Silent Hill: Book of Memories Trophies

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62 trophies ( 12  48  )

  • Earn every trophy in the game

  • Create a character

  • Make a purchase in Howard's shop

  • Complete Zone 1

  • Reach Zone 50

  • Reach Zone 100

  • Level up to LVL 2

  • Level up to LVL 25

  • Level up to LVL 50

  • Defeat 25 Butchers with the Great Cleaver

  • Defeat 25 Nurses with the Steel Pipe

  • Defeat 25 Bogeymen with the Bogeyman's Hammer

  • Defeat 25 Pyramid Heads with the Great Knife

  • Use Heal Me Karma Ability to restore 25% or more health

  • Use Heal You Karma Ability to restore 50% or more health to a friend (multiplayer)

  • Use Heal Us Karma Ability to restore 50% or more health each to 3 players (multiplayer)

  • Use Blood Barrage Karma Ability to kill 5 or more enemies

  • Use Blood Beam Karma Ability on 5 or more enemies at once

  • Use Blood Burn Karma Ability to damage 4 different enemy types at once

  • Use Weapon Breaker Power Move with a weapon that's about to shatter

  • Use Charge Tackle Power Move to knock one enemy into another

  • Use Flash Burst Power Move to kill 5 or more stunned enemies in a row

  • Use Karma Flip Power Move to flip 8 or more enemies at once

  • Use Push Force Power Move to knock 8 or more enemies back at once

  • Use Health Siphon Power Move to bring a dying friend back to life (multiplayer)

  • Use 360 Attack Power Move to strike 4 or more enemies at once

  • Defeat any Guardian without taking damage

  • Earn a 30 or greater timed hit combo

  • Level up 10 different weapons

  • Lose more than 400% health in one Zone without dying

  • Complete a Zone using only your fists (no weapons)

  • Complete any 5 puzzles without using the hint lever

  • Perform a timed execution on 10 enemies in one Zone

  • Trigger every kind of trap in the game

  • Drop a health pack after a friend requests one (multiplayer)

  • Spend over 250,000 MR in Howard's shop

  • Complete a Zone without turning on your flashlight

  • Complete a Zone without stopping for more than 30 seconds total

  • Perform every in-game VO clip for one character

  • Defeat any Guardian with all four players still alive (multiplayer)

  • Achieve the LIGHT ending in every Forsaken Room

  • Achieve the BLOOD ending in every Forsaken Room

  • Achieve the NEUTRAL ending in every Forsaken Room

  • Defeat the Fire Guardian

  • Defeat the Wood Guardian

  • Defeat the Light Guardian

  • Defeat the Water Guardian

  • Defeat the Earth Guardian

  • Defeat the Blood Guardian

  • Defeat the Steel Guardian and complete the game

  • Complete Valtiel's missions in Zones 1 through 21

  • Achieve all 6 of the game's endings

  • Complete your Rooms Checklist 100%

  • Complete your Artifacts Checklist 100%

  • Complete your Weapons Checklist 100%

  • Complete your Broadcasts Checklist 100%

  • Complete your Notes Checklist 100%

  • Complete your Bestiary Checklist 100%

DLC: Extra Memories

4 trophies

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Silent Hill: Book of Memories Trophies FAQ

  • How many Silent Hill: Book of Memories trophies are there?
    There are 62 Trophies to unlock in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 1 Gold, 12 Silver, 48 Bronze.

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