Salva Veritate Trophy in Sine Mora

  • Salva Veritate


    Promoted to Lieutenant

    How to unlock Salva Veritate

    This trophy will pop after fulfilling the following requirements:

    Promoted to Master Sergeant: Fulfill the requirements for Tempus Neminem Manet .

    Destroy Siriad: Siriad is the last boss of the game. You will get this done upon clearing your first playthrough in Story mode. The boss isn't hard in Story mode (especially on Normal) and you can make use of your capsule and subweapons for an easier time.

    Continue 100 times:: Although this requirement can be ground out, I suggest to keep playing the game and move on with higher promotions' requirements as you will likely Continue more than 100 times before you have completed everything else.

    If you want this done right away, load up Arcade on Hard and crash into the 1st enemies and bullets to quickly suicide. After using the last Continue, restart the level via the pause menu and repeat the process until you are done.

    Survive for 200 seconds without getting hit: Level 1 in Story mode on Normal difficulty is your best bet for this one. I actually prefer Arcade mode because you can use the Reflection capsule without voiding the requirement (whereas you are forced to use the Speed Up capsule in Story mode). Remember that if you get hit and you have a Shield on you then it will count against you.

    Finish any stage with an S rating: See the Lex Talionis trophy if you need to know how your rating is determined. You will likely get at least one S rating when you get used to the game and when you are working on the later requirements, however an easy way to get it would be to go into Boss Training on Normal, choose Matouschka, the GE-22 Liberator with lv.7 firepower, a Reflection capsule and any subweapon you want (I highly recommend not to use any subweapon during the fight though). Rely on the primary weapon only and use the capsule if you are about to get hit. It is a wise idea to reach the last phase unscathed and destroy all of the turrets except one and keep shooting away from it to spend as much time as possible in A rank. When you are about to run out of time, destroy it and you should get your S rating with minimal effort.

    Cut down every leg of Kolobok: Kolobok is the first boss of level 1 and this requirement can only be fulfilled in the second phase of the fight, when it shoots with its legs. The easiest way to do this is to reach it in Arcade on Hard mode (this requirement cannot be fulfilled in Story mode and Boss Training) with at least 1 Punk Spirit left (2 would be better). As soon as the second phase starts, get among its many legs and use the subweapon. It should heavily damage all of its legs and you can easily dispatch of any legs left with your primary weapon.

    Destroy 10 enemies with their own bullets: You have to play on Arcade or Score Attack and have the Reflection capsule equipped. Use the capsule to reflect the enemies' bullets right into their face and make sure you don’t shoot at all while working on this. Bigger enemies are obviously easier to hit with reflected bullets.

    Finish any stage on the highest rank: Select Arcade mode on Hard, with the GE-22 Liberator, a Reflection capsule and any subweapon you want. You need to end the first level while the rank gauge on the top-left is on A. Keep shooting the whole time, try not to get hit too much, use Reflection when needed without abusing it and this should be easy enough to accomplish.

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