Super Singer Gold Trophy

  • Super Singer Gold


    Score over 7500 on 5 different songs on any difficulty

    These score trophies can be earned on any difficulty, which makes earning them considerably easy. You’ll have to record the respective trophy score on different tracks, so you can’t repeat one song for these trophies. It is recommended to play on easy difficulty as the note bars are bigger so you’ll have the best chance of filling in the song bars. Respectively you only have to earn up to 7500 points on each song out of 9999. This means you are given plenty of wiggle room for mistakes so it doesn’t have to be a near-perfect SingStar rating like in all the other SingStar games.

    The best tip to earn the highest scores is to try all the songs and see which ones you perform the best in to improve. Always try to fill in the “cool” bars that sparkle for bonus points. Unfortunately a microphone to the TV or fan will not give you a high enough score with these songs.

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