Nascentes Morimur Trophy in Sine Mora

  • Nascentes Morimur


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    How to unlock Nascentes Morimur

    This trophy will pop after fulfilling the following requirements:

    Complete a stage: You will get this done after completing the 1st level in Story mode.

    Empty 3 Full Capsules: For this requirement, you need to empty the Capsule gauge 3 times regardless of the types of capsule you use. Just keep in mind that the capsule gauge needs to be completely full before being emptied to count towards this requirement. Also, you don’t need to empty it completely at once: you can empty it little by little with multiple uses providing the gauge was full to begin with. You can get this in any mode.

    Destroy 200 enemy units: You will get this during your first run in Story mode. Boss pieces count as a single enemy as well.

    Deploy 5 sub-weapons: For this requirement, use any subweapon 5 times by pressing . Note that the subweapon does not have to necessarily hit enemies for it to count.

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