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    How to unlock Plurima Mortis Imago

    This trophy is the reason why the PS3 version is substantially harder than the Vita one. If you were wondering how the Street Fighter IV challenges would look like on a shmup, then you will find your answer here. Clearing all 15 challenges will require great execution, memorization, precision, fast reflexes and also luck. Even though clearing them isn’t harder than the primary-only run in Arcade (because most challenges are thankfully very short), expect to spend 5-15 hours on this mode, depending on your skill and even if it’s not your 1st time playing the game.

    As general reminders, you should know that the first challenge is available from the beginning of the game and a new challenge unlocks upon clearing the previous one, which means they must be done in the order they appear; this mode is unfortunately set on Insane difficulty so you will have to dodge suicide bullets in some of the challenges. You control the Merenstein at lv.1 firepower in all of them (your primary fire will actually be disabled in some challenges) and capsules and subweapons are disabled except for 3 challenges (the meaning of this is that you can’t customize your set-up at all before starting a challenge). Each challenge will take a varying number of attempts, usually ranging from 30 to over 250 (from my experience). The trophy will pop upon clearing the 15th challenge.

    I will be listing tips and thoughts for each challenge now but, before that, remember to check this YouTube playlist to see how I clear each Challenge.

    • Challenge 1: the game starts off by throwing a pretty demanding challenge right into your face: destroying a red mine or simply touching a red or yellow mine will result in your death. Your objective is to shoot yellow mines only to gain more seconds and avoid running out of time until the red gauge at the bottom of the screen is empty. I recommend not shooting from far away especially when a yellow mine is surrounded by red mines. Also, even though the top part of the screen is safer, just standing there and waiting for yellow mines to come at you won’t get you this challenge completed, so make sure you dip down whenever possible to destroy yellow mines. You have to play risky and you also need plenty of luck for a favorable mine spawning.
    • Challenge 2: easier than the previous challenge but still quite hard. The video shows you the optimal path to take, which unfortunately depends on where the materials decide to go. The ideal path is the bottom one at the beginning fork and the bottom one at the second fork but if you get the top path at the first fork it’s still doable. The top path at the second fork is the hardest one and will likely kill you. I recommend using rather than and replicate what I do in the video. Remember that crashing into walls won’t get you killed so make sure to pay attention to the bouncing mines only as their patterns are always the same and suchi s the timing for dodging them. At the bottom path after the second fork, hold to the left and release it to automatically move to the right when you are ready to bypass a mine. Near the end, when going upwards, stay to the right very close to the wall.
    • Challenge 3: this one isn’t too annoying. I suggest replicating the same route as in the video and keep in mind that when a mine activates and glows red it won’t damage you right away if you touch it, so use this opportunity to go through them safely.
    • Challenge 4: this one is hard and very tiring. Pick up all time orbs and always mash as fast as you can, otherwise this would be impossible to clear. Ignore the turrets and just focus on the ball taking every possible opportunity to damage it. You will likely need multiple tries until you learn how to dodge properly while also being as fast as possible in damaging the ball.
    • Challenge 5: this is rather difficult until you learn how to dodge. You have to destroy 40 tanks without getting hit and without destroying the spinner gun and the missile launchers. Stay to the right as much as possible and make sure you are not directly facing the spinner gun. Holding is enough, no need to mash. Dodge with small and precise movements and, if there are too many bullets you wouldn’t be able to squeeze through, I suggest moving up and to the left so that you have more breathing room and you won’t get hit by the missiles. After dodging, resume your position to the right and keep destroying tanks/dodging until the red gauge at the bottom of the screen is empty.
    • Challenge 6: you have 2 choices here: either practice it for hours until you memorize the ship patterns or you can rely on reflexes and squeezing. I personally prefer the latter as you can see in the video. For the most part, I suggest following what I do and maybe change a few movements if you don’t feel too confident about squeezing through ships, bullets and mines. This was one of the easier challenges for me.
    • Challenge 7: Second hardest challenge. This one took me about 150 tries. You basically have to dodge 2 waves of B630214’s missiles, bullets from smaller ships and also avoid contact damage with said ships. The hardest part of this challenge is the former half, as you need to group up the missiles to make the latter half easier. The best strategy I could come up with is to move in a counter-clockwise fashion while not overly close to the edges (as shown in the video) to avoid getting hit by a missile spawning close to you. If you get a lucky enemy pattern and the missiles group up soon, the challenge will get easier as time passes, however be ready to retry countless times as this one is all about reflexes.
    • Challenge 8: this was the hardest challenge for me and it took about 250 tries. The first thing to keep in mind is that you will absolutely need for this challenge because doesn’t give you enough speed for the final part and you would die every single time. Also be aware that you need to pick up all capsule refills to clear it, ramming into walls is an instant kill and getting hit by the turret’s bullets or suicide bullets takes away 10 seconds. I suggest destroying only a few turrets at the beginning (as I do in the video, although you could destroy even less) and leave any dangerously placed turret alive to avoid getting hit by the suicide bullets (later on you should just destroy the turrets in vertical corridors as the suicide bullets definitely won’t hit you there). If you get hit more than once, crash into a wall and restart the challenge. Try not to abuse the capsule because it drains pretty quickly and there aren’t that many refills for the final part.
    • Challenge 9: this one was hard and annoying. The trick here is to get close to the enemy so that their hitbox is fully inside the Reflection radius: doing this will damage them heavily or kill them off when they shoot. Be careful though, as you can still die to contact damage, even if for some reason this isn’t true for all types of enemies. I recommend to memorize the enemy spawns and replicate the same things I do. It’s difficult but doable, especially after the previous 2 challenges.
    • Challenge 10: this one isn’t too bad. Make sure you shoot only when you are lined up with a closed engine. When it opens up, move to a different engine. The idea here is to line up to an engine that has just closed up as that will give you plenty of time to destroy depth charges before it opens up. You die if you get hit by a depth charge or if you destroy an engine, so take your time and play conservatively.
    • Challenge 11: this challenge can be cheesed with a simple method: place your ship to the bottom-right close to the cannon (be careful not to touch it or else you will instantly die) and only move away when the leftmost light appears to dodge that bullet pattern. If the middle and rightmost lights appear, you can sit there without any fear of getting hit. The challenge gets chaotic near the end and you will need a bit of luck as the cannon will be firing at an insane speed and, if you happen to get the leftmost and the middle lights at the wrong time, you are basically done for.
    • Challenge 12: I suggest playing this challenge while close to the screen, as the torpedoes are pretty hard to see from far away and everything kills you instantly. You have to destroy as many enemies as possible because the timer is not generous. It will likely look impossible on your first attempts given the outrageous amount of enemies, bullets and torpedoes but thankfully the enemy spawns are always the same and the challenge is short, therefore you shouldn’t struggle too much after memorizing everything and if you get a little lucky when squeezing through the torpedoes.
    • Challenge 13: possibly the easiest challenge to clear. You should keep your eyes on the ship for the whole time to dodge the bullets. Remember that everything kills you in 1 hit and that the drones won’t be able to kill every enemy, so make sure you are careful when enemies approach the left side of the screen as they will suddenly shoot when close to you and when you least expect it.
    • Challenge 14: this was hard and I lucked it out on my successful attempt. The strategy here is to detonate the wasps as soon as possible to give you more breathing room and to avoid that they group up and detonate all at once. Be also careful about contact damage into walls as everything kills you in 1 hit. You have a bit of Speed Up capsule to use as things will get chaotic about halfway through. For the most part I suggest replicating what I do in the video, although I’m sure there are safer strategies which I was unable to find.
    • Challenge 15: the last challenge is the longest one and quite frustrating, even if it’s not the hardest one. Everything kills you in 1 hit and every enemy (including boss pieces) dies in 1 hit, each enemy you kill will explode into suicide bullets and 3 Killer Pianos, there are no time re-establishments and you have no Continues. The first part of the level before Kolobok is actually the easiest one and you should focus on destroying as many enemies as possible here, otherwise the timer will inevitably run out later. The Pianos here go off-screen and don’t bounce around. Kolobok should be very easy if you follow what I do in the video. After getting rid of his first phase, there will be a short section with flying ships and tanks: your main concern here is that the Pianos will bounce back up when they reach the bottom of the screen, so make sure you stay to the left and not overly close to the bottom. Kolobok’s second phase should be a breeze. After a few easy waves of flying ships, you will enter the worm tunnel, where you will likely die most of your times. If you have killed many enemies before reaching this part, you should be able to skip a few worms, which is beneficial since dodging the Killer Pianos is incredibly hard, not to mention that while dodging them you may end up crashing into a wall and instantly die. A strategy you could use would be to maneuver the camera so that the Pianos go off-screen and disappear but it’s a hard method to pull off, as it implies going really close to the ceiling or to the ground. I suggest dodging everything “normally” even though it’s no easy feat. Lastly is Matouschka: very easy to destroy if you are quick.

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