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  • Too Easy


    Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty

    This is the hardest difficulty setting for the game. Thankfully Shank 2's Hard difficulty is much easier than the first game, still, it can be frustrating and you will die about 100 to 150 times before you clear it. The major difference is that when you die, you'll be forced to restart the checkpoints all over again. To get to a save checkpoint, you've got to make it to the next area of that level. You will know when you enter a new area when red text pops up on your screen with the name of that area. When you die again, you will spawn at that starting point. Also, the toughest challenges you'll face will be against some of the new bosses such as the Cyclops. Below, I'll give some basic Shank 2 tips to help you along the way.


    • Always roll out of harms way or to dodge enemies, even if they are attacking you. Simply use the button, this is very helpful so make it a habit.
    • Always use the Shotgun and spam it with . It helps with crowd control and kills fast at close range.
    • Always use the Sledgehammer as it kills and also knocks back the bigger and fat enemies.
    • Spam the pounce ability whenever needed or to get closer to an enemy.
    • Kill the enemies with guns or bombs as quickly as possible. They are a pain and can inflict a lot of damage.
    • Use grenades against big enemies, shields or bosses. They have nice splash damage are inflict a lot of damage.
    • Search for Tequila health drinks to replenish lost health.
    • Switch weapon loadouts at the during some levels. Sometimes you will need the throwing knifes or pistols to help you. Such levels are the ones where you have to destroy the crane or blow up a gas tank before you jump down below into the enter.
    • Don't use picked up weapons that much. Use the shovel or spear instead when they drop as they are better. The other item drops really don't help all that much.
    • Grab enemies with the button to help with crowd control.
    • Sometimes weaken enemies will have a red "!" over their heads. Simply press the button to counter attack them for an instant kill or you can just roll away.

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