The Dry Run Trophy in Shoot Many Robots

  • The Dry Run


    Complete a mission on hard or insane without dying or drinking juice!

    How to unlock The Dry Run

    To change the difficulty, press at the map. This will actually open up a new set of worlds to go to. They will only unlock once you have enough stars. The earliest ‘Hard’ world opens up when you have 50 stars. Your best bet for this trophy is to beat all of the worlds, then go back to the first hard world and beat it when you feel comfortable that you won’t need to heal at all.

    The first hard mission is actually fairly easy, if you take it slow and make sure to deflect all the deflectable bullets, it should be fairly easy to get this trophy.

    I suggest using gear such as the Emperor’s New Pants. It provides: +47% damage, +77% speed, and +30% jump height. It does give you -30% health, -40% ammo, and -2 juice, but since you won’t be using juice anyway, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. *Note* This item itself isn't overly amazing, I simply mean this type of thing.

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  • Does this allow you to heal at checkpoints?
  • Okay I earned it using checkpoint healing stations, so yes.
  • Checkpoint refill doesn't count. Also, dont worry about health pick ups...As long as you dont use R2 or are good to go !

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