Road Map


  • Total number of Trophies: 45
  • Breakdown: 28 , 14 , 2 , 1 )
  • Online Trophies: 12 (8 and 4 ) - Unobtainable due to server closure.
  • Time to Platinum: 12 to 17 hours
  • Number of Playthroughs: 1
  • Missable Trophies: None
  • Overall Difficulty: 3 out of 10 (my best guess, need more votes in the PDR thread)
  • Do Cheats Disable Trophies: No cheats available
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: No


Shaun White's second foray into the video game world is on a skateboard this time and I personally enjoyed this more than his snowboarding game, which was ok in its own right. This game is an overall easy platinum and it's the first Platinum I have gotten, besides Terminator Salvation, without ever looking at a guide. That probably means there doesn't really need to be guide but if it helps a few people, why not do one?

There is no set path you have to take to get the here. You can mix the story with online or do the story first with online last. My only suggestion would be to play the single player a little before you drop into the online to get a feel for the controls. They are similar to the Skate series but there are some awkward controller inputs (like getting out of a bowl or transitioning) but overall it's a pretty easy game to grasp.

The only real advice I have on this game is that if you really want the platinum, make sure you know someone who can help you with the online because there is no one playing this on PSN. When I say no one, I promise you, there is no one. That just means you will need a boost partner. The online trophies are all very easy and can be done in an hour or two; you just need someone to come online with you. Boosting thread: LINK.

If you know nothing of this game I want to explain influencing and levels of flow. Flow is just a running point counter at the bottom of the screen. You start out with one level but it quickly goes to 3. To get to level one you need to be at 100 points, level 2 is 750 and then level 3 is 1,500 points. Once you hit and maintain the different levels you will be able to "influence" certain areas and items. Level 1 unlocks areas highlighted in yellow, level 2 is blue and level 3 is purple. This will make a lot more sense once you play the game.

[PST Would Like To Thank BobbyLight for this Roadmap]

Shaun White Skateboarding Trophy Guide

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45 trophies ( 14  28  12  )

  • Acquire all other trophies.


    Get all the other trophies, to obtain this one.

  • Influence and reveal 5 gum company's billboards

    This trophy is unlocked for revealing 5 billboards for Stride gum. The billboards are all opened with level 1 flow and you will have them all opened by the time you get Walk in the Park. If you think you are missing any of these, just look around the areas of the world that you have not yet influenced with tricks. As long as you influence the entire area of the maps, these will open.

  • Influence and reveal all the restaurants

    The first two trophies are for influencing the area which just means skating around and doing tricks. You will get this without trying, I promise. This trophy is for opening restaurants which are Wendy's.

  • Transform 1000 world objects and citizens

    You will get this without trying. As long as you do tricks throughout each area, people and things will transform and you'll get this before you are halfway done with the story. The easiest way to influence areas is to work up max flow and then grind around big areas.

  • Customize your character

    When the game starts you get an option to put clothes on your skater. Do so and this unlocks.

  • Discover all the secret challenges

    Unfortunately this trophy doesn't exactly work as it's described. You need to discover AND complete all secret challenges. The challenges are all fairly easy but the concrete blocks were annoying as hell. In order to see what you have to do in each area press to go to the map and then to back out to the main map. From there you can highlight each area and the right hand menu will tell you what challenges are available. Scroll to the bottom of the list using and you will see the secret challenges which will let you know what you have left to do. The challenges are...


    • Destroy Concrete Blocks - My least favorite activity of the game because they are hard to jump on sometimes. You have to land right on top of the blocks for them to smash and you will get a verification message whenever you destroy one. The blocks look like big upside down soda cups with 2 pink rings in the center. Most of them are in groups of 2 to 4 but there are a few stray ones here and there. You will only find these at ground level, never on top of a building.
    • Collect Arrows - Early on you will see these floating arrows all over the place. I wouldn't worry about them too much until you get the ability to shape rails because that will help you reach these. These are all in plain sight. If you are having problems finding them get off your board with and look around with the free camera.
    • Destroy Skate Blockers - These are very easy to find and always come in groups of 3 to 6. They are black with pink highlights and you will only find them on the ground level on grind-able surfaces.
  • Convert 100 citizens

    See Weapon of Mass Manipulation

  • Unlock all the tricks and complete your trick book

    This was the last trophy I got. You buy tricks from the various skate shops around the map. To buy them you need Experience Points which are earned by completing story missions and the side challenges. Don't grind challenges to get this done early on unless you really want to. I suggest completing the story and secret challenges first and then only do as many challenges that you need to get enough points to buy all the tricks.

  • Obtain the best time in 3 time attack challenges

    There are various checkpoint races on all of the maps except for Rising Island. There are more than 3 so don't worry if you can't get gold on your first try, just try another checkpoint race. Note that you will need to get gold on one checkpoint race which is a Shaun White Challenge for the Gold Medal Challenge trophy. What I would do is focus on winning that one (it might take a few runs, it's not hard but you might miss a jump or two your first few times) and then once you get gold on that challenge, find two others that you think are easy enough for you to gold medal.

  • Reach 7500 flow in the story mode

    Again, Flow is just a fancy way of saying point total. You have your flow meter at the bottom of the screen and the higher amount of points you have the more quickly they drain from the flow meter. What's interesting about this game is that the only way to get a multiplier on your tricks is by spinning left or right in the air. Tricks are worth next to nothing. So the only way to get a big point total is in a small ramp/bowl or by finding a long grinding area to grind and do tricks over and over again.

    Since this is how the system works, it's easiest to gain Flow by finding a ramp or bowl. My suggestion would be the bowl on Rising Island that you will get after about 2 hours or so into the game. Once in this bowl just hold the Left Stick forward to pump up and down the walls of the bowl. After 3 or 4 pumps you want to start doing spins and grabs. To spin you hold the Left Stick right or left and to add a grab you hold the Right Stick in any direction. As soon as you land remember to push the Left Stick forward again to pump and then spin/grab again. Doing this will get you to 7,500 points in about 7 or 8 minutes. Once you get to 7,500 the trophy unlocks.

  • Manual for 75 meters in the story mode

    To manual in this game you hold the button and up or down on the left stick. To make this easy, go to the settings menu and make sure the balance meter is turned to on. With that you get a Green/Red indicator of how well balanced you are and that makes this super easy. It is easiest to do this on an incline going down (Downtown is great) but it's also easy on flat ground. If doing it on flat ground gain speed first and make sure you are in an area where you won't run into stuff. I did this right outside of the skate park just going in circles around the middle part of that area.

  • Grind 150 meters without touching the ground in story mode

    The balance meter I told you to turn on under the settings helps here as well. There are honestly 100 places you could do this. Just find a long rail and grind it. Notice it says "without touching the ground” that means you can do tricks in between grinds if you need to.

  • Collect 50 clothing items in the story mode

    You open clothing items by completing story missions, completing challenges and finding the treasure chests. You should get this about 1/3rd of the way in to the game.

  • Reach a trick height of 9 meters in the story mode

    Very easy to do, it's just a matter of getting in a vert ramp or bowl and pumping back and forth with the left stick (hold Left stick up while going up the ramp). To get extra air you can press right as you are about to take off. It will do a trick but it will also launch a bit higher than otherwise.

  • Earn the gold medal in all Shaun White challenges

    I love easy golds as much as an easy platinum and this is one easy gold. There are 4 Shaun White Challenges that open up after you beat the storyline of the game. Note that you can open up one early by using UPlay points that you get by playing the game. The challenges are easy as pie, but one or two of them might take a try or two. The challenges need to be opened with level 3 flow. Before you open them they look like large concrete blocks with the Ministry logo on them and a blue highlight around them.


    • Midtown - The Great White Time Attack: This is the one that I had to do a few times before I got it. It's a checkpoint race and my best advice is just run it 2, 3, or 5 times and you will beat the gold requirement.
    • Downtown - The Great White Airtime: I was kind of confused on this one because I kept pumping up and down the side of the bowl (hold left stick up) but that wasn't enough. You have to hit as soon as you are about to launch from the ramp as this gives the extra air you need to complete this.
    • The Rising Island - The Great White Grind: This one also took me two tries. The area you start out on is a good grind but don't follow the roller coaster all the way down. Once you get on the grind get ready to jump off as the grind turns to the string lights above the pool. Grind as far as you can and once you are off the lights you can use either the pool or nearby shaping rails to get this done. I used the pool and I would start on the slight incline in the middle as going down that would give me more speed to get around the pool. Once you slow down get off and ride that little incline down again.
    • Ministry Quarter - The Great White Flow: This one takes place on top of the Ministry building and it's not too hard as you can go on long grind combos around the building over and over again. NOTE that you will find one of the Treasure Chests you need to find on the side of the building.
  • Win a match in every multiplayer game mode


    This comes in the course of boosting because you have to win each mode to get a bronze for each match won. The modes are:


    • Go With the Flow
    • Ministry Vs. Rising
    • Shaping Battle
    • Team Go With The Flow
  • Use 10 power ups on yourself or your team in one multiplayer match


    See Infinite Arsenal.

  • Use 10 power ups to affect opponents in one multiplayer match


    First off, the power ups are random and gained by picking up the white glowing orbs. You can do this and Infinite Arsenal in the same match. The only power ups that can be used on an enemy are a Pink Slug looking thing and a Purple Justice Scale. You will know you have one that can be used on an enemy when an Iron Cross comes up on your screen. Once you have that, find your opponent and wait for the cross hairs to turn red. Once they do hit then rinse and repeat 9 more times.

  • Use 12 power ups in one multiplayer match


    This ties right into Riding Benefactor, just keep picking up those white orbs and hitting as soon as you get them. Do it 12 times and this will unlock along with Riding Benefactor.

  • Play each multiplayer mode once


    You will get this when doing Versatile Challenger.

  • Shape 10 objects in one 'Shaping Battle' multiplayer match


    This is the first match specific trophy. I used Conformity Square Rooftops for all of these trophies. To shape in a shaping battle you first have to work up a level 2 flow. I did this in the bowl on the Southwest part of the map. Just do the same thing you did for ApocalypsFlow by spinning and grabbing. Once you have a level 2 flow get out of the bowl and pick up the Green "S" power ups. These allow you to shape stuff. Now just go to each item you can and shape. Once you hit 10, the trophy unlocks.

  • Win a 'Shaping Battle' multiplayer match


    You will get this while going for Versatile Challenger.

  • Convert 10 structures in a single 'Ministry vs Rising' multiplayer match


    In the MvR game mode you are trying to convert pylons to your teams color. Again I used Conformity Square Rooftops. The way the pylons work is that they each have a star rating assigned to them. 1 star for level 1 flow and up from there. On the Rooftops you can go to the bowl on the Southwest end and work up flow. There is a 1 star pylon right outside of the bowl. You and your friend can just keep converting that one back and forth to work up 10. Just remember that each of you will still need to win at this mode, but this specific trophy can be done in one go.

  • Win a 'Ministry vs Rising' multiplayer match


    You will get this while going for Versatile Challenger.

  • Obtain 8000 flow in one 'Go with the flow' multiplayer match


    Here you will be doing the same thing you did on ApocalypsFlow, spinning and grabbing in a vert ramp. Again, I used Conformity square rooftops and used the bowl in the Southwest corner. Just keep going up and down. Give yourself at least 10 minutes in the match and that should be plenty of time to work up to 8,000 flow.

  • Win a 'Go with the flow' multiplayer match


    You will get this while going for Versatile Challenger.

  • Complete a multiplayer match


    This will be the first online trophy you get, just join and complete the first game you can get into.

  • Complete 35 challenges

    First off, there are well over 35 challenges throughout the game so don't worry that you have to do all of them. Second off, they are easy as hell and all you need to do is get a bronze in them. Once you get this trophy I wouldn't do any other challenges until you beat the game and secret challenges. Once the game is beat and you have all the tricks bought that you can afford, that's when you want to start doing extra challenges to get more XP. I only had to do 3 or 4 over the 35 to buy all tricks.

  • Link a shaping with a rail, or another shaping. Do this 30 times.

    Once you unlock the ability to shape rails you also get the ability to have them lock onto other rails or objects. To do this, get on a rail and move it up or down towards whatever you want to connect it to and wait until the object you are shooting for has a green circle around it. Then let the rail finish shaping and you are done. I did this without trying but if you need to farm for it there are locations all over the map. You can reset rails by pressing and the rest rails count towards this as well.

  • Perform 3 body rotations in a single trick

    See ApocalypsFlow for tips.

  • Perform 100 perfect landings

    You will get this without trying. You will be doing a ton of tricks on the way to platinum and there are going to be 100's that show as perfect. I got this about 1/3 of the way into the game.

    One more thing, for Flat footed, you may want to add in that when you see a green circle after you land a trick, it counts as a perfect.

  • Find all the secret chests

    Thankfully this one isn't too bad because there are only 13 chests in the game. I'm going to try and describe where they are as best as I can but note that I got these without any help, so they shouldn't be hard to find at all. I suggest waiting until after the game to find what you are missing because you will be using all your abilities that you learned during the story. To find out where you are missing chests, hit the button to go to a map, then press to go to the main map and move the cursor over each section On the bottom there is a line that tells you what you are missing.



    • Right across the street from Bob's Skate Shop there is a garage that's wide open.
    • If you are facing the large ship on this map you want to go to your right and away from the water. Here you will find some ground you can shape. Shape it down and there is a chest.
    • Near the gas station there is a roof that you can get onto and it will be there. Facing the gas station use shaping rails to get on top of the awning at the gas station and then ride towards the gas station to the roof right above it. You'll find it back here.
    • Inside of a garage in the southeastern corner of the map. Use shaping rails to get it.



    • When doing the mission where you rescue Shaun White you will pass right by this when getting into the building that Shaun is held.
    • This one is kind of confusing. Go to the north-central part of the map and find an intersection that looks like a V. From here you will see an awning but you need to get onto the building across from this awning and grind/shape your way around to get this.

    Rising Island


    • The first one is right after you get into the main part of the park. As soon as you enter you will see a large tower like structure with two shaping ramps inside of it. You will need shaping rails to get here and it's kind of a big line you have to set up. Once you get onto the tower you can go inside the dome and the chest is right in the center.
    • The second, and last, chest in this area is by the roller coaster. You want to get to the right of the roller coaster (if you were facing it as you entered the area) and there is a row of small buildings. One says "The Headless Woman" on it. Just use the nearby shaping rail to get on top and it's right there.

    Ministry Quarter


    • As soon as you learn the ground shaping ability you will be put in front of an area where you can use it. Shift the ground down and ride in for the chest.
    • Noted above under one of the Shaun White Challenges you will come across another chest while riding around the large ministry building (the one you can rid the elevator to the top)
    • Find Bob's Skate Shop in this area and it's right on top of that building. You can use nearby shaping rails to get up there.
    • Find a building with a unicorn on it in the southeastern corner of the map. There is a shaping rail directly across that you can use to get up there.
  • Unlock all the skate shops

    This is just like the Wendy's and Stride Gum trophies, you will get this without trying. There are 5 skate shops in all (IIRC) and you need a level 2 flow to open them. You will notice them because they have big blockers all around them which look just like the first Skate Shop you open as part of the story. Thanks to Techno Buu for describing the locations.

    There are 5 in total.

    • 2 in Midtown District - Both of these are story related and can not be missed.
    • 1 in Downtown District - Near the Shaun White Challenge in this area (opposite the large screen in the center of this area)
    • 1 in Rising District - After you enter the park it will be to your right in the corner of the map
    • 1 in Ministry District - On the right side of the area where you start at (with the statue) when you first get there

Secret trophies

  • Find Shaun & defeat the Ministry (end game)

    Story related and can't be missed.  This is the last mission you will complete. This comes after you have saved Shaun White from the Ministry. This mission has 2 parts, both involve getting to level three flow and influencing some buildings. First off your created skater has to get to the top of a building. First work up to level 3 on the ground (or at least level 2, you might hit 3 on the way up to the building) and when you hit it you need to climb. Facing the large screen in the middle that was part of an earlier mission, you will want to climb up the shaping rails and buildings to your left. Then you go to Shaun White and you again need to get to the top of the building with level 3 flow. First get rid of the de-influencers and work up level 3 flow. This building is a more obvious climb so that shouldn't be an issue.

  • Free the rising member from the Ministry

    Story related and can't be missed.  This takes place on the carnival stage. You just need to influence 3 people with a 500 point flow. Destroy the de-influencers and zeppelins to help yourself out.

  • Complete the challenge & successfully prove yourself to the rising

    Story related and can't be missed.  This will unlock after a series of events on Rising Island, none of which are difficult.

  • Complete the training event to be ready to face the Ministry

    Story related and can't be missed.  Very similar to the last trophy, this comes after a few minor events.

  • Evade & escape the Ministry trap

    Story related and can't be missed.  This is kind of a cool mission, it's a chase sequence with a helicopter. There are a lot of checkpoints on this mission so it's OK if you fall. You are basically just timing jumps.

  • Destroy the De-influencer & free Francisco from the Ministry

    Story related and can't be missed. Very early mission in the game which introduces the de-influencer. All they are is a radius of areas that you cannot influence with tricks. Destroy the de-influencers by hitting them and then influence Francisco to complete.

  • Remove 20 Ministry posters & logos

    Story related and can't be missed.  First mission you get from Bob after opening his skate shop. All you need to do is ride by 20 posters (they will be highlighted) and press to wall ride them and change them to Bob's posters.

  • Impress Bob & free his skate shop

    Story related and can't be missed. Very early in the game I think this is more or less the tutorial on level 2 flow. Once you hit level 2 and trick near the skate shop you will get this.

  • Completely reveal the skate park

    Story related and can't be missed. You get this once you enter the downtown quarter and start a mission opening up some walls in the center of the map. Once inside of the Skate Park you will have to ride rails to the top level at which point you are done with this.

  • Destroy all the Ministry pylons

    Story related and can't be missed. Somewhat later in the game you get this mission. You have to influence 3 buildings and then an influencer pops out of the top. Ride the nearby shaping rails to destroy the influencer.

  • Use shaping to mold the world

    Story related and can't be missed.  This will unlock after a series of tutorials on shaping rails and streets.

  • Crash the Ministry Zeppelin

    This is story related and can't be missed. I'm not going to use spoilers here because Zeppelins show up 3 or four times in the game. To get rid of them you want them to lock on to you and you should find a shaping rail. Ride that rail straight up and you will hit the Zeppelin causing it to explode. You can also use ramps that give you a lot of air time, just make sure the Zeppelins lock on first otherwise they will not follow you.

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