Sine Mora Trophy in Sine Mora

  • Sine Mora


    Destroy everything in the Prologue and remain unharmed

    How to unlock Sine Mora

    You have to choose the advanced pilot route when prompted to accomplish this trophy. This trophy also counts the part before this choice, so just make sure you kill the few ships that come your way and, when you have to face the 2 big ships, use at least 1 subweapon to destroy both in time. After choosing the Advanced pilot route, you will find yourself in a hard-to-navigate trench with narrow vertical and horizontal corridors full of turrets shooting at you. For this trophy, you need to destroy all turrets while dodging their bullets and avoid any contact damage from touching the walls. Note that you can die and continue with no penalties (you will be placed back at the beginning of the trench). In fact, you should suicide on purpose if you get hit to save yourself some time. The screen scrolls forward pretty quickly and you need to balance your Speed Up capsule usage throughout the trench to avoid hitting walls. The turrets are usually in plain sight except for some found in crevices. The trophy will pop after clearing the prologue if you have destroyed everything and have not been damaged.

    Refer to the following video if you are having trouble:

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  • Translated from latin: Sine Mora - Without Delay
  • Wont unlock
  • Tested. if you get hit or bump the wall you can die and continue to start over from the path selection screen and the trophie will still pop
  • Agreed. this did not unlock. played it through a few times to make sure. Any ideas?

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