Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter Trophy in Sine Mora

  • Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter


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    How to unlock Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter

    This trophy will pop after fulfilling the following requirements:

    Promoted to Colonel: Fulfill the requirements for Suaviter In Modo .

    Collect 50 score tokens with 100000 value: You have to collect 50 gold tokens cumulatively while playing. You start off with bronze tokens and as you keep picking them up without missing any the enemies will start dropping silver tokens and eventually gold tokens only. By the time you reach this point, you are either very close to fulfilling this requirement or you have already fulfilled it. I simply recommend you earn this naturally while playing Arcade mode.

    Destroy a boss with its own bullets: Choose Matouschka on Normal in Boss Training with a maxed out Reflection capsule. Play normally until the last phase and leave 1 turret alive. Get its health down enough and then reflect the bullets back to it. The killing bullet must be a reflected one.

    Destroy 1500 enemies with your subweapons: I highly recommend getting this naturally as you clear Arcade with each pilot, otherwise your best bet would be Boss Training against Matouschka, since each piece of the boss counts as a single enemy. Use Pytel's subweapon on the first sets of turrets and restart the fight when you run out of subweapons.

    Play with every single Chronome: I've explained this before but to sum it up start Arcade by choosing any Chronome you are missing and, as soon as the first level starts, quit to the main menu and repeat the process.

    Complete Arcade with 4 different pilots: I recommend Ytoo and Durak for your next 2 runs.

    Reach the canyon without using a continue: Play Arcade on Hard and reach Libelle (level 4 1st boss) without ever dying. Defeat this boss without dying as well to earn this requirement. GE-22 Liberator, Muller and Reflection should make this relatively easy and the only things you should probably worry about are instant-kill hazards in level 3 and Libelle itself, since it’s a challenging boss. If you need visual reference, check the primary-only run under Dies Irae .

    Destroy every boss using only your primary weapon: This can also be done on Score Attack but I suggest doing it in Arcade on Hard while going for the primary-only run. Kill all of the bosses without using subweapons and capsules. You can use Extends and Shields. If you need a visual reference and more tips, then check the primary-only run under Dies Irae .

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