• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (9, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 16-20hrs (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 Completions of the Map (for Spear Shaker)
  • Number of missable trophies: None.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty, however re-completing the map each time will (in a way) increase difficulty but your character can be levelled up to ease the difficulty of your opponents.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are no cheats available.

Shake Spears is a free to play game available for download from the PS Store. The game servers are prone to glitching which may prevent you from accessing the multiplayer so it is advised to play only career and survival to obtain all the trophies. If you are a PS member then you use the Cloud to backup your saves but if not, then you can use USB drive to backup up your saves save. The trophy titled "Master of Magic" is best earned in survival.

How to play:

Use the stick to move your spear up and down.
Use the stick to move your shield up and down.
Use and to scroll through your spells and press to use the selected spell.

WARNING: I have seen some reports of micro-transactions not being given to the player despite purchasing. Unfortunately there is no way to contact for refund. Thankfully, the 100% can still be done without the need of purchasing the micro-transactions.

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Shake Spears Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • First tournament win!

    This is earned in Career Mode. Complete the location called "Outpost" and after defeating the five opponents, the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeated every rival in the Zadgetgan tournament

    This is earned in Career Mode. Defeat the final opponent in the 10th Tournament called "Zadgetgan" and the trophy will pop. See Spear Shaker for more details.

  • Defeated every rival!

    This is the hardest trophy in the game and is earned in Career Mode. NOTE: You must play through the entire game twice to earn this trophy (2 Cycles of the Entire Map), that is 40 tournaments each containing 5 opponents (20 the 1st time and another 20 the 2nd time).

    This trophy is probably the last trophy you will have left to earn in this game. Save as many crystals as possible and buy the first two upgrades in the magic shop for each character. All requiring coins only. These being Spurs, Lightning Shield, Pocket Blacksmith, Magnetic Shield, Mind Thief, Ghost Knight, Large Shield and Long Lance. These magic spells will help you to battle enemy foes easier and quicker.

    When you find yourself ending up being a lower level than your opponent, replay the most recent tournaments you have completed as they will continue to give you coins for multiple more re-matches, (the exact number, varies widely), when they stop providing coins you can try another tournament before that. Once you have enough gold and crystals, level up your character and attempt the latest unlocked tournament again. If you are still having difficulties, try the other tournaments again to level up again or buy and make use of your spells as best you can. After Level 10, 1 crystal will be required per level up but after Level 40, 2 crystals will be required per level up.

    Other Tips and Tricks - Always do your best to block every opponent attack and use the Pocket Blacksmith spell to repair your shield and armor when it is close to breaking (indicated in top right of your screen, the darker the shading on your armour the closer it is to breaking). Before you are defeated you can pause the game using , exit to the map and enter that same tournament and start from the last fight you tried. This avoids having to restart the whole tournament from the start again and wasting time.

  • Made 50 successful spear strikes

    One of the easiest trophies in the game, simply keep hitting opponents armor, hitting their shield does not count. You should earn this trophy after the 2nd/3rd Tournament on your 1st Playthrough.

  • Dealt 1,000 damage points with one strike

    This can be earned in Multiplayer, Career and Survival and will be obtained as you increase in level. Upgrade your character throughout the game using gold and crystals and eventually you will be doing 1,000 damage or more on each hit to your opponent. The same applies to Call Me Chuck!

  • Dealt 5,000 damage points with one strike

    This will be obtained as you increase in level. Upgrade your character throughout the game and eventually you will be doing 5,000 damage or more on each hit. Use spells such as spurs to increase the damage dealt on a strike. Also, if you obtain the exploding spear upgrade (costs 5 crystals) then it will further increase damage dealt. Combining the spells will further boost the damage you deal.

  • Took 100 strikes in the helmet

    Warning: The trophy description for this trophy appears to be incorrect. You must hit your opponents' helmet 100 times, unlike the opponent must hit your helmet 100 times as the trophy description suggests. You do not need to destroy the opponent helmets completely, you simply have to hit their helmets and this will count towards the total for the trophy.

    This trophy is hard and can prove to be a pain as the opponents typically lift their shields to protect their head by default. A little technique you can use however, is to aim your spear to the ground at the beginning of each attack, the opponent may then start lowering his shield. As he does this, raise your spear by pushing the in order to hit his helmet. Do this 100 times throughout the course of the game and this trophy will be yours.

  • Earned 5,000 gold in one fight

    The further you progress through the tournaments, the more gold you'll earn the harder the tournament becomes. Expect to earn this trophy at the end of your first run through the map or the beginning of your second run through, either way you'll earn this naturally while progressing through the game.

  • Earned 200,000 gold during your career

    This trophy can be earned in Career and Survival, however I strongly recommend playing career as it rewards much more gold. This will be obtained as you progress through the game, gold is awarded after defeating each opponent. In the later tournaments, you are awarded more gold so you'll have this trophy in no time. I earned this trophy 30 minutes after Jackpot so expect to earn it around that time. Expect to earn this trophy during your second time around the map.

  • Destroyed 25 armor pieces

    This is a straight forward trophy, just hit your opponents' armor until it breaks. After destroying the 25th piece of enemy armor, this trophy will unlock.

  • Destroyed 500 armor pieces

    You should earn this close to completing the game for the second time. Keep using spells and focus on hitting the same armor piece until it falls off. After knocking off the 500th piece of armor from your opponents, this trophy will be yours.

  • Learned every magic ability

    This shouldn't be difficult:

    • The first thing you want to do is save up 100,000 gold.
    • Leave the game, go to game saves on your PS3.
    • Copy and save your game save file to a USB stick or to PS Cloud Storage.
    • Return to Shake Spears and go into survival.
    • Go to the magic spells store and purchase all the spells for each character.
    • The reason you want to do this is because 1. They don't cost any crystals 2. It still counts to obtain the trophy and costs little compared to the amount of gold earned in career in the later tournaments.
    • You must buy all the spells in one go, as leaving the mode or losing in survival will reset all your character level and magic spells.
    • After the trophy pops you can delete that save from the XMB menu and copy back the one you backed up on your USB or PS Storage to get your coins back.
  • Won 200 fights

    This will come naturally as you progress through the game. You will earn this trophy by defeating 200 opponents and I can confirm this counts your wins in Career mode but I am not certain about Multiplayer or Survival. You can play against the same opponents and this will still count to the total. There is no way to check exactly how many opponents you have defeated so you may want to keep track yourself or focus on the rest of the trophies. You will get this before the final boss on the second run.

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