraded. If you hold down and point in the right direction, you can power your way through nearly every turn with the advanced grip. It is just a matter of learning the distance to the turn where you need to start the shift.

Win a career race without ever crashing (such as into an opponent, fence, tree, etc) for Untouchable. Just use "MX Z Renegade X 1200" fully upgraded on an early track to get it easy.

Step 3: Local Co-op

You likely didn't take out four opponents in a race without crashing during career; so let's do that now. Start a local 2 player co-op, park the second Skidoo under a small hill and keep landing on him, until you've done it four times in a row for Rampage. You will also get Head Splat for landing on the 2P head, Bully for the first take-out and Berzerk after three take-outs.

Now start another local race, and have player 1 lead the whole race to get Roadrunner.

Now start another race on a stunt track, and from the guide: "Find a hill/jump that has a pretty good landing and take off area ie wide, and flat. Do a jump/stunt over one side slam on the the brake to flip around and do the same going the other way. When you get enough adrenaline to activate boost, do the same thing as before while holding the boost down." This will get you Adrenaline Junkie (30 continuous seconds) and Boostaholic (60 continuous seconds).

Then on the same track, hit a jump near a spectator stand and land in it for Crowdsurfing.

Step 4: Stunt clean-up

Chances are you got quite a few of these during the earlier steps, let's get the rest of them now using these game settings:

Map: Whitehorse XC

Snowmobile: MX Z Renegade 1200 is best with upgraded grips, or you can use an Adrenaline model.

Character: Jack Yapp or Ingrid are both good for these.

Competitors: 0

Once on the track, do some basic flips to building up your boost to prepare for the real stunts. When you get close to the end of the track, you will find the largest cliff in the game. You will be performing all your stunts here, and you can REVERSE to redo the mountian as often as you like. If you crash, you can just reverse as well back to the spot. Keep in mind you need to let go of the left stick at the right point so that you land safely in order to get most of these trophies.

Starting from the straightaway before the jump, hold to boost up the hill, hold down and as soon as you get to the peak of the cliff hit to jump, then:

- No need to do stunt, just stay airborne for a few moments to get Big Air (2 seconds) and Orbit (5 seconds).

- Quickly pull back on the and do a double flip for Backflip and Double Backflip.

- Quickly push forward on the and do a double flip for Frontflip and Double Frontflip.

- Do a a stunt combo using up and down to get Acrobat (two stunts) and Wire Fu (three stunts).

- The double flips should mean you held a a stunt long enough to get Hangtime (2 seconds) and Frozen (4 seconds).

Closing Notes

Thanks to chucknorris078 for the trophy guide

This road map was written by TigerLust and is only to be used on PS3T.org. If this content is seen anywhere else please contact me. Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun getting your .

[PS3T Would Like to Thank TigerLust for this Road Map] 

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 12  )

  • Collect all other trophies.

    Collect all other trophies.

  • Take down one opponent.

    See Rampage.

  • Take down three opponents in a row without crashing.

    See Rampage.

  • Take down four opponents in a row without crashing.

    Bully is easy to get on just about any track, but the others can be more difficult. Try Duluth SX and Duluth National; nice wide track, plenty of gentle curves and straightaways give you plenty of opportunity to wreak havok. If you are still having issues the intended way you can always play a 2 player offline game (need 2 controllers) and just park the other Skidoo under a small hill and keep landing on him, until you've done it four times in a row.

  • Perform a two stunt combo.

    See Wire Fu.

  • Perform a three stunt combo.

    Just about any character can pull off a two-stunt combo to earn Acrobat, but getting three is much tougher. Go for one of the riders with Excellent Agility and pick a stunt track like Snow Show or Air Masters, or try the big jumps on Whitehorse XC and Pit Challenge. Remember after you release for the jump, hold L1 or R1 and tap (don't hold) the direction for the desired stunt, I recommend L1 and UP or Down as they are quick stunts that have very little recover time.

  • Stay in adrenaline mode for 30 seconds.

    See Boostaholic.

  • Stay in adrenaline mode for 60 seconds.

    By far the easiest way to do both of these is to do a two player offline match on any of the stunt tracks. Find a hill/jump that has a pretty good landing and take off area ie wide, and flat. Do a jump/stunt over one side slam on the the brake to flip around and do the same going the other way. When you get enough adrenaline to activate boost, do the samething as before while holding the boost down.

  • Unlock half of all unlockables in career mode.

    This will obviously unlock half way through career mode. Unlockables are courses, driver outfits, sleds and the unlockable videos.

  • Unlock all unlockables in career mode.

    This trophy will unlock when the final track becomes available. The best part is you don't have to race the final track.

  • Collect $50000 in career mode without spending them.

    Not to hard, you get about 4k a race so do the math and that's how many races you have to do before you can spend your hard earned cash. You shouldn't have to upgrade at all in the game, as the Skidoo's are pretty well tuned. But if you are getting your butt handed to you the extra points may help you to the victory.

  • Hold a stunt for 2 seconds.

    See Frozen.

  • Hold a stunt for 4 seconds.

    You can get this off of almost any decent sized jump, make sure you pick a stunt that's easy to land and has a good recovery time. If all else fails go to Whitehorse XC as it has the largest jump in the game. To hold a stunt you have to hold L1 or R1 and then a direction with the LS. Hold as long as you want, just be sure to let go before your to close to the ground.

  • Stay airborne for 3 seconds.

    See Orbit.

  • Stay airborne for 5 seconds.

    It takes the right character, the right sled and the right hill. Go for someone with Excellent Ferocity for max speed when you boost, the fastest sled you've got, and a really, really big hill. By far the easiest track to attain this in, is Whitehorse XC as it has the largest jump in the game. Other than that, you'll have to time your jump just right to really launch yourself from the very lip of the ramp. Remember to hold the jump button for a second before you launch, then let go at the right moment. Also remember you don't need to do a stunt for this one, just be in the air for a full five seconds.

  • Win a career race with your sled intact.

    The description says you have to win with your sled “intact”. That just means, “uncrashed”. As you fly around the track, you'll undoubtedly lose a piece of you sled here and there; a side panel from landing too hard, or your windshield from rear-ending someone in a tight turn. That's fine, you won't get marked off for that. But any full-on crashing, either into an opponent or a fence and you won't be able to unlock this one.

  • Perform a backflip.

    See Double Backflip.

  • Perform a double backflip.

    See Double Frontflip.

  • Perform a frontflip.

    See Double Frontflip.

  • Perform a double frontflip.

    Most of the advice about the Orbit trophy applies here, except you should have someone who also has Excellent Strength so you can flip the sled faster. Also, for backflips and double backflips, the sled has a tendency to rotate a bit to the side if you don't hold the stick perfectly straight back. It helps if you first press the stunt button and then pull back on the stick once you're in the air instead of simultaneously or pulling back and then pressing the button once you've begun to flip.

  • Land on top of another player in an offline match.

    Start a 2-player offline match, make sure you turn off the AI opponents (hit select) pick any race and move him to the underside of a jump and just roll off on to the top of him.

  • Collide with 3 trees in a race.

    Just be sure you've got a lot of speed built up when you hit the trees; if you don't and your sled just tips up and slams your rider into the tree, yes you'll crash, but it won't count towards unlocking Woodcutter.

  • Collide with the spectators.

    This one you actually have to try to do as I never did it unintentionally. Basically hit a jump near a spectator stand and land in it.

  • Achieve 20,000 stunt points in a single online match.

    You can do this one of two ways, play an online map with complete strangers and hopefully they don't screw you on your quest to 20,000 stunt points, using pretty much everything the rest of the guide has told you. Alternatively, have a friend who doesn't mind getting slammed for 20 minutes join you. You get 300 points for every take down and they are considered stunt points. When you hit 20,000 stunt points do a stunt and the trophy will unlock. Way easier than trying to do it the way the developers intended.

  • Invite someone to a race.

    Easiest Trophy in the game, send an invite to anyone. They don't even have to be online, heck they don't have to join. The trophy pops right after the invitation is sent.

  • Lead a race from start to finish.

    You have to lead the entire race, sounds hard but it's not. If you can't do this on career mode, then play 2 player offline (hit select and turn off the computer players) and just beat him.

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