Lex Talionis Trophy in Sine Mora

  • Lex Talionis


    Promoted to Sergeant

    How to unlock Lex Talionis

    This trophy will pop after fulfilling the following requirements:

    Promoted to Airman: Fulfill the requirements for Nascentes Morimur .

    Crash into 15 enemies: Let your ship touch enemies 15 times. Crashing into the same enemy more than once still counts.

    Complete a stage without using a continue: This is very simple to get in Story mode's first level on Normal mode. All levels are incredibly forgiving on Normal and you can use Speed Up, Shields and subweapons when in trouble.

    Finish any stage with an A rating: The most important factor to get an A rating is to stay as much time as possible in A rank throughout the level (this factor does not exist in Story mode). Your in-level rank is tracked at the top-left of the screen and increases gradually as you shoot bullets (even if you’re not hitting any enemies). It starts at C and ends at A: if you can stay at A rank for the majority of the level you will get a huge score boost at the end of the level, which will in most cases decide your rating. Your rank decreases when you are damaged, use a Capsule or a subweapon; however, feel free to use these 2 when in danger, because the rank gauge does not decrease that much per subweapon use and if you don’t abuse capsule usage.

    Other important factors to get an A rank are the hit ratio (enemies in the level divided by enemies killed; you should try your best to get at least a 90% ratio) and penalties (how many times you get hit; this factor doesn't seem to be that important in some levels, because the score boost you get if you get hit very few times isn't always that great compared to the overall score, but definitely make an effort not to get hit by dodging and using Shields, Reflection and bullet-negating subweapons). Also, if you are not in Score Attack, remember that the number of Continues used is another factor and you should do your best not to die at all. The last and perhaps the least important factor is the score gotten by killing enemies and picking up score tokens (tracked at the top-left above the rank gauge).

    Getting this requirement done shouldn't be an issue in Story mode's first level on Normal.

    Finish any stage with a hit ratio over 75%: To get a 75% hit ratio, simply kill at least 75% of the enemies in the level. You will get this without even thinking about it.

    Destroy 100 stationary units: Kill 100 enemies that are unable to move, such as turrets and tanks. Once again, you will get this soon without even thinking about it.

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