Good Behavior Trophy in Silent Hill: Downpour

  • Good Behavior


    Completed the game on any difficulty without killing any monsters.

    How to unlock Good Behavior

    **Missable Trophy**

    Just as it says, you must complete the game without KILLING any monsters. You can incapacitate them, but make sure that they don't die during combat (make sure they don't disintegrate after they fall to the ground, if so, reload an old save to restart). This is actually easier than it sounds as you can just run by everything and avoid fighting completely (although "The Bank" sidequest that does require killing, so avoid doing it during this run). If you are ever worried that you might have killed something by accident or not, always check your statistics screen under the pause menu (it's almost at the bottom) to make sure it's still 0. "Bosses" do NOT count towards kills. After you complete the game with no monster deaths, the trophy will pop!

    Note: Near the very end of the game you will ride an elevator and it will make stops at different floors where you have to defeat some enemies in order for it to resume. Make sure you just incapacitate them and not kill them (although I'm not 100% positive you even can). After they are all down, the elevator will resume and they will disintegrate, but as long as they were just incapacitated, they will not count against your total.

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  • well now. this just doesn't even sound entertaining.
  • @1 this is why SH has always been "survival horror". fight or flight....flight wins!
  • This one could be damned near impossible!
  • This should be gold.
  • This is gonna be interesting.
  • Yup in Silent Hill games they have you act like what most people should act when seeing monsters and demons, run the hell away.
  • @6 your damn right about that :)
  • Considering there are trophies for incapacitating and running away from monsters, I'm guessing it won't be as "impossible" as some people think. I'm sure it will be a challenge, but it will most likely be doable.
  • So wait, does this mean all monsters? Including the bosses? What if there's a sidequest that requires you to kill the monster?
  • @11 If that is the case, multiple playthroughs of the game.. or create backup saves. I might regret saying it later, but im looking forward to the challenge.
  • my bad, i meant @9.. im now the infamous @11 and am not trying to talk to myself.
  • I'm really looking forward to playing this game. I told my cousin about the last one that came out, he picked up a copy and said it was absolutely horrible, which is weird because we have pretty much the same taste in games. Lol, whatevs. This will be a good one.
  • I think anyone who is true survival horror fan, games such the original Resident Evil and the first 2 Silent Hill games, we should be in for a treat with this one!! I just hope when I get it tomorrow it is as good as it's made out to be because I really want to play a real survival horror experience not the last SH with those awful combat controls and crap storyline (IMO) and from what I've read and seen the developers were going for an old school feel to the game so sounds good to me.
  • does this mean that you can still incapacitate an enemy without being concidered as killing? if so then I don't think this trophy is too difficult to get, I got the game yesterday & played it for like 3 hours, I've gotta say it gives you a feeling of SH2 & it's certainly miles better than the last one. now I can't wait to get my hands on the HD collection(I'm still hoping that Konami will concider making a remake for the original SH one day)
  • had an idea with this one. the 5th ending, "Suprise", allows (i think; i'm about to test it here in a bit) you to finish the game just past the Centennial Building, maybe halfway through the game. if i'm right, it also allows you to completely bypass the pain-in-the-ass Overlook Penitentiary section of the game, at which you would probably have a much harder and more stressful time with this trophy. Completing the side quest "Digging Up the Past" will net you the ending. also makes a good speed run. :D
  • nevermind. you do still have to finish overlook.
  • Yea. I read your idea. Tried it in the hopes that I wouldn't have to go through the church or prison...sad face that you still have to finish it and I forgot to reload because my first playthrough I got the B and D ending. Which I heard you have to spare enemies to get A and I was doing that this time, along with the "Good Behavior" But now since I am going to get the Surprise ending I can't get A and C....which screws up my next playthrough, because I still have to kill Weeping Bats and hope that doesn't make me go too negative......AHHHHH so frustrating.
  • So I just got this trophy, its actually easy to do. As long as you don't kill anyone you are fine....Even if you knock them down and they don't get back up and fade away, this does not count as a kill. I at first thought it did, but if you do it, you can check your stats and see this does not count as a kill. So just make sure that when they are still moving on the ground you don't hit them then, that is the only thing that counts as a kill in this game.
  • @18 you are correct. A few times I knocked monsters down and they disappeared. I thought it was because I killed them but my kills were at 0
  • i notice that i killed some monsters at stairs and the first time they fall they disappeared and doesn't count the kill
  • i just did it in hard and i can say that it was easy just run by anythink and aim only for the story missions dont hit any monster on the ground and you are done
  • This trophy certainly sounds easy enough in all cases but its the elevator part near the end that im worried about I always end up panicking and killing the monsters there lol Im a fan of the shotgun at that point as im sure most are but im still thinking that part will be a nice challenge borderline annoyingly so i think lol
  • This video is a solution to some of the safes and some puzzles " To all the difficulties "
  • I suggest to do the game in easy difficulty ! It not that "impossible!"
  • Luckily, it only counts as a kill if you actually execute them when they're on the ground. I'm doing the run now, just hit Overlook, though I have to admit, I'm still all paranoid, checking my kill count every save or so to make sure I'm still at 0 LOL
  • Also interesting to note is that the trophy pops right as you start the "Chase Anne as the Bogeyman" sequence, so if you kill any of the Juggernauts she releases, you won't be penalized. Nice!
  • its actually not that bad. im Doing it on HARD mode the No kills run. l am upto the Elevator part now and had to look it up. because on my first run through l went for endings B and D. this time im going for A and C with No kills. and l know the Elevator doesnt move until you take out the enemies. So l had to look it up to see if just incapacitating them would work. its Not that Hard to do it with NO Kills. as l said l am on Hard mode and 86% through it.
  • Confirmed you can kill on elevator (but dont make finishg move when they down)

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