• Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 Due to Survival Mode (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 13 [9 | 3 | 1 ]
  • Offline: All trophies can be earned offline
  • Online: All Survival Mode trophies can be earned online
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15-30+ Highly determined by your Survival Mode skills and your Survival Mode partner's Skills as well. (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 Campaign Modes and various Survival Modes
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Special Note: Although this is considered an offline title, I consider it an online one as you will need a partner to get almost all the Survival Mode trophies. Doing it solo is nearly impossible.

About the Game:

Shank, the avenging assassin, returns in this bloodbath action-packed sequel. With this instalment the sequel is a much better and easier 2D side-scrolling brawler than the first Shank. It has improved immensely on the first flaws such as making Shank dodge perfectly with a flick of the button. The attack and item pickup (such as health bottles) buttons are no longer tied to the same buttons either. This means you won't mistakenly pick up or drink your health bottles while playing which is a huge difference. Also, combat has been revamped as well making it smoother and more precise.

Finally, the long requested online co-op has finally been implemented into the game. Thanks to the new and yet very difficult/frustrating Survival Mode, players will now be able to invite a friend or join an online match currently in session to defeat waves of enemies that gets increasingly difficult the higher you go.

Step 1: Campaign Mode - Normal Playthrough

The difficulty trophies don't stack but all the weapons you unlock on Normal difficulty will carry over to Hard difficulty. Begin your first initial playthrough on Normal difficulty and become familiar with the Campaign Mode so you can know what to expect for Hard difficulty. While playing through the game you will also want to get the basics done in killing, dodging, pouncing, grabbing etc. This will help improve your skills for the Survival Mode later on. While playing through Normal difficulty you will unlock a few trophies naturally, as well as working on killing 50 enemies with the heavy objects and rescuing 50 civilians from the Militia. Also, be sure that you don't use the range attack at all (don't press the button) while playing through the first level, "The Dark Road Home", for the Up Close and Personal trophy.

By the end of this step you should have the following trophies:

The Story Ends
Combo King
Up Close and Personal
The First Dozen

Step 2: Campaign Mode - Hard Playthrough

This will be your final playthrough for the Campaign Mode. Thankfully, Shank 2's Hard difficulty is a lot easier than the first game. While playing through Hard difficulty I recommend that you use the Sledgehammer, Shotgun and grenades as your main weapons of choices. The Sledgehammer is very powerful but slow. It can quickly kill large enemies and destroy shields quickly as possible. The Shotgun is capable of clearing large groups of enemies at close range but has reduced damage at long range. Grenades inflict massive damage on impact and have a great splash damage effect.

Although Hard difficulty is much easier than the first Shank, It can still be frustrating at certain parts of the game especially the Cyclops boss and the very last level of Deconstruction. On Hard there are no checkpoints for you if you die, unlike Normal difficulty. To reach a checkpoint whilst playing on Hard difficulty, make it all the way to the next area of the level. While playing through the levels, you will see red text show up on your screen, this will serve as your next spawn point if you get killed later on. When you make it towards the final boss of a level, you will enter a new spawn point to face the boss again if it kills you. This is instead of fighting all the way back to them again so take your time and remember to maneuver the dodge mechanics. Along the way you will be working on and also most likely finishing, killing 50 enemies with the heavy objects and rescuing 50 civilians from the Militia.

You should have the following trophies at the end of this step:

Too Easy
Shank, SMASH!
Freedom Fighter

Step 3: Survival Mode and Clean Up

This is where all hell breaks loose. Survival Mode is new to the Shank series and offers online co-op. This is the most time consuming step and you'll need a very good partner to help you get all the Survival Mode related trophies. Although it's possible to get the trophies solo or with local co-op, that will most likely not happen. It's impossible to complete all 30 waves by yourself and your local partner will mostly have never played the game or is very un-skilled. It's best done online so use the official boosting thread to find a partner. You will want a partner who has at least completed the game and who knows what they're doing. You will also want someone with a lot of characters unlocked for better results and combinations. Survival Mode is all about team work and not about survival of the fittest.

The first thing you will want to do is play on all the maps to get a feel for each of them. Either hop into "Quick Online Match" or join a boosting partner. While playing the maps be sure to practice killing and dodging the waves of enemies that spawn to further improve your skills. Learn all the traps for the maps and when to buy items, etc. Once that's done and you're confident that you have gotten the basics done for Survival Mode, you can attempt to survive 13 waves on all three stages to reach the zombie wave on each map for the Zombie Killer trophy. Be sure to buy and purchase every new item that you unlock while playing through the Survival Mode. Every item purchased will count towards the Shopaholic trophy. The only problem here is you've got to survive and make it all the way towards wave 20 to unlock the final item in Survival Mode. Please refer to the Trophy Guide for more information and tips for the Survival Mode trophies.

The main focus with Survival Mode is to survive and complete all 30 waves of enemies for the hardest trophy in the game called Ultimate Survivalist, with patience and practice you will unlock this trophy. I do suggest doing the 30 waves on the "Down on the Farm" map, this map is the only stage where the traps can kill the bosses in one hit. Just lead the boss into the center of the screen and flip the trap switches and he will fall to an instant death. Just be sure you or your partner doesn't jump into the grinders as well or you to will get killed instantly. This map will usually enable players to make it to waves 23+ unlike the others. It's the ideal choice for the trophy. After many frustrations of trial and failure you will have all the following Survival Mode trophies:

Ultimate Survivalist
Zombie Killer
Trigger Happy
Gimmick Free
No Bargains

 [PST Would Like to Thank Blaze Naruto Shippuden and Mouki517 for this Roadmap]

Shank 2 Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • Defeat all the waves in any Survival Mode map

    This is the hardest trophy in the game. Survival Mode consists of a total of 30 waves with each wave getting increasing difficult. Don't attempt this trophy solo, go online or utilize the official boosting thread to find a good partner for this trophy. There are also a total of 16 different characters/skins you can use that suits your playing style. Each has their own pros and cons. Feel free to use the Shank 2: Guide to Unlocking All 16 Costumes to find a character you like to use.

    However, the best way to go about completing all 30 waves is to just use the two default characters of:

    • Shank: +10% Health
    • Corina: +10% Health

    They have no cons on them unlike rest of the characters you later unlock. Below I'll briefly explain the method to go about completing all 30 waves. Afterwards, please refer to the official Guide to Surviving All 30 Waves. That thread will be updated as more people unlock the trophy and share their own tips. Not to mention video guides will be added to it. For now, you can view this video of all the waves being completed:


    Video by CapNGrady

    Quick Pro Tips:

    • Shank/Customs: Shank with his ranged attack of the throwing knifes is really useful! He kills a lot and he can kill the bomber men every time from every position when they are planting the bomb. It's very useful! It's also capable of inflecting more damage to the fat enemies. While playing as Shank or as a Custom of him, stick to almost only using ranged attacks. While playing as Shank use the Sledgehammer as your melee choice.
    • Corina/Customs: Corina with her scythe heavy attack is really useful! She can kill fat enemies more quickly and is also capable of attacking enemies on the ground with it. While playing as a Corina or as a Custom of her, be sure that you're good at dodging! You have to be really skilled with rolling out of the way since you will be the one up close and personal against the larger enemies while your partner does his best to support you with range attacks. Also, use her Revolver as your main range weapon of choice. The Revolver is slow but it kills normal enemies quicker from range and also inflects the most damage against the fat enemies who are too far from you. It can also stop or kill the bomber men who are planting just in case your partner doesn't stop them.
    • Down on the Farm: This is the best map in my personal opinion. Sure others can disagree to this but this map is the largest one and you can run around openly with more room. The traps on this map can kill everybody, especially the bosses. While playing and a boss appears, have your partner run over to the team-mate in charge of flipping the switch. The boss will follow you and once they on the trap in the center of the stage, flip the switch to kill them instantly. Whilst the trap is still open be careful to never walk, fall or jump into the middle yourself or you to will get instantly killed. Always jump over it if you need to get away from enemies or to get over to your partner.
    • Defending Supply Stations: Always stay focused on defending the supply stations from the bombers. You have a total of three of them. If all three are blown up, then you will lose the survival game. Try to keep at least 2 out of the 3 supply stations intact. It's okay to lose or sacrifice 1 of them if you can't risk the chance to disarm the station (specially if your partner is dead.) However, if you're down to only one supply station, you will be in trouble!
    • Don't Waste Money: While defending the supply stations, try to not waste your money until wave 19 (where zombie waves get harder). Once you've gotten that far into the waves, start buying turrets! You guys should have about 15,000 (Shanks) and 10,000 (Corina) on you around this point. You and your partner should buy one turret each and place them so they are facing one another. This way, the turrets will protect each other! Have the Shank team-mate stay above the trap so he can flip the switch and continue spamming his ranged attacks. When an enemy came to us, we activated trap! Also, have the Shank team-mate keep the enemies down from the lower platforms. The Corina team-mate should be the one attacking at close range for crowd control but remember to be careful. Things get rough for the Corina team-mate so be sure to dodge or avoid attacks when necessary. Also, Corina should be the one protecting the turrets with close corridor combat almost half the time! Also note that the bosses will always go after turrets or decoys but try not to buy Decoys or Boars at all. We consider them useless and a waste of money especially if you two are very skilled at dodging or from getting hurt too much.
    • Zombie Wave Kaboom!: Zombie Kaboom! is wave 23 which is one of the hardest waves you'll face. Chances are most players will make it here and fail, with my quick advice I'll tell you what to buy and when to use it. It's simple really both you and your partner should buy the very last item you unlock, which is the Barrage (cost 2,500) and use it to kill everybody on the map. Put it in the corner somewhere you can reach it. It's your "save" so use it when you're in trouble! Do it often after this map on later waves, especially waves 27 and 30. Those are zombie waves and are hard as hell. There are also zombie bosses, another reason why those waves are hard as heck.
    • Dead Partner: When your partner dies, don't save them right away! Wait and try to clean up the map as best as you can. Run around the map then turn around and activate the trap to kill some of the enemies who were dumb enough to follow you. After a few more turns of running around and spamming the trap as well as range attacks here and there, or when all the enemies are grouped together, then you will have just enough time to save your partner. When your partner revives they should buy a Tequila either for themselves or for you if you're badly hurt.
    • Brown Birds/Seagulls/White Doves: These birds can give you either cash or Tequila so don't miss them! Kill them with ranged attacks when you see them. The partner who has the least health should drink the Tequila. Also, remember to buy Tequila when necessary for either for yourself or your partner.
    • Grappling Big/Fat Enemies: When Grappling a Big or Fat enemy, they can be killed instantly by using grenades or a pole like item such as a bat or a shovel to execute them.
  • Complete Campaign Mode on Normal difficulty

    Simply complete the Campaign Mode on Normal difficulty. The difficulty trophies don't stack so you will have to play through the game twice. Normal difficulty is very easy as there are multiple checkpoints when you die. There are only a total of 8 different levels and all the new bosses are simple to kill. For basic Shank 2 tips please refer to the Too Easy trophy.

  • Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty

    This is the hardest difficulty setting for the game. Thankfully Shank 2's Hard difficulty is much easier than the first game, still, it can be frustrating and you will die about 100 to 150 times before you clear it. The major difference is that when you die, you'll be forced to restart the checkpoints all over again. To get to a save checkpoint, you've got to make it to the next area of that level. You will know when you enter a new area when red text pops up on your screen with the name of that area. When you die again, you will spawn at that starting point. Also, the toughest challenges you'll face will be against some of the new bosses such as the Cyclops. Below, I'll give some basic Shank 2 tips to help you along the way.


    • Always roll out of harms way or to dodge enemies, even if they are attacking you. Simply use the button, this is very helpful so make it a habit.
    • Always use the Shotgun and spam it with . It helps with crowd control and kills fast at close range.
    • Always use the Sledgehammer as it kills and also knocks back the bigger and fat enemies.
    • Spam the pounce ability whenever needed or to get closer to an enemy.
    • Kill the enemies with guns or bombs as quickly as possible. They are a pain and can inflict a lot of damage.
    • Use grenades against big enemies, shields or bosses. They have nice splash damage are inflict a lot of damage.
    • Search for Tequila health drinks to replenish lost health.
    • Switch weapon loadouts at the during some levels. Sometimes you will need the throwing knifes or pistols to help you. Such levels are the ones where you have to destroy the crane or blow up a gas tank before you jump down below into the enter.
    • Don't use picked up weapons that much. Use the shovel or spear instead when they drop as they are better. The other item drops really don't help all that much.
    • Grab enemies with the button to help with crowd control.
    • Sometimes weaken enemies will have a red "!" over their heads. Simply press the button to counter attack them for an instant kill or you can just roll away.
  • Reach the zombie wave in each Survival map

    This is fairly simple but still do this online with either randoms or a boosting partner. There are a total of 3 survival maps and you most likely will have reached the zombie wave on each map at least once. To reach the zombie wave on each map, just play each of the 3 survival maps to wave 13 as wave 13 is the first wave where zombies will appear. Once you've reached your last zombie wave for whichever map you need survive. The trophy will unlock after a few seconds once the zombie wave begins for that last map you needed.

  • Get 30 firetrap kills in one Survival match

    Another Survival Mode trophy but this time I recommend you do it solo. You can boost this with the help of an online partner if you like, it's just faster to do this one solo by yourself. Also, keep in mind that this trophy is not cumulative. It clearly states that you must get the 30 firetrap kills in one Survival match so it has to be done in one sitting.

    This can only be done on the second survival map called "Bombed Church". On the very bottom of this map are the two firetraps and on the left and right sides of the upper platforms are the two switches which trigger the corresponding firetrap. You flip the switches with the button. When you begin the wave, simply run towards the firetraps and lead the enemies to them. Once they come on to it, quickly jump to the upper platform and flip the correct corresponding firetrap to kill them. Rinse and repeat this for every enemy that spawns. Also kill the boss the boss this way if you like. Once you've made it to waves 7-9 you will have the trophy as it doesn't take that long.

    If you do boost this trophy online, have your partner lead the enemies into the firetrap then have them move away from it so you can flip the switch. Rinse and repeat this all over again until you have the trophy.

  • Do 10 combos of 20 hits or more

    You will unlock this trophy naturally while just playing. You simply have to do a 20 hit or more combo at least 10 times. There are plenty of ways to get a combo started, one of which is to use the pounce, then combo it with the chainsaw [hold ]. You will get over 20 hits this way with only two enemies or you can combo the Shank move, then Shotgun them over and over again. Sometimes you can juggle enemies for extra hit combos. This is a cumulative trophy and can be done in Survival Mode as well.

  • Kill a Survival Boss with no traps or grenades

    I recommend doing this Survival Mode trophy solo as well but if you're unskilled or find it impossible to do it solo, then get the help of a boosting partner and make sure they don't use the traps or grenades. Trophy wise to unlock it you must kill a Survival Boss on any map without using traps or grenades. First of all you must make it to wave 6 to face the first Survival Boss of the level. This is best done with Shank's Chainsaw and Shotgun. Keep your distance and shoot at him with the shotgun. When the Boss gets too close or charges at you, roll away from him with the button. Now quickly get about 3 hits off with the Chainsaw then roll away. Rinse and repeat this until you killed him. It's also a good idea to do this on the first Survival map called "Down on the Farm" as it's the biggest map and you can run around freely on it without too much trouble. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use your cash on Tequila drinks in case you get hurt badly, do this with about 2500 cash on you. Remember to kill the birds that appear to earn money towards extra Tequila or Tequila health drops. Once the Boss is dead and if you never used a trap or grenades, the trophy will unlock. If playing online remember to get some distance from the Boss before reviving your fallen partner.

  • Buy nothing for 10 straight waves of Survival

    Best done online with a boosting partner or a good random (who revives you or will buy you drinks). For 10 waves you cannot buy anything or you won't get the trophy. If you're online and have a partner, they can buy you drinks if you get hurt badly, this won't count against your trophy unlocking. You can also kill the birds that appear on the map for the health drops which can help you out. Also the 10 waves are best done for waves 1 to 10 as those are easiest to survive, you should be skilled at dodging/rolling away by now as well. Once you have completed the 10th wave, the trophy will unlock.

  • Beat a Campaign level with no ranged attacks

    Very simple, just complete the very first level on Normal difficulty with using any ranged attacks. This means you cannot use the button at all. It's okay to use grenades or the pounce moves. As long as you never pressed the button. Also, when playing through the first level you will be asked to shoot a gas tank to kill an enemy who's above that tank. Ignore this and continue using close range combat moves. If you make a mistake and use a ranged attack, you can't load the last checkpoint as that won't work, you will have to redo the level all over again.

  • Buy everything in Survival Mode

    In Survival Mode you can buy items or weapons to help you can your partner survive the waves. To buy items you'll need cash which you get by killing enemies or birds and then picking up the cash orbs that they drop. Once you have got enough cash, you can buy items by pressing the button. The only downside to all this is that you have to reach wave 20 to have all the items show up in the item wheel. The good news is that whatever item you brought will forever count towards the trophy. Below is a list of the waves and the items cash value.

    1. Round 3 - Tequila 400
    2. Round 5 - Wild Boar 500
    3. Round 7 - Decoy 1000
    4. Round 10 - Minigun 1500
    5. Round 13 - Turret 2000
    6. Round 15 - Thumper 1800
    7. Round 17 - Fireball 2000
    8. Round 20 - Barrage 2500

    Note: When you unlock the Thumper on wave 15 in the item wheel. It moves its location to where the turret was located. Be careful not to waste your cash on the Turret again if you're just seeking to buy all the items. This can easily trick people when you purchase the Barrage and didn't get your trophy (you will be at 7 out of 8 for not actually purchasing the Thumper).

  • Kill 12 enemies

    Self-explanatory. Can even be done in Survival Mode and will be your first trophy without even trying.

  • Kill 50 enemies with the heavy object smash

    Heavy objects are items such as metal pots, sinks, televisions etc. You will have to grind out this trophy to unlock it. The best and fastest way to get the last remaining kills is to replay level 4 called "Dirty Docks". At the very start of the level kill the enemy drinking Tequila and operate the forklift with the button. You will instantly kill two enemies with it and it will count towards the 50 enemies killed with heavy objects smash. After you have killed them press the button and select "Exit Game" to return to the main menu. Rinse and repeat this until you have unlocked your trophy. Remember, all the kills in this game will auto save.

  • Rescue 50 Civilians From The Militia

    Throughout the Campaign Mode, you will find and encounter civilians that are tied up or held prisoner in jail cells. They are usually easy to find and spot. When you do find them, you will have to kill the enemies guarding them and then untie them with the button. This is a cumulative trophy so you'll be unlocking this trophy naturally over the course of your hard playthrough. One playthrough on Normal will be enough to put you at around 22 civilians rescued. There no need to grind this out and once you rescued a civilian the game will auto save. Once you have reached a total of 50, your trophy will unlock.

    If you're very skilled at Shank 2, i.e you have beaten Hard difficulty like it was nothing (I mean died like 10-20 times compared to 100+ deaths), then you most likely will have to grind your 50 civilians out. Replay level 6 "Human Cargo" over again. This level has the most civilians for you to rescue, especially near the end of the level, where you have to get the keys to save about 7 civilians.

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