Repetitio Est Mater Memoriae Trophy in Sine Mora

  • Repetitio Est Mater Memoriae


    Promoted to First Lieutenant

    How to unlock Repetitio Est Mater Memoriae

    This trophy will pop after fulfilling the following requirements:

    Promoted to Lieutenant: Fulfill the requirements for Salva Veritate .

    Complete the story with alternative narration: In order to unlock the Alternative Narration, you need the complete every level of story mode on Challenging. You can complete them in any order and in multiple sittings. After unlocking it, start a new run (preferably on Normal) with it and clear the Story again to get this done.

    Absorb 200 score tokens: Score tokens are those very small bronze, silver or gold coins with a numerical value on them that are dropped by killing enemies. Chances are you have already earned this requirement by the time you are working on this trophy.

    Empty 100 full capsules: I highly recommend to get this requirement done with the Speed Up and Roll Back capsules in Arcade's first level, because 2 of the later requirements task you with using these 2 capsules for 20 and 30 minutes respectively. Load up Arcade mode with 1 of these 2 capsules, empty it completely right away and restart via the pause menu. Repeat the process until you are done.

    Finish a stage unharmed: Activating a Shield, counts against you. Complete level 1 in Arcade on Hard with Reflection and any bullet-negating subweapon.

    Fully upgrade your primary weapon: I suggest going into Boss Training with lv.10 firepower, getting hit and recollecting all red orbs right away. This will net you this requirement and also a later one.

    Playing time is over 5 hours: Keep playing the game if you haven't already earned this. Time spent in menus does not count.

    Complete the same stage with all airplane types: You should have already completed the first level on Arcade with the Liberator. Complete it with Soprano and Merenstein (select Hard difficulty and Reflection capsule) to get this done. Make sure to manage your capsule and subweapon wisely with Soprano, as this ship might give you a bit of a hard time.

    Spend 100 seconds on the highest rank: You should have already earned this. If not, play Arcade's first level on Hard and stay at A rank until you get this done. The 100 seconds are cumulative and can be gotten in multiple attempts.

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