VERY GOOD Trophy in Shady Part of Me



    Gather all the origami in chapter 4.

    How to unlock VERY GOOD

    There are 8 pieces of Origami to collect in Act 4: 1 is in "Backstage" and the remaining 7 are in "The Fina Act". The breakdown of the individual sections you can find them are as follows (the sections are the individual parts of each part on the chapter select screen):


    1: Section 6

    The Final Act:

    1: Section 1
    2: Section 2
    3: Section 3
    4: Section 4
    5: Section 5
    6: Section 6
    7: Section 7

    If you're having any trouble finding them on your own, please reference the video below which shows the location of all 8 Origami pieces. The trophy will unlock once you reach the next checkpoint/save point after collecting the last one you need. If you need to replay any of the sections, ones you've already picked up will still appear but you don't have to collect them again. They'll still be counted towards the total from your initial pick up.

    Just in case the chapter feature doesn't work properly on embedded videos (which happens from time to time), the timestamp breakdown of each Origami piece is as follows:

    Backstage Origami 1: 00:04:47

    The Final Act Origami 1: 00:07:22
    The Final Act Origami 2: 00:09:25
    The Final Act Origami 3: 00:11:15
    The Final Act Origami 4: 00:12:38
    The Final Act Origami 5: 00:13:42
    The Final Act Origami 6: 00:15:33
    The Final Act Origami 7: 00:18:16

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