Blitzkrieg Trophy

  • Blitzkrieg


    Hit 8 friendly units with the Haste spell

    Start a game where player one is playing as a human. It doesn't matter which race player two is.

    This trophy has some minor setup. You will need to spawn a tower in a gold spot as player one. If you are playing on Crater's Valley, gold spots are located in each of the four corners of the map. You only need to have one tower in one gold spot to get this trophy.

    As player one spawn an outpost at 100% power from the main base. Then from that outpost, spawn another outpost at 100% power back towards your main base but at a 45 degree angle so that it looks like you are forming a triangle. From the second outpost that you just spawned, spawn another tower directly at your main base but lower the power down to 70% (or lower if it still hits the main base) so that it completes the triangle area. Then from two of the outposts, place a garrison right next to the outposts but inside the triangle area you created. From these garrisons spawn in two barracks also inside the triangle area.

    Once you have two barracks in the triangle area spawn a library from one of the outposts and from the library spawn a spire. Wait until the your outposts each spawn in 5 units so you have 10 units total. You can see how many units you have in the top right corner of the screen next to the little dual swords icon. It should read 10/15 when all 10 units have spawned.

    Once 10 units have spawned you can fire the haste aura spell from the spire at the outposts. If you hit all 10 units with the haste spell the trophy should pop.

    For visual aid refer to the picture below:

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