Granule Extractor Trophy in Shatter

  • Granule Extractor


    Complete World 3 in Story Mode

    How to unlock Granule Extractor

    Self-Explanatory - Simply beat the 3rd world in the Story Mode which is called Granule Extractor. This is more challenging than Aurora (world 2) but nothing extremely hard. Just be careful, use your power-ups wisely. When you get to the boss, dodge his attacks as best as you can.

    Boss - Clock-O-Bot

    The Clock-O-Bot is more of challenging boss. You have break inside the clock by destroying the outer bricks in order to hurt him. However, he will replenish his bricks as he his clock arrows go clockwise. He will also spawn unbreakable bricks and send them to you and you cannot do anything about it other than wait till he throws most of them. You have to dodge the throw bricks or block them with your shield by pressing . Keep repeating and pummelling him with your balls until his dead.

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